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Camp pt 1

Posted on Fri Nov 25th, 2022 @ 11:13pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant Sarah Wilson & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Commander Dean House & Lieutenant JG Blake Leone & Lieutenant JG Aurora Vali & Commodore S'thenosis Gorgox & Lieutenant Alison Haldeman & Remal Kajun & Patin

Mission: Planet of the Dinosaurs
Location: Campsite
Timeline: Day 2 - Early Morning Like way early

The fires died down and the humidity rose with the deepest time of the night. The crew were restless, not used to sleeping in the open and the constant harassment of biting insects and small creatures. The patrols were a constant, warding off any larger animals and protecting the proverbial flock. Rhenora watched from the sandy spot Remal and herself had chosen to bunk down in, she was unable to sleep though, despite the weariness in her bones.

They'd shared some Dino meat earlier and it proved to be few sustaining. They would have to cook or cure as much as they could to prevent the carcass from decomposing and attracting more critters both large and small. She shifted, snuggling against Remal's comforting warmth and tried to force her mind to shut down and rest.

For better or for worse, he too was struggling to sleep. His mind was feeling a primal alertness of care and protection he could only attribute to the surrounding environment. As she shifted into him he smiled. "Something wrong with your bed Captain? Perhaps a farthing for your thoughts?"

Rhenora rolled over to face her husband in the dim light of the three moons. "Just restless, I can't help but think about the danger the dinosaurs pose to a group this large. We're not sure if the distress beacon is operating so it will only be when we fail to show up for the trail on Cardassia that Starfleet will know something is wrong. That could be a week, maybe even two before help gets here. I can't help but think about how we're going to survive for so long with limited supplies and a large predator species on our doorstep" The words were quiet, for his ears only but spoken with a touch of true fear.

"Worry never solved a problem as big as a dinosaur. Have confidence in your people. The ones here will protect one another and those we left behind will keep the beacon active come Hell or high water. Starfleet will find us and we'll be back to normal living life amongst the stars in no time." His voice of reason, groggy after a long day of injury, healing and marching through a humid jungle. "I promise I'll have a surprise waiting for you in the morning if you close your eyes and find sleep." He planted a loving kiss upon her nose ridges.

"A surprise?" She replied sleepily as she snuggled against him again " Does it involve roasted and ground beans suspended in hot water with a dash of milk?" The words were starting to slur with sleep.

He yawned, "Now id I told you that it would spoil the surprise." He did have the beans, and the milk in a thermally controlled canteen. When they grabbed the essentials, he chose his coffee supply knowing she could not be herself without a morning cup. "Now, sleep."

Nearby, they had provided a privacy tent for the Commodore. She too was finding it difficult to sleep. Comfort was rudimentary at best. But there was more to it than that. She hadn't read anything in hours and there was a feeling within her that told her she needed to read, to learn something new or she would wither and perish as her elders had. Her own fire within kept her warm, but since eating the dino meat she was experiencing a primal desire for something, more.

Savar had fixed a tent for Aurora, Sidak and himself as well as one for Alison and Amanda. They were close to the fire and relatively warm. Thankfully he did not need much sleep, his hearing was heightened to any unnatural sounds. He exited the tent he shared with Aurora and stood outside it. Vigilant and listening on guard.

Aurora had been so exhausted she had fallen asleep the moment her head hit the small cushion she’d brought with her, but not before cuddling up close to Sidak to keep him safe. She knew Savar would be there to protect them. She’d stirred slightly as Savar had left the tent, but hadn’t woken up.

It was in the early hours of the morning, when the bugs were at their worst and the three moons were declining from the sky, that they first heard it. A loud roar, somewhere nearby accompanied by the at first subtle vibration of very large footsteps.

Aurora awoke at the sound, quickly picking up her son incase they needed to make a rapid exit. For now she stayed put knowing Savar would come for her if they needed to move.

The security team hussled as they had agreed, firing two shots into the air to wake the secondary team to cover the flank of the camp whilst they headed towards the sound of the roar. Hopefully it was just passing by and wouldn't stop, they wouldn't waste firepower if that was the case.

Many of the crew awoke instantly with the sound of the roar and weapons fire, the Captain amougst them. She was on her feet within moments.

Savar moved back to the tent he and Aurora shared, entering he saw her awake, with Sidak in her arms. He nodded in approval. "Good Aurora. There is no immediate danger, but the situation is very fluid." He turned to leave but looked back at Aurora. "Stay calm. I will come for you if it comes to that we must move." With that he was gone, his side arm in his hand.

The Captain headed towards the security detail, her own sidearm in hand but still waking up from the poor and minimal sleep she'd had earlier. Palm beacons flickered backwards and forth, searching for the animal, and less than 250 metres from the camp they spotted it, making a beeline for the carcass of the one they had killed the day previous. Apparently this new dinosaur was after an easy feed.

Remal emerged from the tent and watched Rhen walking down the hill while shaking his head. He walked over to the nearest fire, pulled out his trusting kettle and filled it with water. The pouch in his pocket held a treat she would need when she returned.

On the other side of the cave, sitting high on a ridge, Patin had had an early start. This was her zone and she currently had a bead on her target. She wouldn't fire without reason, but she was ready just in case. Rifle in hand, she watched, and waited for shit to get real.

Rhenora crept up behind where she knew Patin would be, high, with a clear view, and knew full well Patin had heard her.

"What's your take on the situation?" She whispered.

Savar was in camp, making sure the secondary security team was in place and that the crew was informed and stayed calm. They did not need a panic.

Patin desperately wanted to light up a smoke, but was abstaining out of respect for her friend. "The situation is grim, but so far nothing we can't handle. A bit like the old days actually." She knew that wasn't really what Noz was asking for and so ad-libbed the rest, "You have a hungry beastie knocking on your door, wanting to eat your food. Scaring it off will work for a while until it decides starving is worse that whatever you can dish out."

"Good thing we have you keeping watch, and there is the security teams we've set up on a rotating roster. Hopefully they realize that if they come too close it's gonna hurt" Rhenora replied as she sank into her haunches, resting a little and keeping an eye on the dinosaur and half an eye on Patin. "You've got something to say, out with it" She asked as the silence stretched between them.

"I suggest someone delegate. You've got a fine starship crew, but unless they are given tasks, they'll be lost. We need a supply of fresh water, a fortified parameter and better shelter in case this place has worse weather than this." She gestured at the sunshine. She then leaned in, "And I didn't want to say it, but, since last night my head has felt like a watershelled tortoise. Just slow, you know?" She placed her hand on her head to indicate where it was hurting.

"A few others have complained about headaches and generally feeling unwell..I'll send Sarah up to have a look at you when she wakes up. Poor woman is exhausted, we all are. Not that this place is going to give us any opportunity to rest" the words were said in a humourless statement. "I should go and check on everyone. Come down for breakfast, yeah?"

"Yeah, alright." Patin lied. She really didn't like the crowd of people, going about like living was a job to do. In fact she felt the opposite was the case. One should live first, work when necessary. She saw this situation like her resistance cell, always a fight for survival. Until, that is, she found joy in something. Whenever they would vacate a site, she got to blow the latrine. It made her smile to think she could blow the literal shit out of the place.

Aurora emerged from her tent with Sidak, it seemed the panic was over for a moment. She absentmindedly scratched the bug bites on her arms, she hated biting insects. She’d kept Sidak as protected as possible, his immune system wasn’t like hers so she had no clue how bug bites would affect him. Her stomach was rumbling now, she needed to keep up her nutrition so she could still breast feed Sidak.

Since no one apparently wanted to use it, or forgot it was there. Whatever the reason, Dean took it upon himself to use the shuttle as his spot. Also that let him periodically double check things using sensors. Just real quick maybe...every six hours or so. It wouldn't use up power. He also had an idea after the whole attack thing. Sticking his head out of the hatch to see who was about.

Blake stretched as she left the tent she had been sleeping in. It was still early, but she saw considerable activity already. Looking around, she saw several people. Aurora was one of them. The other woman seemed tired to Blake. She wandered over to Aurora. "Hey there", she greeted her. "Do you need anything? You seem a bit tired".

“Hi Blake.” Aurora stifled a yawn. “I’m always like this, being pregnant seems to take it out of me. I’d appreciate it if you could watch Sidak for me for a few minutes while I get something to eat.”

"Of course", Blake said with a smile as she settled on the ground near to Aurora. She had to admit that she had a lot of respect for Aurora. Having a toddler and was pregnant had to be tough at times.

“Thank you Blake, I appreciate all your help.” Aurora smiled warmly and gave her son a kiss. “I won’t be too long.”

The Captain made her way down to the camp where most people were now getting up and about. There were groups by the fires and most seemed to be in reasonable spirits.

She meandered through the crew, making eye contact with the senior staff and motioning for them to follow her to a quieter space for a meeting.

Dean caught the look from Nora and came all of the way out of the shuttle. Heading over to the space that was pointed out, looking on the way how everyone else was doing.

Aurora was getting a little something for breakfast when she saw Rhenora, the glance was one that she’d seen before. It seemed she’d have to leave Blake looking after Sidak for a little while longer.

Savar caught the captain's look and moved to follow her a place of her choosing. He saw Aurora and House also moving to follow her. He left the secondary security team in place at least for now.

Once the senior staff were gathered Rhenora took a breath, regarding each of them in turn as she spoke. "Thank you for your efforts in keeping everyone going yesterday, it was a hard slog and I appreciate everything each and every one of you have done." She started, her expression also open and thankful. "What we need now, it's a continual and stable campsite that is able to support 600 odd people. Commander Savar, I need you to organise the security details, beef up our perimeter to ward off any creatures who may be wanting an easy feed. Sarah, you're on medical, it goes without question we need to keep people as healthy as we can for as long as possible. Make sure it's know that what you say goes. Maxwell, House and Aurora, work with Remal and Patin on food, acquiring more shelter, and setting up water for drinking and cooking."

"Certainly Captain." Savar answered, his mind already going to work on the problem. Setting up early warnings was a necessity. as was posting sentries high to help in the warning the camp and keeping everyone safe. He had other ideas that he would discuss with the security personnel.

"I already had a thought about that for the shelter part. It requires going back to the ship though, and using the cargo bay transporters. We have or should have buildable housing shelters on board. They'd certainly be safer and more sustainable than tents." Dean looked to Rhenora.

Aurora nodded as she finished eating her breakfast and looked at Dean. “That would certainly be better, I don’t suppose we have anything aboard that might help with repelling the biting bug population? They don’t even seem deterred by Vulcan blood.”

"Actually, you're in luck, Aurora. Lavender and catnip. They are natural deterrents from a lot of bugs, specifically mosquitoes. So it might help. Though the shelters will have the coverings for it also to start with," Dean said.

"Can you locate something that would be this planet's equivalent we could harvest and use as a deterrent? Once our supplies have run out we'll need to improvise" Rhenora mused as she regarded the welts all over Aurora's arms. She'd been bitten a few times herself but her attention had been very much elsewhere.

"I'm sure that breaking down the base components of those with a scan, and sequencing with even a tricorder can be adapted to scan for them in the plants about." Dean gave a little shrug, "Not completely my fortay after all, it'd give some of the others more in science and medical something to do also." Glancing to Aurora's arms when Rhenora did. Pausing for just a moment. Looking like he'd lost his train of thought. Reaching out to very violently slap his hands together. Quickly and hard, to fast to tell if it was more near Aurora or Rhenora. "Stupid thing," a near growl at what he'd just squished. Flopping it's, or what was left of it's body on the ground. It was one of those bugs, about the size of a thumbnail.

Giving a huff, Dean looked back up and seemed to be focused again. "We still have a few left on the ship right? I can go back like I said and get them to help with the shelter thing." Also now for some reason he really wanted to see Bonnie.

“The sooner we find something to take care of these damn bugs the better!” Aurora offered Dean a smile for splatting the bug that was about to give her another bite. “Gives me a headache just thinking about it.”

"Take the shuttle and maybe Patin with you to return to the ship to get additional shelters and whatever constitutes as bug spray. And some more medical supplies" Rhenora advised as she rubbed her sore head. "I've heard people complaining about headaches, fogginess and the like. Sarah can you see if you can work out what's causing it?"

The ACMO took one look at the Captain "For you, it's probably no coffee, for everyone else, it could be something the bugs are causing, or that could be completely unrelated. I'll see what I can find" She stooped to take a tricorder reading of the squashed bug and saved the data for later.

"We can do that," Dean gave a glance about for where Patin was.

From a distance Remal watched as the group gathered, talked for a few minutes and then dispersed. He was just about finished filling her cup with a hot steeped brew when she walked up. "Coffee for your thoughts, boss?" He offered her the cup.

" Just keeping people busy, and the camp ticking along. Most of them haven't been in this situation before, and whilst Patin's survival classes couldn't have been held at a better time, our crew's knowledge is somewhat limited." She admitted as she brought the cup to her lips before realizing what it actually was. "Is this....what I think it is?"

He grinned devilishly. "Sure is. I would never let you go without just like I would never let my whole stash get destroyed. You don't serve under the command of Captain Kaylen without learning to safeguard your possessions." He jovially offered before taking a sip of his own. "Besides, my head has been cloudy this morning. I was hopeing this might help clear it up."

This caught the Captain's attention. Several crew had been complaining about headaches, not feeling right and 'foggy' this morning, Patin and now Remal among them. It could be any number of factors regarding their new home but she didn't want to risk anyone falling ill. "Make sure you speak to Sarah this morning - I'll let her know to expect you"

Aurora had to admit she wasn’t feeling the best herself. She was half Vulcan, she was used to temperate climates but she was finding the temperature variations uncomfortable, either that or she was coming down with something. “Sarah, can I err...” She paused feeling a little dizzy before suddenly passing out.

Savar had been discussing what he wanted in the ways of enhanced security with security personnel when he heard and saw Aurora pass out. Without excusing himself, he was at her side in a flash. "Aurora!" he shouted as he knelt beside her. "Help her!" He snapped at no one in particular.



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