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Commodore S'thenosis Gorgox

Name S'thenosis Gorgox

Position Guest Player

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Veelus Draconian
Age 61

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6.6"
Weight 165
Hair Color Red with shades of white
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Average height and weight do not limit S'thenosis from walking with an air of superiority. Her red hair is attractive yet her eyes are cold, much like a venus fly trap she lures her victim in and then tears them apart. Though she is growing old even for her species, she does not show any signs of weakness. External bone structure from her temples to further back on her head give her face an elongated look, while the red hair is tied back into a point and never out of place. She is a model of perfection at all times.


Spouse None
Children S'thenosis has had a single litter of five children. She spent the required 16 years rearing them, then pushed them out on their own, ready or not.

Personality & Traits

General Overview S'thenosis was born and bred into law. The first thirty years of her life was spent studying Federation law along with all of the various systems connected to the Federation. Her thirties were spent in delegation of traditions between the Trill and the Ferengi people, neither of which wanted to concede concessions.
She is a powerful diplomat and not to be trifled with in the court room. Her tenacious nature pushes her to find the truth no matter the cost.

Strengths & Weaknesses She is often considered to be a cold-hearted bitch. Most of her time is spent maintaining the law instead of pursuing leisure time activities.
Federation Standard, plus twenty other off world laungages
Ambitions She will see every legal battle through to completion no matter the outcome. The law must be followed to the letter.
Hobbies & Interests Studying the law library on Terra Prime

Personal History Personal History Classified

Service Record Service Record Classified