The Sim

This is a traditional role playing Star Trek sim set after the Dominion War. Players of all types and styles are welcome.

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One of the most famous and influential Star Trek role plays of all time, the original USS Sunfire launched on February 16, 2000 under the command of Commodore Jay "Robbie" Robertson. Today, the "Sunny" as she is affectionally called, is all that remains of her original club, Utopia Fleet. The Sunny's crew went on to launch Independence Fleet on July 4, 2001 and to win the Simming Prize and two Tournament of Simulations awards about a decade later. The Sunny also lays claim to being the birthplace of both open role playing and the Sunfire simming script, although we don't currently use either. Countless legends and dozens of future commanding officers once called the Sunfire their home. Now it's yours: The adventure continues.