Crew Awards

Stellar Mission Post Stellar Mission Post
This award goes to the writer who expands their own character MOS/Military Occupation Status/Position.

For the writer who expands their character and the MOS, that Character does on the ship. The Stellar Character expansion post. One where the character Bio is updated to reflect more job experience.

Mccoy Medical Award Mccoy Medical Award
This award goes to outstanding Doctor, for great Character and mission enhancing post. Excellence in pioneering Starfleet Medical.
Scott Engineering Award. Scott Engineering Award.
Engineering award. Post that excellent in Starfleet engineering protocols, and enhances the Writer's character. The post that also propels the mission into the ranks of superior Starfleet mission.
Platinum Cluster Delta Star Platinum Cluster Delta Star
This award goes to the top mission poster. Parameters met. Four or more indepth, lengthy posts that expand both mission and the writers character.
This award is for writers. People who can sit down and create a great work of literary art, set within the Sunfire Mission.
Science Platinum cluster Science Platinum cluster
Best Sciences post that enhances Character and mission.
Fighters  Platinum Fighter cluster Fighters Platinum Fighter cluster
Given to the best fighter in character post and mission enhancement. This one's for the Fliers.
Senior Command Star Cluster Senior Command Star Cluster
Awarded to the Top Gun of Command, XO'S, Second in Command. Post that both enhances all players and the mission objective.
Enlisted Star of O'Brian Enlisted Star of O'Brian
To the top Enlisted Crew person whose post enhances and advances Character and mission development.