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The crew enjoy some downtime

Planet of the Dinosaurs

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The Sunfire crash lands on a prehistoric planet and must survive whilst trying to repair the ship.

Scientific Method

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The Sunfire crew are used for scientific experiments without their knowledge.


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The Captain of the Sunfire is kidnapped for sale to the highest bidder in an alien marketplace.

Welcome Aboard!

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The crew of the newest Federation starship to bear the Sunfire name comes aboard.

Resting up

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After the dark nebula, the starship Sunfire returns to starbase 247 to complete its refit. During its refit, some of the crew has gone on shore leave and some remain on the starbase while the ship under continues to complete its refit.

Status of the Tribes

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Commander Jordon Arliid has been appointed Acting Captain of the USS Sunfire shortly after it's refit. Starfleet has received a distress call from a starship that was lost during the Dominion War. But whether they still remain there is uncertain.

Can the crew of the Sunfire figure out this mystery?

Paranoia Nebula

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The Sunfire encounters a nebula that elicits delusions within the crew - but all is not as it seems

Once Upon A Time on Risa.

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A Sidequest on risa.
A simple 3 act mission. The ship needs some minor repairs from the last mission and decides to stop off at Risa to do it. Little does the crew realize, they are in for more than a little rest.

Sunfire Station Keeping Starbase 247

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Sunfire going through repairs and updates. New Captain and crew. What mystery will unfold even at a large base like 247? Only time will tell, and the crew faces challenges that will test resolve.

Gamma Quadrant

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New Harrington

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