Specifications - USS Sunfire


The Sunfire is equipped with an experimental Transwarp drive. Not unlike what Starfleet was trying to develop in the 23rd century, and like the Borg used, however, this does not require a Hub network.

Transwarp Mk II:
Maximum Velocity: 1000 Light Years per Hour for 5 hours
Maximum Emergency Velocity: 3000 Light Years per Hour for 1 hour

Note: Transwarp drive utilized a combination of the traditional warp drive, navigational deflector and deflector shields as its components. The ship is taken to warp factor 2.3 to generate the initial required large subspace field. The navigational deflector is modified to use a tachyon matrix within it to emit tachyon bursts on a high-energy band. The deflector shield of the ship is used to emit the tachyon bursts into space at the resonant transwarp frequency level. The subspace field of the conduit then formed in front of the ship.

Ten minutes of preparation, inspection, and warm-up are required. Afterwards, the system will require at least 2 hours to cool down and a minimum of 72 hours if the auto-shutdown sequence is initiated. Even though there is a 'warp' factor to it.

Transwarp actually jumps from one spot to another through the Transwarp conduit created. A draw back is that another ship if close enough and the exact coordinates can follow through the same conduit.


Class Akira-Class
Role Heavy Cruiser [Defensive/Explorer/Diplomatic]
Duration 100 years
Time Between Refits 20 years
Time Between Resupply 5 years


Length 464 metres
Width 317 metres
Height 87 metres
Decks 22


Officers 84
Enlisted Crew 420
Civilians 20
Emergency Capacity 4500


Cruise Speed Warp 7 (52 Hours)
Maximum Speed Warp 9.8 (15 Hours)
Emergency Speed Warp 9.97 (8 hours maximum)

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Regenerative - Adaptive Mk XIV Nutational Layered Shields
Duranium-Tritanium Double Hull
Ablative Armor Outter Coating of 5.4cms
Weapon Systems 8 XVII Phaser Arrays
15 Pulse Fire Torpedo Launchers (Forward)
3 Standard Fire Torpedo Launchers (Aft)
Chain Reaction Pulsar Weapon (Experimental)

Note: CRPW is fired as a torpedo, when launched continuously drawing energy from its target becoming more and more powerful, until it impacts the target with the energy it absorbed. When used against multiple targets, it moves from target to target absorbing energy, until it unleashes its combined accumulated force on the final target.
Armament 650 XIII Photon Torpedoes
300 XII Quantum Torpedoes

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 1
Shuttles 6 Type 18 Shuttlepods

2 Type 6 Personnel Shuttles

2 Type 7 Personnel Shuttles

10 Sphinx Class Work Pods
Fighters 10 Valkyrie Class Mk III Space Superiority Fighters

5 Gryphon Class Heavy Fighters
Runabouts 4 Danube Class Runabouts