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Remal Kajun

Name Remal Kajun

Position Counselor's Aide

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 215
Hair Color Blonde with Silver peppering
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A man of large build with kind eyes and hands.


Spouse Rhenora Kaylen
Children 1 on the way.

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Caring and Compassionate.
Remal can cook.
Loves to garden.
Remal can listen.
Remal always tends to know the right thing to say .
Will smash heads if the need arises and if his wife is in danger, watch out.
Remal can sometimes be controlled by his emotions.
He likes to make fun of Vulcans and their logic.
Hates Cardassians, but hates even more that he hates them.
He's complex.
Ambitions To rebuild his beachside home which was recently destroyed by arson.
Have a child with his wife.
Eventually settle down and not be shot at anymore.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking.

Personal History Remal was born into Dahkur Province where his father worked in the mines and his mother died at a very young age. When he was very young, he was afflicted with a Cardassian virus that went untreated because he gave his vaccine to a young Cardassian boy. This began his trek into field medicine where during the Occupation he fought as well as healed those under his care.
In his teen years he was given an Orb experience which drove him to find Rhenora Kaylen. Until such time as she came along, he studied with the Brotherhood, a devout sect that studied only the good that came from the Prophets. He was instructed to find peace within himself by helping others.
Believing the Orb to be Prophetic he began construction on a cabin by the beach, surrounded by lush trees and aided by his knack for gardening.
Years later while fighting in a small village, he first spotted a young Rhenora struggling to survive against the Cardassian militia. He aided in fending them off, but never truly got the chance to meet her.
Many years later, after the Occupation ended, Dahkur Province was engulfed in a brutal Firestorm. A request for help was sent out, only to be received by one Captain Kaylen of the USS Sunfire.
Once the he fire was out, they met, and fell in love, he joined the Sunfire and her crew where he served for several years as her Chief Counselor.
When the ship was decommissioned, he went home to Bajor where he studied Earth customs and worked at the Counselor's Academy helping those afflicted by the Dominion War.
In 2378, after 5 years apart, a chance encounter set him back on path to be with his bride, aboard the USS LIberty.
Service Record 5 Years as Chief Counselor on the USS Sunfire-D
1 Year serving as Counselor's Aide - USS Liberty.
6 Months on board the Sunfire B as Counselor / Crewman / Husband.