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Commander Dean House

Name Dean Stark House

Position Second Officer

Second Position Chief Tactical Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Augment
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 177
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Slightly aged looking, however more than physically fit. Do not let the look fool you. Under the linking and clothes, seen more than enough of wounds. Not all of them left scars, however, some did.


Spouse Chloe - Deceased
Children None
Father Gregory - Deceased
Mother Kaylee - Deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dean is certainly headstrong, intelligent, outspoken. Even to a fault. At times will not take flak from anyone, including Brass and senior officers. There is a point between right and wrong, even bending or breaking the rules he will take depending on the situation. Some of this is how he has always been, some has been amplified from the death of his wife and unborn child.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: His will, determination, strength(not just physically.) His loyalty is probably her most defining quality, which also makes it a weakness.

--------Clearance Level 9 required---------
Being an augment and illegal is obviously and has been banned by the Federation, except in extreme cases. Even then there are consequences.

Dean's genentic manipulation has made him a functioning member of society. Subjects alterations include enhanced stregnth, agility, healing, intelligence, resiliance and dexterity. It is noted all of this was not done of his own choice. After a review and ruling by the highest levels of Starfleet and the Federation council, he has been allowed to continue, under strick rules to not mention it unless someone has the proper clearance.
-------End Classified Report--------

Weaknesses: Stubborn, his loyalty, once its earned in his eyes. His passion. He has underlining demons he keeps hidden, which make him vulnerable depending on the situation. That being pushed can even make him volatile and dangerous.
Ambitions Excel in what he found when she was rescued, persay, or exaunerated at least. Starfleet. Get as good as he can and then push even farther. Law is what he is working on, he loves that. Been doing so on his own time because he wanted to pass his bar and become a JAG officer other than what he did, one of the best snipers in Starfleet. Which he did pass as well as, maybe not be the best sniper out there, but he was certainly damned good. One to be rivaled.
Hobbies & Interests Actual hobbies, he loves to cook and eat food. Playing the Violin and singing. Mysteries, be it real or holo-novels she can not get enough of. Writing them are also a large interest, as well as writing on real paper and trying to publish books. Building things as well. Taking them apart, putting them back together. Improving on the designs. Doesn't always work out, but he tries. Archery is another, as are ballistic weapons, or any weapons for that matter, as well as Martial Arts. Law is another still.

Personal History Dean was always a good kid...most of the time. Ever since he was born,in Dallas, Texas, there was something about him. Something special, and not in a way that most parents would just call because well. Its their child, of course they have to call them special. He didn't know why he excelled like he did, no one else did either. Dean never got sick, never mostly got hurt, and if he did it healed exceptionally fast.

It wasn't until he turned sixteen during a party that this came into real question. His high school sweethearts birthday party, there was a punk, Jacob, whom would not leave her alone. Physically Jacob was a beast. Two times Dean's size. Jacob was constantly pushed verbally to leave Chloe alone. Just leave her alone, he said. Jacob was a senior as well but he was eighteen and a jock. Jacob would not leave it alone and shoved Dean. Hard. Thinking that would do the trick. Which of course then started a gather around of a 'fight.' It did, however, not the way it was figured to go.

Dean stepped back up and told Jacob once more to leave Chloe alone. Guess that was the trigger because Jacob straight up knocked Dean on his ass. The oddity was, it didn't really hurt like it should have. He might have a little bruise later but that hit should have broken his jaw. Dean got up and waited for the next one. All he did was round house kicked Jacob which should have just laid him out. It didn't. It sent him through a stone wall twenty feet away.

That is what changed things. Aside from the police, the EMS, all the parents, now the confused students. What in the hell happened? Even Dean didn't know. So he became a recluse for months. Wouldn't talk to Chloe, even though she tried every single day. Wouldn't talk to his parents. No one. Finally, after getting five rejections to Starfleet Academy, he go one that said accepted.

Absolutely thrilled, running down to give the news. However, that was not at all the greeting he expected to see. His parents, obviously were sitting in the living room. So was Chloe. Stopping at the opening to the living room. "Okay...what is wrong?" Kaylee, his mother, motioned for him to sit down. This conversation took hours. There was anger, tears, hurt, feelings of rejection, on just about every side from every person. Chloe pulled him back from it. To go on.

The reason he'd been rejected so many times, the reason that incident at the party happened, why he always seemed different was because he'd been genetically altered. The same tests done during the Eugenic Wars. It was theoretically to save his live when he was still in the womb. Whom can fault parents for not wanting to lose their child. Though the consequences were not thought of either. Or not telling Dean so he know before then. Things could have been avoided.

It did still turn out because of certain circumstances in Starfleet about people in good standing and their rights as an individual, no matter who, or what they are, had the same rights and privlages as anyone else. As such, he was accepted to the academy and so far, other than a tragic incident, had a prosperous career.


USS Vengeance

"Captain! Our shields are almost gone!" The tactical officer chimed in. (Captain, any officer in command of a starship is called, regardless of rank.)

"Mr. Queen, come about. Attack pattern Delta-three. Maximum spread, quantum torpedos on my mark." Dean huffed with the smoke on the bridge.

They were under attack by Cardassian ships, three Galor-class. Both of their squad had been destroyed. The USS Vengeance, a Defiant-class ship was in bad shape, behind enemy lines.

From an outside view, the ship was being pounded by phaser fire by all three Galor, and still taking it thanks to the ablative armor.

"I've had enough of these Cardassians. Arch spread on all three, then target the lead and fire pulse phasers once in range of their bridge. Continue across the spine. Helm full impulse. Fire!"

Both orders acknowledged, and orders executed. It did work, but not before losing shields. Heavy damage and now adrift. It did take out all three enemy ships, a blaze of glorious explosions, however, stuck themselves in a pickle.

"Bridge to Engineering, get power back online."

Comms came back, "That is not going to happen any time soon if at all."

Dean sighed, "Then how long?"

"IF it's possible, 86 hours."

"Dujant, we don't have that long."

"Ensign Perseries(Perseus?) to Lieutenant...Captain House. You better get down here."

Dean eyes widened as he knew exactly where. Sickbay where Chloe was overseeing while he was taking over command of the ship. "You have the bridge." He didn't care whom, they knew their jobs. Running to the turbolift.

Once he got there, sickbay was in shambles. It was a miracle anything worked. "Give me that." Taking the medical tricorder from the Ensign. He wasn't trying to be mean, but that was his wife. "What happened."

"And EPS conduit exploded as did half of the bulkhead while she was treating one of the wounded. I've done all I know to stabilize her. Doctor...I....." The Ensign bit her lip and shook her head.

"Just get out." Dean took a breath, "I mean, get out. Computer. All hands abandon ship." The klaxons going off to signal as such along with the computer voice alert. Looking down and waking Chloe up. "I have to get you out of here."

Chloe shook her head, "You can't. You have to go without me. I've lost the baby and if you move me, even by transporter, I will hemorrhage."

"No, no, no, no. I will not accept that. There is something I can do. I can put you in stasis. I can give you a cortical-blocker to stop your bleeding while you're in stasis until we can get you out and repair the damage. You can't leave me." Tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Dean," reaching up to touch his cheek and smile, "You have given me more joy than I have ever known. Unfortunately it is my time. I love you, I will always love you, but you cannot stop it." Chloe closed her eyes for a moment.

"Yes I can! I do not have all this genetic engineering for nothing!"

"Baby...No..." She took long breaths, "You can't. Kiss me."

Dean leaned and kissed her deeply. Holding it until he felt her not giving back. Leaning up, "Chlo? Chlo?" She was gone. "No!!" Laying his head on her chest and sobbing.

"Captain! We need to go! Right now!"

"I'm not leaving her and be damned if you try to stop me." Dean picked her body up and started for one of the shuttles left.
Service Record Starfleet Academy

Judge Advocate General

USS Vengeance - Chief Tactical Officer

USS Liberty - Assistant Chief Tactical Officer

USS Sunfire - Chief Tactical Officer/Chief Security Officer

USS Sunfire - Second Officer

- Best Joint Log(January 2021)

- Rookie of the Month(January 2021)

- Best Joint Log(February 2021)

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20th Anniversary Award(June 4th, 2021)

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