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Lieutenant Alison Haldeman

Name Alison Haldeman

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Second Position Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 7”
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Mousey Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Alison is an attractive woman with long hair and sky blue eyes. She’s managed to keep remarkably fit during the ten years stranded on the ‘game’ planet.


Spouse Thomas Haldeman
Children Amanda Haldeman (12)
Alex Haldeman (deceased - age 4)
Expecting her third (26 wks)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alison is a kind hearted, gentle soul but ten years stranded on a planet in fear for her life and that of her daughter has added a new element of strength, and character, as well as fear.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Kind and caring
+ A dedicated mother
+ Strong willed

- Afraid of losing what she has
- Firey temper
Ambitions Having lost her son Alison has sworn never to let anything or anyone harm her daughter or unborn child. She wants to try and give her marriage a second chance.

Personal History Up until ten years age Alison was happily married to Thomas Haldeman. After the death of her son, at the tender age of 4, as a lesson to her husband she found it hard to even look at Thomas let alone be married to him. All her love and dedication instead turned to her daughter Amanda.

One night two months prior to the arrival of the USS Liberty a blazing argument lead to the only night she’d spent with her husband in those ten years, the result of which is Alison being pregnant with their third child.

With her husband required to stay aboard the Liberty, she has decided to remain and give their marriage another chance. She has since been assigned as part of the Operations and Science departments.
Service Record Until 2378 - USS Manchester
2378 - Assigned to USS Sunfire