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Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Name Rhenora Kaylen

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 160cm
Weight 58kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Rhenora is shorter than average, but prides herself on keeping fit and strong. A life during the occupation of her home planet stunted her growth and has left her with numerous scars which she tends to keep concealed to all but her closest friends


Spouse Remal Kajun
Children expecting
Father Banlin Kaylen (dec)
Mother Fassina Kaylen (dec
Brother(s) Sed Kaylen (dec)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rhenora was raised by a resistance cell during the occupation after the murder of her family. She is mentally tough but bears the deep emotional scars of her childhood into her adult years. Rhenora is fiercely loyal - sometimes to a fault and isn't afraid to take risks. She has a general mistrust of leaders with overruling powers, but as moulded well into the Starfleet command chain
Strengths & Weaknesses Not afraid to try unconventional tactics or methods.
She cares for her crew as though they are family - this has cost her deeply emotionally in the past.
Ambitions To see peace come to her homeworld, along with a unity of her government and religion
Hobbies & Interests Bajoran Music
Keeping fit and active
Drinking Springwine

Personal History Born into a world occupied by the Cardassians, Rhenora's family was murdered in her childhood - forcing her to scrounge for food before finding a nearby resistance cell. She cleaned weapons in exchange for scraps of food until she was old enough to participate in the raids, earning the respect of her comrades for her cunning and tactical aptitude.
At the cessation of the occupation she joined the Bajoran Military although quickly grew tired of the powerplays of the government and religous orders.
Transferring to Starfleet Rhenora completed the Starfleet bridging program through the 'operations' stream, specialising in security and tactical training. She rose through the ranks until she took command of the USS Sunfire.
Service Record Bajoran Militia - Enlisted Crewman - Security
Bajoran Militia - Second Lieutenant - Security/Tactical
Starfleet Bridging Program
USS Lithgow - LT JG - security/tactical
USS RoserMoth - LT - security/tactical
USS Sunfire C -Lt Commander - 2nd officer / Tactical Officer
USS Sunfire C - Commander - 1st Officer
USS Sunfire D - Captain - Commanding Officer
USS Sunfire D - Commodore - Commanding Officer
USS Sunfire D - Rear Admiral - Commander Task force Sabre.
Starfleet Command - Admiralty
USS Liberty - Captain - Commanding Officer
USS Sunfire - Captain - Commanding Officer