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Djinn in a bottle - Touch me the right way

Posted on Tue Nov 21st, 2023 @ 9:23pm by Commodore S'thenosis Gorgox & Lieutenant Commander Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Remal Kajun & Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant Commander Thriss Kla'ren & Ensign Aubrie Fox & Lieutenant Thomas Haldeman & Lieutenant Alison Haldeman

Mission: Halloween
Location: Sunfire
Timeline: Current

There was so many of them, so much tasty morsels and the creature was so very hungry. It was here for a specific purpose though, to prevent these beings from leaving so they would nourish it's kind for many years to come. They had developed a method of 'preserving' creatures for later consumption. An almost suspended animation that keeps the body alive but the mind clueless as to its fate. Surrounded now by the many morsels it struggle to separate it's hunger from its mission.

Three security guards converged on the darkened Captain's quarters, a medical duo on their heels. The corridors were dark due to the lack of power, engineering were still struggling to determine cause and how to fix the issue. Through the open com channel the Captain could hear everything. It sounded like Remal was still randy and looking for thrills.

As the first two security guards came through the door, weapons drawn, lights pointed in Remal's direction. He raised his hands and proclaimed his innocents. "Boys, boys, is this about the medicinal plants in the arboretum? If so, I can explain, there is no need for the weapons."

He calmly reached out and touched each of them on the shoulder, then guided them to turn around. "I'll cooperate, fully." The entity then took the opportunity to 'reach' through Remal into each of the security officer's minds. In doing so, multiple things happened.

First the entity 'inhaled' some of their lifeforce making them feel weak. This cause them to lower their weapons slightly and Remal's eyes to glaze over momentarily with a solid dark green color. Difficult to see in the dark, and only for a moment before returning to normal. "Oh that's good." The entity said speaking through Remal in a much deeper voice.

Second, the security team was suddenly inebriated. As if chugging a case of beer on a full stomach, each of them became suggestable, and deeply incorrigible. On top of that, and despite their reduced energy, their libidos increased 10 fold, as visible by their sudden pitched tents. This left each with a one track, highly suggestable mind that the entity could control without issue.

"So, gentlemen, where would one find the most populous energy on this ship? I'm suddenly craving more and feeling oh so like myself again." The entity stated just as the doors opened again. This time it was the medical team, flanked by the remaining security officer. "Ah, doctor, these men seem to be experiencing something strange." Remal guided as he played off his own possession.

Rhenora listened to the conversation from the bridge, it seemed odd but now slightly more normal but she was still concerned. The emergency lighting kicked in, casting everything in long red shadows. It did nothing for the Captain's fear, which she tried to jam into an unforgiving corner of her mind in order to remain objective.

"Bonnie, was that you and Thriss getting the emergency systems back up?" She turned and asked the newly promoted systems engineer.

Fox didn't understand what was going on.

Bonnie was shaking her head no, half afraid of what had actually caused the red lights to be emitted. "Negative Captain. Emergency power is still in an offline state, at least as far as I can tell. As it stands, we have life support and communications, otherwise, we're adrift and..." she paused before letting go of the eep she had been holding. "...and our orbit is decaying."

"We need to get thrusters back online, at the expense of anything else" the Captain replied sagely, wondering if this was going to be fixable or if they were all going to get their brains sucked out by some random space creature.

She kept an ear on the conversation happening the deck below them, Remal was chatting with the nursing staff and security team and seemed to be having a wonderful time it itself. Something was definitely amiss but she didn't have the resources to deal with that as well as a semi-lifeless ship at the moment. She had an idea.

"Captain to Remal, why don't you come up here to the bridge and we can... chat" she offered, hoping that she would be able to figure out what was going on with him herself, or at the very least, stun him if he became a threat.

Remal tapped his badge and responded, "Sure Captain, I'll be there shortly." Then he closed the channel. The entity within searched his thoughts and came back with the bridge as a collected source of life, but also a potential threat. It quickly decided it was worth the journey, but that contingencies would be required.

Using its influence on those around it, the three security officers and the medical team. The entity told them all to go forth and multiply, sending its own essence in different directions like a virus through the ship while he would go to the bridge and 'chat'.

She closed the channel and turned to the bridge crew. "I don't like this, arm yourselves, we may be dealing with some kind of alien inhabitation."

Alison looked at her husband as she got up and walked over to the weapons storage, she wasn’t going to let anything harm her or their baby. She’d fight until the end.



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