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Team House

Posted on Fri Nov 17th, 2023 @ 10:38pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant Sarah Wilson & Commander Dean House & Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & 1st Lieutenant Kate Score

Mission: Halloween
Location: USS Sunfire
Timeline: Current

Team House:

Once the Team beamed in, Score did a quick scan and check for anything or anyone. "Clear, got nothing on the Scanner"

Aurora looked around, the area they’d beamed into gave her the creeps not to mention where they were going. “I’m not sensing anything...absolutely nothing...” she gave the others a worried look. “The only life I’m sensing here is all of us, not even any animals.”

Score did not like that. Not even any animals?

“It just feels...empty” Aurora wandered around close to the team not getting more than a step or two apart incase anything happened.

"And I don't like that feeling, I suggest we all stay close, No Splitting up" She remember the one time she ordered her team to split ended with only her and 4 others coming home alive.

Aurora looked around at House, it was his decision what happened from here. “Orders Commander?”

Sarah looked around, they were a small distance outside the castle, it's towering peeks the only thing not natural flas far as the eye could see. The air was thin, but not unmanageable, particularly with a rebreather. She made a few adjustments to her tricorder.

"Not reading any organic lifesigns, however the energy signature is still coming from the castle." she pointed to one of the higher turrets. "It's concentrated in those two"

Aurora looked around just setting eyes on the Castle made her skin crawl. “Don’t ask me why, but that gives me the creeps!”

Dean gave a little lean a moment..seemingly against air. Looking around a moment, "Reach out and see if you can feel anyone, or thing with some semblance of consciousness, Aurora."

Aurora looked at Dean for a moment, “I haven’t sensed anything but I can try” She took a deep breath before letting her mind’s inner defensive walls down and reaching out. She frowned. “I’m not...” She suddenly flinched.


Come to us....find us!!

Her eyes shot open and she stumbled backwards.

Dean shifted a little bit, lightly catching Aurora, settling her back up, "You okay?"

Aurora didn’t say anything for a moment before then she nodded. “Yes...Sir. Sorry.” She gathered her thoughts. “There’s something in there, it knew my name. It wants us to go in...”

"Greaaat, Well, Will we listen and be real Star Fleet Officers Head first into Danger, Or wait?" Score asked Dean.

Dean gave a look over to Score first, "Shouldn't that be reversed? Real Starfleet officers think instead of blind action...." Smirking a little, "Most of the time. We wait."

Sarah ran a medical tricorders over Aurora after her reaction "increased adrenaline, nothing dangerous. Do you think they probed your mind? From this far away?" She asked cautiously as looked at the castle. The storm rumbled and drew closer, the sky becoming dark and ominous.

“I have no idea” Aurora shrugged her shoulders. “It was just that whoever, or whatever, it is knew my name. Though I guess a connection to my mind would have given that away anyway. I’m still not sensing any lifeforms though.”

"That's just weird" Sarah admitted as she popped the medical scanner back into its holster on her hip. She looked around and saw the storm continuing to move closer. "I don't know about anyone else but I don't fancy getting stormed on today. How abouts we find a way in?"

Giving Aurora his attention again, "Can you ask it who or what it is and what it wants?" Dean pointed a pinky finger over to an outcropping that used to be a stone hut. "We can gather in there first."

Aurora gave House an uncertain look, “I guess I can try...” she hated the idea of touching minds with whatever had found her before, but she had little choice now.

The team relocated out of the fetid rain, the storm bringing with it plasma lightning and a strange thunder Sarah had never heard before. She swore she heard shrieks in the wind and bowls through the thunder. Keeping her thoughts to herself she shuddered.

Aurora couldn’t help but dread having to reach out to whoever, or whatever had touched her mind before. She had little choice though, she settled down ready to make contact.

"It's ok Aurora, I'll make sure they don't harm you" Sarah reassured and pulled out her medkit, prepping a few things in case anything went wrong.

Aurora nodded. “Here goes nothing...” she closed her eyes and let her focus return to what she’d sensed before. The feeling wasn’t pleasant, but she had to keep her focus. It didn’t take long before that which found her before, found her again.

<< You returned... >> there was cackling laughter, but still no face to accompany it.

“Who are you?...What do you want?” Aurora’s questions were direct and to the point.

<< not important! >> the voice was sharp and direct. << What do we want? Why don’t you come and see...or are you too...afraid!! >> horrific images filled Aurora’s mind, followed by more cackling laughter.

Aurora screamed and cradled her head, pulling her knees up she sat in a protective huddle.

Sarah used a hypo to break the connection and then started supportive care until Aurora recovered from the experience. "Shhh you're okay" she soothed.

Above them plasma light ing struck one of the high turrets, causing a green glow to emanate from the castle. A ghostly apparition could be seen in one of the windows. A bolt of energy shot forth from another turrets in the direction of the Sunfire.

Aurora eventually looked towards House, trying to give him an update on what she saw. “, wants us to go to the castle. It won’t say who, or what it is, just that it or they want us to go to them.” She shook her head. “The images...” She cringed as she thought about it. “Such horrible images!”

Score stood Weapon raised. She did not like how this was going.

"The other team have gone in the front door, their comm badge signals are like they're in a low shielded area." Sarah looked at her tricorder then over to the castle. The storm seemed centred over the castle as though it were drawing energy from it.

“We have to go...” Aurora looked around the others. “We have to face whatever these...spirits, ghosts, or aliens, are.”

"Are you sure?" Sarah asked as she packed away her medkit and returned her gaze back outside. She followed Aurora to a small gate nearby that looked like a servants entrance. "They want us to go in there?"



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