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Ensign Aubrie Fox

Name Aubrie Fox

Position Tactical Officer

Second Position Security Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Trill
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 190
Hair Color Blond-Silver High Lights
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Slender, Fit, Average Height, But no Trill Spots, But can host a Trill if wanted


Spouse None
Father Bryan Fox-Human
Mother Jen Fox-Trill
Brother(s) Jake Fox(1), Alan Fox(6)
Sister(s) Alexis Fox(7), Elizabeth Fox(16)
Other Family Grandma/Grandpa Fox, Uncle Ian,

Personality & Traits

General Overview Uses her Intelligence and Beauty together to get answer to her questions, A Leader and not a Follower
Strengths & Weaknesses +Intelligence,+Decisive, +Beauty

-Attitude, -Easily Bored, -Too Openly Honest(No Filter Honest)-About Everything
Ambitions Learn all she can about the Trill/Human Race, Maybe even Become a host
Hobbies & Interests Reading Books, Staying Fit,Running, Playing with her Dog, Sniper Practice, Marksman Practice

Personal History Aubrie was born on Trill, a planet she didn't get to know much about before her family moved to Earth. Her mother, Jen, was aware that Aubrie would have to learn about her Trill culture sooner or later, but instead of imposing it on her, Jen and Aubrie's father decided to let her choose how she wanted to connect with her heritage. Despite not having the traditional Trill spots, Aubrie had some features that made her mother happy. In fact, she could even host a Trill symbiote, which made her one of the only two siblings in the family who could do so.

Aubrie was a very energetic and curious child. She was always on the move, and her parents even nicknamed her "speed demon" due to her non-stop activity. Aubrie had a passion for learning that started at a very young age. Her parents noticed her drive and determination, and they encouraged her to pursue her interests. Aubrie excelled in her studies, surpassing many of her peers, and leaving middle school with an impressive 3.0 GPA.

Aubrie was also an accomplished athlete. She did track from a young age and helped lead her team to multiple victories. She was a natural runner, and her speed and agility made her a formidable opponent on the field. Upon entering high school, Aubrie added softball to her list of sports and continued with track. Her teams won almost every game, thanks in large part to her hard work and dedication. Despite being one of the prettiest girls in school, Aubrie didn't date much and mostly kept to herself. She was shy and introverted, preferring to spend her time focusing on her studies and sports.

At 17, Aubrie joined StarFleet. She had to make a difficult decision when choosing a branch to specialize in: Marine, SEC/TAC, Medical, Engineering, Science, or Command. After much consideration, Aubrie chose SEC/TAC, as she knew her athletic ability, intelligence, and strategic thinking would be useful. She excelled in her studies and training and pushed herself to be the best she could be. She even won two of the toughest StarFleet Academy Marathons, a testament to her endurance and perseverance. Her instructors knew she was destined for greatness, and they praised her skills and beauty. After graduating with honors and completing various military training programs, Aubrie was ready to serve in StarFleet. Although she was small in stature, Aubrie was not to be underestimated. She was a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the field.
Service Record StarFleet Academy
-Star Fleet Sec/Tac Training
-Star Fleet Marine Marksman Training
-Star Fleet Marine Sniper Training