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Arrival at Bazza

Posted on Wed Nov 8th, 2023 @ 12:16am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Senior Chief Petty Officer Ronson Mitchell & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Commander Dean House & Lieutenant Commander Thriss Kla'ren & Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & 1st Lieutenant Kate Score & Lieutenant JG Blake Leone & Ensign Kitiuas Thenis & Lieutenant Commander Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Patin

Mission: Halloween
Location: Bazza System
Timeline: Current-ish

The planet of Bazza turned lazily beneath the Sunfire, the class 7 probe busily collecting data and sending it back to the ship. On the bridge the senior officers worked through the various streams of information, eager to see if any secrets had been uncovered.

Score stood ready to move when the word was given.

Sitting in her seat Aurora waited for the command for the away teams to depart.

Ensign Thenis was reading the data output coming in from the probe; she was surprised by what was coming across. Gravity was .9g slightly less gravity than Earth normal. The atmosphere was breathable with 35% oxygen concentration versus the normal 21% humans were used to. Bad news for everyone, except her, was the insect life would be far larger than they were used to; and it appeared the predominate lifeform besides the insects was going to be amphibians.

With a sigh, she relayed what she had learned to the captain, “Captain preliminary report from the scans of the probe show that the planet Bazza prime is .9g’s, slightly less than Earth normal. Atmosphere is breathable with a 35% oxygen concentration. Effects on the crew should be minimal. Major lifeforms seem to be giant insects and amphibians. There are some ruins of what appears to be a city one kilometer from the base of the mountain that contains the so-called castle structure. High energy output from said structure is interfering with the probe.

One thing is positive the structure seems to be unharmed by the effects of the surrounding environment, unlike the ruins. There is a clearing at the base of the mountain and one in the central area of the ruins. Conditions on the ground will be very swamp-like. Standard level eight insect repellant should suffice with insect life forms, as for the amphibious life forms, there are several types that would appear capable of harming the crew. Finally, I must warn you use of phasers could ignite the oxygen in the air, causing a massive fire.”

"Would plasma-based weapons rather than energy-based weapons provide an alternative?" The Captain suggested from the centre chair.

Kit thought for a moment before replying "Plasma weapons would most likely be more harmful; plasma is very reactive to oxygen."

"Giant Insects? Great, Somebody call the Bug Killer, Or somebody get me a really big trap" Score said with a Laugh.

Large bugs and amphibian life, 'great' thought Bonnie, just like the Dino planet all over again, only this one housed a creepy old castle. She was curious though and her Historian nature was getting the better of her. She wanted to go, but she also didn't. This felt like a place for the big kids. She loved her papa, but not enough to set foot in a castle on a planet where humanoid life no longer existed.

"Alright teams, you have a go, beam down to the base of the mountain, and use rebreathers rather than full EV suits. Meet in the transporter room in one hour" the Captain ordered, "good luck"

Aurora stood to join her team, a glance at Savar reassured him that she’d be fine and that she’d see him when the two teams returned to the ship then she headed off to get her things ready to join the others in the transporter room.

Score got suited up and weaponized and stood ready for his team.

Kit went and grabbed a rebreather and her science tricorder, ensuring it was tied in with the ship's library. She then got her dancerknife and tucked it into a hidden area on her body. She made her way to the transporter room.

Ronson looked around as everyone was getting ready. "Uhhh, has someone told Patin she's supposed to be going down with us?" He asked, seeing everyone else there bar her.

"I don't think so, Do you want me to go get Her?" Score asked

“There’s an easier way round that” Aurora offered a smile and tapped her comm badge. “Vali to Patin, report to the transporter room you’re needed for away party duty.”

Patin tapped the badge she had attached to her left thigh, "Oh, goody. May I ask what level of the fire caves will we be getting ourselves into today?" After standing, and stretching, she slung her usual jacket and vest over and around her and snapped them tight then waited for the response in order to decide what 'ammo' to bring along.

"Haunted Castle on unknown planet" Ronson called over the comm, half being serious half not. It would give Patin the gist, and that was all the wildcard would need.

"Joy. Be there in five." She announced before closing the channel. Haunted castle eh, while she didn't have a proton pack, she did have some old fashioned items suited for the task. It only took her 3 minutes to gather some garlic infused smoke grenades, a small stake crossbow strapped to her wrist and a container of salt, before heading out her door.

"Well that's a unique set of equipment" Ronson raised his eyebrows as Patin entered the transporter room. With her present, everyone was accounted for and ready to beam down.

Once all the officers were assembled they were given the green light to beam down to the planet.

"Bridge to Transporter room. You have a go for transport. Keep an open com signal and we will keep a transporter lock on all of you." The Captain's voice echoed through the small room.

Aurora glanced at Savar wishing she was accompanying him, but teamwork was important too and she had to expect to work with others as well.

"Well, Lets go see what this castle has in store for us, Hope there's no Dragons in the keep" Score said with a laugh

"We didn't detect any" Ronson replied before realising it was a joke. He really needed to get out more.

The teams finalised their preparations and beamed down to the surface.


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