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Succession Planning

Posted on Wed Nov 8th, 2023 @ 3:04am by Remal Kajun & Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Commander Dean House & Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & Lieutenant Sarah Wilson & Senior Chief Petty Officer Ronson Mitchell

Mission: Repairs and Retribution
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Just before Halloween

The repairs to the Sunfire were complete, the crew had had a little downtime and life as it seemed was settling back into what appeared to. E a normal rhythm. Captain Kaylen Rhenora sat on the couch in her ready room, a half finished bowl of hasperat on the table and a steaming mug of coffee sat next to it. She was stewing. Ever since the doctor had ordered her to take it easy the Captain had felt a pressing need to get things in order, for now and for in the future. She didn't want to give up command, yet it was something she knew she would not be able to tackle with both hands straight up. And if the Prophets had their way, who knew what would happen. She'd seen the dark vision a hundred times and it ended the same way each and every time. She died in childbirth, the child lives. It was as black and white as that. A shudder ran through her, chilling her to the very core.

The door chime sounded, indicating someone waiting to be allowed entrance.

Savar stood at the entrance to Rhenora's quarters. He had been summoned he surmised in regard to the text Sarah had sent him. It was a meeting he still needed to have. As he waited for admittance, he straightened his tunic and swiped away invisible dust. If he knew Rhenora and he thought, he knew her well. She was by now fuming by whatever it was Sarah had told her.

Ronson arrived next, his expression open and somewhat confused as to why he was called here. But his job was to assist the Captain in any means necessary and so that is what he would do. "Captain?" He asked as Remal handed him a steaming cup of something that smelt amazing.

As Dean entered, Remal handed him a drink held within a large stein with a cap. It was a meaty brew not unlike Klingon Bloodwine but with ingredients found on Earth. After their adventure on the Dinosaur world, Remal figured Dean for a stout drinking man. And this mixture would definitely take the edge off a normal man.

Dean gave a glance down at the offered drink a moment, raising an eyebrow. Lifting it up to give a smell. "Huh, interesting. Thank you, Remal." Half turning to look at Nora.

One by one her nearest and most trusted friends and officers arrived, waiting and wondering what they had been called here for. Only one person really knew, and that was Sarah. The CMO was the last in the room and she had chosen to do so by design. She knew the Captain was cranky, and knew that there may be some uncomfortable questions being asked. She was here as both the doctor and a friend.

Remal entered from the kitchenette area of their quarters with a tray with a selection of drinks. He knew who would be coming and in an effort to make this a casual meeting instead of something serious, he had selected something appropriate for each of them based on tastes and what he had witnessed them liking. Starting with Rhenora, he handed her an herbal, decaf mint julip tea. She would turn her nose up at it, but he knew coffee was not what she needed right now.

Rhenora accepted the mug without even looking at it, raising it to her lips by habit before realizing the smell of the contents wasn't remotely like coffee and wrinkling her nose. Bless Remal, he was trying to do the right thing.

Next, he turned and offered Savar a cup that was old-looking by design. Within was a steep of Vulcan tea mixed with something a bit stronger, Remal had seen Savar drink once. He waited to see if the man he called friend would like the mixture.

Savar took the offered cup from Remal." Thank you Remal." He replied as he took a sip and nodded approvingly. "You have been watching. I find this most satisfactory."

"Of course," Remal replied using a Vulcan-like mannerism before turning and offering Sarah and Aurora their selected beverages for the evening. For Sarah who enjoyed her herbs, he had selected an earthy drink made with hops and barley which had a heavy head of foam on top. For Aurora something sparkling, dry but tangy. To Remal it held elements of Vulcan but also the spirit of Betazed. Once everyone had been served he stepped behind Rhenora with his hand upon her shoulder to give her the strength he felt she needed.

Aurora studied her friend and CO as Remal gave her his reassurance. Whatever she was about to say was obviously difficult.

"Some of you know why I asked you all to come here" The Captain started, nailing Sarah with a look before continuing. " but for those who are not aware, the Doctor has put me on light duties and reduced hours for at least two weeks, possibly longer." she started, struggling to meet the eyes of her trusted friends. "She has also made it very clear that if I don't comply with her work orders, I will be relieved of duty." There it was out of the bag. "I need your support in making this work. I can't not be in the centre chair, I don't know how to not be in the centre chair. Taking it easy has never been my strong suit"

"What can we do to help you, Captain?" Savar asked as he sat next to Aurora. "We will all do what we can to help you in this temporary change to your schedule."

" We'll need to make changes to the roster, particularly for the senior command team and those who take on command roles" Rhenora took a sip of her tea and wrinkled her nose again before continuing. "These changes may need to be permanent" She caught the cautionary look from Dr Wilson during the pause in her words. " And they may also need to be flexible until the Prophets decide this child is ready to be born."

Aurora nodded her understanding, it would mean longer hours for Savar and less time at home together. “I’m sure we’ll manage Rhenora, your health and that of your baby comes first.”

Dean was listening, drinking from the cup here and there. Just thinking about the information being given out. Motioning to Remal asking if he could get another one, more of he could get it it, just tell him where it was. Instead of Remal actually doing it.

"On that point, whilst it is only some weeks away, we haven't decided on what will happen afterwards." She stammered, having seriously not planned anything for after the arrival. "I guess we need to give it some thought and let you all know."

“You’ll have any number of volunteer babysitters I’m sure” Aurora grinned. “Savar and I are going to need some practice before our little one arrives.”

"You are quite correct Aurora. We will need the practice and helping the Captain and Remal is an excellent opportunity to help, though I wonder if it will indeed prepare us for when our child arrives." Savar answered,

Having gone to the kitchenette area, Dean looked around here and there, then finally popped up with a cast iron skillet, "Ah. Found it. I know exactly how to keep you from trying to take the center chair as usual or trying to be sneaky about doing so." Brandishing the skillet and giving a wink.

"What, you're gonna lock me in my room and feed me?" Rhenora snorted at the skillet wielding 2XO.

"What?" Dean's expression went from amusement to confused for a second. "No. Why the hell would I do that? I was just going to hit you in the head with this. Problem solved." The grin was back.

" Let's hope it doesn't come to that" She smirked in return as the tea was sipped and the taste hadn't improved overly. She was hanging for a coffee and knew that Remal wasn't about to supply one.

" I'll draw up a new roster and send it to everyone, I apologize in advance for the extra shifts"

The skillet was put back, Dean coming back over to where everyone else was, "You mean we were allowed to sleep before?" Giving a pause, "We all know what to do in our sleep with our hands bound, Nora. Think of it like a vacation instead of a medical order. 'It's not the same, I mean I still have the ship and we're not off on Risa or home or the like and then there's the whole..' Ehhh..That's why we have holodecks." Taking a drink from the refill, holding it at his lips for just a moment while looking over the brim at Rhenora.

"You're walking a line there Dean" Rhenora warned gently, giving him a look that said 'There may be consquences if you continue'. She took a breath before continuing "I'm not saying you don't know what to do, I'm just saying I appreciate the extra hours everyone will be putting in"

"Love you too," looking for a place to set the cup down. "We know you appreciate it. You know what you could still do. Gamma shift. I would think that'd be fine," Dean said.

Aurora looked towards Sarah. “What do you think Sarah? Would Gamma shift be okay for Rhenora?”

"The night shift? Aww you people are mean" Sarah snorted with a laugh as she looked around the assembled group. "What she needs is 6 hours in the morning - say 0800 to 1400, with a standard meal break in the middle." She tossed back.

Rhenora looked from person to person like a spectator watching tennis. "I am right here you know" She retorted as the senior staff debated what hour she would work. "And for what it's worth, I agree with Sarah... night shift sucks at the best of times"

"Perhaps..." Savar spoke, "You can work a later shift, Captain. One that would allow you to sleep longer, have breakfast along with being able to deal with any morning sickness that may come along."

Remal cleared his deep, meaty-sounding throat before speaking. "Less." He said simply. "Her body, her mind, her very soul requires less. If she is to have this child, without complications. in the next 9 weeks or so, we need less stress." He then went on to illustrate, "Fewer crashes, people trying to kill us, and more time preparing for our lives ahead." He squeezed her hand to show he understood and relished when she returned the squeeze.

“Then let’s hope the universe gives us all the time we need to rest and recuperate.” Aurora offered a smile. “For once I wouldn’t mind something sedate to do.”

"We didn't intend to crash...or be kidnapped" Rhenora retorted lamely, knowing that Remal was looking after her best interest. In all honesty, she didn't know what to do with 'less'. She looked at Sarah who crossed her arms.

"You can pick your hours between 0800 and 1800, a total of 6 hours, not a second more. It's your ship, at least for now. You do need to sort out what will happen when the little one makes an appearance. Medically you will need some time off to recover" Sarah kept her arms crossed as though to emphasise her point.

The group milled about for the next half an hour, just hanging about and being social. Remal kept serving jokes as fast as he served drinks while Aurora appeared to keep a thoughtful eye on Rhenora who seemed to have a lot on her mind. Remal, for his part, understood and partially blamed himself. The next two months would not be easy.

As the conversations died down, one by one the crew filtered out until at last Savar left leaving only Aurora behind. Her face read like a book with must left to still be said.



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