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Sharing is Caring

Posted on Fri Nov 10th, 2023 @ 8:57am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & Remal Kajun

Mission: Repairs and Retribution
Location: Captain’s Quarters
Timeline: Just before Halloween

With the senior staff gathering over Aurora hung back waiting until everyone was gone, once they were alone she turned to look at Rhenora. “Would you like to talk? I know this can’t be easy for you.”

" I didn't have a choice really" Rhenora lamented as she tried to process the last few hours. She'd gone from feeling more or less ok, to being told she'd almost forced her body to deliver their child for it's own survival, then being hit with 'light duties or nothing'. It had been quite the head trip. She rubbed the bridge of her nose and kicked her boots off, curling her legs underneath her on the lounge. "I guess I should have expected it"

Busy tidying up after, Remal kept his ear to the conversation while his mind wandered elsewhere. He thought about the road ahead and the vision they were given. While he no longer put faith in the wormhole aliens as prophets, Rhenora still did. More importantly, they were still all seeing and had foreseen an outcome where Rhenora would die in childbirth. They hadn't told anyone yet, though he suspected Patin somehow knew.

Perhaps now it was time to tell someone else. If it was though, her would leave that up to Rhen. Not only was it her life but he could not bear to speak the words.

Aurora nodded. “You’ve been through hell Rhenora, we all have lately. You and Remal were both treated worse than I was in that prison hell we were in, now you both need time to rest, relax and enjoy your time together before your baby arrives.”

"Well Sarah has made sure I'm taking it easy. Well as much as she can anyway. The Prophets will control the rest" her voice trailed off as she looked out the window, her mind lost for a moment

Aurora could feel tension in the air as Rhenora looked away. “You’re worried that something will go wrong aren’t you? That you won’t survive the birth of your baby?” She gave Rhenora a knowing look. “It’s a fear that every pregnant woman has, the what if’s that go through your head at night when you’ve nothing else to think about. I’ve done that one myself.”

The Bajoran paused, her eyes still distant despite having heard Aurora's reassurance. "This is different. I've seen it, the Prophets showed me, my story ends on Bajor in under 9 weeks. It was definitive" there was genuine fear in her eyes.

Aurora was shocked by what she’d just heard. “Why would the prophets allow you to die? From what I’ve heard the prophets tend to give you foresight as a warning, it doesn’t necessarily mean that what you saw will come true.”

"I believe they think it is necessary. I've seen it that many times now I don't know what to think. There will be a battle, those loyal to the Prophets and those who are loyal to the false gods - the Pah Wraiths. We have run in to them before, Brin and Faro are their leaders. Remal and I will be in our cottage, the war will rage around us. The Pah Wraiths will try to end us and the children of the Prophets will defend to their dying breath. On the middle of it all our child will be born without medical attention, I hemorrhage and die. " It sounded odd even to her own ears, this blind faith in a higher being that ended in her own demise and she had accepted that outcome.

“Then you don’t go to Bajor, you stay here aboard ship with us where you’re safe and have medical attention to hand.” Aurora gave Rhenora a confident look. “Perhaps they showed you this so that you can change it, to have the knowledge gives you the chance!”

"And what if I'm not supposed to change it? Or if doing so causes some shift in the war between the Prophets and the Wraith? I just don't know anymore" She hung her head and rested them in her hands, as though contemplating it made her head hurt. "The problem with being on light duties is it gives you too much time to think"

Aurora nodded. “Then I suggest we send people with you, a detail to protect you and medical staff just in case.” She gave Rhenora a determined look. “Why warn you if they don’t intend to let you do something to avoid it?”

Remal returned to the sitting area and smiled at Aurora. "Because the Prophets do as the Prophets do. They have been know to be cryptic enough, and manipulative enough, despite their insistence they do not interfere. Yet they always serve to remind us that they are of Bajor."

"As much as it troubles us to know the future, we also know better than to try to run from it, hide from it, or even plan for what may come when fate tends to play a hand of Dabo we never even knew was on the table." He reassured. "We take comfort in knowing everything will eventually turn out okay, in the end." He looked at Rhenora knowing she held just as much worry in her heart as he did his.

Rhenora smiled at both of them, both dear friends but one her soul partner. "The flipside is that if the future is already written then what's the point in worrying about it, right?" She tried to lighten the mood a little having already dropped the mother of all bombshells on poor Aurora. She looked at the counsellor "I may need your guidance and assistance over the next two months".

“Damn right you are!” Aurora smiled and nodded. Her head was spinning at the revelation that she’d just been told.

"Either way, I, we...everyone I guess needs to get some rest over the next few weeks, and not go crazy in the meantime. I'm sure the universe will throw something interesting our way. It always does" she shrugged, wondering just how interesting things could be when you were only allowed to work 6 hours a day.

Aurora nodded. “I think if either of us get anymore scrapes or danger, Sarah and Savar will have us locked in our quarters for our own safety.” She grinned a wry grin.

There was a pause as they all seemed to drift into their own thoughts. A few moments went by before Rhenora spoke again. "Assuming that the visions are wrong and things go more favourably, how much do you know about Bajoran birthing ceremonies?"

“To be honest not a lot” Aurora offered a smile. “As a Counsellor I should know most things to do with cultures, but I tend to study up when I know it’s needed.”

"I don't have any family, the ceremony is usually attended by the family and the doula, but I don't have any family alive. Would you stand in as family?" It was an honest question.

“Me!?” Aurora gave her friend an astonished look. “Rhenora, I would be honoured.” She smiled the warmest, happiest smile yet. “What would I have to do?”

"I'll forward you some information so you can read it at your leisure. But you basically are there to keep me calm and relaxed. It's all about how relaxed you are. The family provide rhythmic music that helps with the release of endorphins necessary for the labour to progress. Remal will be there of course, and Sarah most likely as well." It was the first time she'd actually thought about an alternative to what the Prophets had shown.

Aurora nodded. “I’ll make sure I read up and am fully prepared. Actually while we’re on the subject of births, would you consider being my other birth partner? I’ll obviously have Savar there with me, but it would be nice to have you there too. Plus you’ll have gone through it before me so you’ll understand.”

"Of course, I would be honoured" The Captain accepted graciously as she sipped the cup of tea Remal had appeared with. She yawned as the emotional events of the day started to catch up with her. "I'm sorry.."

“No need to apologise” Aurora stood ready to leave. “Get some rest, if you need me you know where I’ll be.”

"Thank you Aurora, I really appreciate you taking the time to make sure I was okay" Rhenora put down her cup and rose to hug her friend.

Returning the hug Aurora smiled warmly. “It’s what I’m here for. Besides you’re my friend, and I don’t plan to lose you anytime soon.” She looked to Remal offering a polite smile. “The two of you enjoy your time together.”

Remal, normally the hugging type, held back. He was grateful for Aurora and her counsel. As he stood next to Rhenora with his hand on the small of her back he acknowledged that here was so much left to be discussed about their future. "Thank you Aurora." He said simply.

“What else are friends, and Chief Counsellor’s for!” Aurora grinned before nodding politely. “Enjoy your time together you both deserve it.” With that she headed on her way.

"Cats out of the bag now" Rhenora mused as the counselor left their quarters. Not that they didn't trust Aurora, but it was the first time they had openly discussed their seen future with anyone.

"indeed." He said simply as he squeezed his partner. "Now, some rest is in order. Specifically, Doctor's orders." The look on his face was stern, commanding. Then he rotated in front of her, and with both arms, swept her off her feet and held her up close to his chest. "Bed m'lady?" The grin matched his mood and the slight raise of his eyebrows spoke volumes of his intentions.

"Oi, I'm supposed to be resting" she mocked through a cheeky smile. Hope fluttered in her heart as allowed herself to be carried to their bedroom. Perhaps the Prophets had been wrong...


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