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Meanwhile back on board

Posted on Fri Nov 17th, 2023 @ 10:30pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Ensign Aubrie Fox & Lieutenant Commander Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Lieutenant Thomas Haldeman & Lieutenant Alison Haldeman & Remal Kajun

Mission: Halloween
Location: Sunfire
Timeline: Current-ish

During the storm there was a bolt of energy released from the castle's highest turret, spiralling skyward out of sight and towards the Sunfire. The witches knew of the mighty starship and were determined not to have their plans interfered with. The energy was in fact one of their own, in anaphasic form and determined to wreak havoc and provide chaos for those supporting the away teams from space.

"Captain, I'm detected a rapidly moving energy signature moving from the planet towards us" Ops announced.

"Shields up, power weapons" Rhenora ordered, thankfully she was on the bridge and not on her regimented downtime.

"Aye, sheilds up, weapons ready"

The energy didn't even pause when it hit the shields, moving straight through them and then through the hull itself. It was time to cause trouble.

“What in the hell?” Alison looked at her readouts, “The whole board just lit up like a Christmas Tree! There’s no registering malfunction, it doesn’t make any sense.”

"The energy went right through the shields like they weren't even there." Tom noted. "The question now is where did it go? It had to disperse somewhere, right?" He asked looking at the others.

“By the looks of it it’s playing with our systems” Alison sighed.

"Great." Tom replied in a tone that indicated it clearly wasn't.

"That never ends well" Replied Fox as she looked at the planets scans

"Running diagnostics on all systems." Bonnie announced as her fingers dances over the controls. "Whatever 'it' is seems to be scanning the computer as if it's looking for something."

Within an instant the ship lost power. The bridge was plunged into complete darkness and Rhenora's gut lurched as she started to decipher the situation. "What does it want?" It was a rhetorical question that no-one could answer without the main computer. Hand beacons snapped on, casting eerie shadows across the dead consoles. "Bonnie...what has it done?"

Having frozen momentarily as the power cut out, Bonnie came to and whipped out her tricorder and ran a broad spectrum scan over the ship. "It... it has... " She was looking at the readings in disbelief. "It has rendered all of the matter in the intermix chamber inert and cut us off from the computer core."

“Terrific!” Alison shook her head. “That means definitely no power, and we can’t even check on life support systems!” She was starting to worry.

"i am now tracking multiple energy signatures, like it's spitting apart." Bonnie said as she stood from her now useless terminal. "The nearest signature is closing in on the Officers quarters." She looked Captain Kaylen in the eyes, "Remal is in that area."

Rhenora's heart clenched for an instant as she tossed up leaving the bridge and going to protect her husband from whatever was coming for him. She was needed here though, to command the Sunfire, or at least the people on board it. She tapped her combadge, not trusting the ships com system "Kaylen to Remal, something is moving towards you, an energy signature..." She wasn't sure exactly how to describe it or if he could even hear her.

Only a moment before, Remal had been working on his new seed plants to replenish his coffee bean supply and thinking about Rhen and their future. A tingling sensation had crept up his back and into his mind setting it on a singular path. "Hey baby," He said without care that it was an open communication channel. "I was just thinking about you and feeling lonely. Care to join me for a moonlit swim later, we can wear our birthday suits if you'd like."

Rhenora's eyebrows rose in an upward trajectory towards her hairline as Remal's entire persona dramatically changed. His voice was sultry over the com channel, something he would never do in public situations.

"I'm a little busy at the moment. Why don't I send someone to check and make sure you're ok?" She stammered before closing the channel and hailing security to go check on Remal. For good luck she also paged a medical team to check him over.

The creature fished around in Remal's mind, looking for information that could give it some kind of Intel as to who these people were and how they could be harnessed for energy. "I'm good." He replied to the silent channel. "Now, about that swim?" But there was no response.

Remal stood, brushed the dirt from his hands, and admired his body for a minute. "Hmm, It's been a while. This species is fresh, different, curious, and randy. So many thoughts of love, compassion, but also a rich history of death and despair." The entity said out loud to itself just before the doors opened and a pair of security personnel moved in. "Ah, more players." Remal said with a smile.



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