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Ensign Kitiuas Thenis

Name Kitiuas Thenis

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight 182 lbs (82.6 kg)
Hair Color Mahogany Red
Eye Color Blue Aster (In Orion Society her eye color makes her an erratic)
Physical Description Kitiuas "Kit" Thenis is a female Orion with a creamy, emerald green complexion. She has a curvaceous and athletic build. When on duty her hair is done up in a unity braid updo, but off duty she allows her hair to be down and flowing.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Step-father (Uncle) Lakkak Thenis, Birth father Jogam Thenis
Mother Layas Thenis
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Half-sister: Kasso Thenis (19 years old)
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kitiuas is poised, reserved, careful and responsible. Atypical for an Orion. She has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and loves dirty limericks.
She is a gourmet (especially of foods based with insects/arachnids) loves the foods: Orion wing-slug, demma, xiqai Kytherian Crab, Lokar bean, Slug liver, a medium rare steak and loaded baked potato, Vulcan mollusks sautéed in Rhombolian butter, and Irinari Drunken Insects . She disdains alcohol, but enjoys both Terran and Vulcan Mocha drinks. Loves any type of knife or small blade.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kitiuas is extremely intelligent, as her mentor (Pyllora) Lieutenant Commander Valeris (Vulcan) discovered.

She has two known phobias: Nosocomephobia (fear of hospitals and Tonitrophobia (fear of thunder).

Uses a Deltan medication to diminish her pheromonal effect (administered via small dosages in her food through custom programing of her replicator and once a month hypospray injections (at start of her menses cycle).

When she gets anxious, frustrated, or feels insecure about a situation her pheromones will waft off (though not the debilitating effects caused by her pheromones) the smell is a combination of cinnamon, roses, and vanilla with the occasional lilac thrown in when stressed.
Ambitions She desires to become a Department Head, earn her third Ph.D. (though unsure which degree program to pursue at this time). She eventually would like to become an instructor at Star Fleet Academy.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking, Dancing, Playing the Orion Mandolin, Playing Terran Drums, Listening to Old time Terran Radio shows (1930’s through the 1950’s, especially the crime, horror, action, and suspense; Tatharoc (Rigellian {Orion} karate), and Orion dancefighting.

Personal History Kitiuas had a rough early childhood, for the first five years of her life she endured a physically abusive and alcoholic father, Jogam Thenis, who enjoyed beating on both her and her mother. She was in an out of the hospital so much that she developed a phobia of hospitals (Nosocomephobia). On her fifth birthday her father beat her so had he put her into a coma for three months. When she was released back to the care of her mother from this episode of being hospitalized, her uncle swooped in and loaded her and her mother up and took them to the local space dock. There he placed them on a Federation Merchant Marine Starship, which took them to the Federation Space Station: Serengeti. It was here that she learned that her father was arrested by the Federation for smuggling and killing a Federation security officer in the altercation of being arrested. She learned that the Orion Syndicate had placed a bounty on her and her mother, believing they had betrayed her father and the ship he was an enforcer on to the Federation. With the help of her uncle, her mother was able to procure a spot on the space station to live and open a restaurant (Layas Enigma Bistro). She continued to educate Kitiuas as best she could in the ways of Orion women, she taught her such things as Orion dancefighting, cooking, dancing, playing musical instruments, and how to present and carry oneself. A year into their life on the space station her mother took in two Ferengi females who were fleeing political persecution. Being that they were both refugees and had been granted political asylum by the Federation, her mother thought it only natural she take the Ferengi women in; even though Orion’s usually disdained the Ferengi, her mother chalking this up to the Federation’s influence on her. The younger Ferengi was the daughter to the older Ferengi and was the same age as Kitiuas and they soon became fast friends. The two spent their first year together causing all kinds of mischief for the Star Fleet Security detail, especially the Female Vulcan head of Security, Lieutenant Commander Valeris. It was her that recommended to both the mothers that they enroll their daughters in the Space Stations Federation early and secondary education school.
Kitiuas struggled her first year in the formal settings of the early and secondary schooling, but Lieutenant Commander Valeris, who had taken an interest in her, soon found it was because the schools were not challenging enough for her intellect level. After she spoke to both Kitiuas’ s mother and the school administrator, Lieutenant Commander Valeris had her placed in a special Vulcan children’s learning program. Here she thrived under the rigorous teachings, quickly adapting and learning under the strict tutoring of Lieutenant Commander Valeris. She eventually went on to acquire college course credits while attending the Vulcan education program. During this period, she and her mother gained Full Federation citizenship and all the privileges associated with it. Kitiuas expressed a desire to go to Star Fleet Academy and study science. She received the endorsement and sponsorship of Lieutenant Commander Valeris, and her Uncle/Stepfather, Lakkak Thenis, also managed to get the Captain of the Federation Merchant Marine ship he severed on to also endorse and sponsorship into Star Fleet Academy.
Service Record Graduate of Star Fleet Academy: Dean's List, and Magna cum laude.

Academy Majors: Double Major in Science: Entomology/Arachnology, and Cryptozoology/Hominology
Academy Minors: Geobiology, Astrobiology, Geochronology/Thermochronology (Geologic Time), and Information Science.
She currently holds the following degrees from graduating from Star Fleet Academy:
Entomology/Arachnology - Ph.D.
Cryptozoology - MSc.D. (Doctor of Metaphysical Science)
Hominology- MSc.M (Master of Metaphysical Science )
Astrobiology (exobiology) - Master of Science
Geochronology/Thermochronology (Geologic Time)- Bachelors of Science
Computer Software Engineering- Associate of Applied Science
Information Science - Associate of Applied Science

USS Sunfire - Ensign, Science Officer