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The long walk pt2

Posted on Sat Nov 19th, 2022 @ 9:58am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant Sarah Wilson & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Commander Dean House & Lieutenant JG Blake Leone & Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & Commodore S'thenosis Gorgox & Lieutenant Alison Haldeman & Remal Kajun & Patin

Mission: Planet of the Dinosaurs
Location: Planetside
Timeline: Current

Remal walked up to Rhenora who was taking a moment on a rock. He knelt down low so that only she could hear. "That was brave of you to cross the river un aided considering your injuries. Had you fallen, you would now be half frozen to death. Though I must say, it would have made for a good laugh at the time." He chuckled at the thought before continuing. "The children are getting fussy, even under the skillful hands of the magnanimous Miss Gorgox, who I hear had four of the security team carry her across the stream. She really wasn't cut out for this was she?"

"Really?" The Captain replied, wondering if she had drifted off for a few moments whilst catching her breath. The mere thought of S'thenosis crossing a river was bizarre enough let alone four burly security officers manhandling her. Rhenora shook her head and looked at the long line snaking it's way through the fading light. It was a long walk and they had longer to go.

"I suppose what I'm trying to say is, we are halfway there. Perhaps now is a good time to take a five-minute rest. Either that or by the time we reach camp, everyone is going to be too exhausted to setup shelter." He was employing his good nature and using his warm hands, rubbing her cold legs in circular motions to convince her even she needed a break once in a while.

She smiled wearily as his hands worked their magic on her sore and swollen legs, getting the heat back into them after the frigid river. "I suppose you're right, I'm just not overly keen on having everyone parked in the middle of nowhere and larger carnivores who may possibly be nocturnal deciding we'd make an easy meal." She admitted, but he was ultimately right, fatigue was setting in, particularly in the children and the wounded. They needed a moment or two.

Aurora too was grateful for the rest, her lower body and legs were freezing thanks to not having a chance to warm up. She could barely feel her poor legs and feet, she sat to take off her shoes one at a time and give her feet a rub.

Blake stretched every muscle in her body. It was rather cold, and she too had noticed that the children and wounded were worn out. "Should I take the little charmer for you?", she asked Aurora. Blake had not been carrying a child on her. She had had 2 boys around the age of 5, and a girl around the age of 11 by her side. As they were taking a break, she pulled out 2 blankets in her bag. As she had heard that the planet was less than warm to be on. Hence, she had brought several extra blankets. It had added to what she was carrying, but it was worth it as she wrapped one around Aurora, and the 3 children by her side shared the other.

“Thank you Blake” Aurora gently handed over Sidak, before wrapping the blanket around herself to warm up. “You thought of everything, I brought along some blankets for bedding but they’re on the antigrav sled up front along with a lot of people’s bags. I’ll be glad when we make camp!”

Savar moved to Aurora after checking on some of the others. He saw Remal taking care of Rhenora. "Aurora, are you alright?" He asked as his hands went to her legs and began a rhythmic massage of them. As he did he looked over to Blake, "Lieutenant, thank you for the blanket for Aurora. How are you faring?"

Blake smiled. "It's a bit cold, but that's how the current situation is. I'm happy to help. We have to be a team", she said.

Aurora smiled as Savar warmed her up. “I’m okay, Blake has been wonderful in helping with Sidak and the children.”

Savar looked over to Blake, "I am extremely grateful to you in your assistance to Aurora and Sidak and the other children. Lieutenant. Should you need assistance, please do not hesitate to ask."

"Will do. I'm just glad to be able to help", Blake said with a smile. "As I said a little while ago. We have to work as a team. Otherwise none of us will remain alive. And I believe that that isn't that desirable", she went on.

Darkness fell as they rested by the river, the still sky coming alive with the noises of night creatures big and small. Small biting insects detected warm bodies and swarmed the crew, their bites leaving them itchy and irritated. After half an hour Rhenora gave the order to move on, hoping that they would reach the campsite before midnight.

Aurora was grateful to get moving away from the main swarm of biting insects. “Did I ever tell you I hate bugs? Especially ones that bite!”

"I do not believe that you have Aurora though I share your dislike of insects as well... especially those that bite." Savar replied while waving his hand in front of his face to ward off said insects.

As the air around the people cooled, the bugs quickly outnumbered the humanoids walking through their territory. Hotter than the surrounding air, these slow movers made for easy targets. S'thenosis radiated heat, but her scales made her impenetrable. They still annoyed her person as they swarmed her body. By the time they reached the site they would all be miserable.

Several hours later the campsite loomed before the exhausted travelers, Patin and House having done what they could to set the site up for 600 odd people. There was a fire burning merrily, and a rudimentary lean-to had already been constructed. Roasted Dino was already cooking, the smell wafting through the air like a beacon.

Aurora was feeling completely famished as the smell of food wafted her way. “Ohh my Heavens that smells good!! I can’t wait to eat!”

“You’re not the only one!” Alison Haldeman nodded in agreement as she caught up. “I suggest you get a place to by the fire before everyone else gets there first. Plus being by the fire will help keep the bugs at bay.”

"The three of you go and find yourselves places near the fire to get warm. I will join you shortly. I wish to make sure everyone made it here." Savar replied.

Rhenora busied herself making sure those most vulnerable were closest to the fire whilst giving direction to make several other fires to keep people warm and start cooking food. She spied Patin and Dean working nearby and headed over to join them despite her rumbling stomach and exhaustion.

Dean gave a glance up before they started showing up. The sounds and the banter was a give away it wasn't any other hostiles, for now. Keeping composure seeing Rhenora coming directly to them. "Captain. I'm glad you made it."

Rhenora took a moment to give Dean the once over to check for any injuries, he seemed fine after the crash. "Thanks for getting the camp started." She commented as she took in the scene before them. "This site is perfect, well, as perfect as a crashed ship and dead dinosaur campsite can be"

Patin walked up, a chunk of charred meat in her hand and a mouthful of food. "No prob' boss. Once we scared away the big ones, the rest didn't want anything to do with us." She pointed at Dean, "This one's pretty scary."

"Really now?" Rhenora raised her eyebrows, wondering just what had transpired between the two of them whilst they were doing the recon. Sooner or later she was wrong it out of Patin.

Another hour of so later most of the crew were settling down for the night. Some tents had been erected, numerous fires flickered giving off warmth and light for those who didn't have tents, and a security rotation had been arranged to ensure at least 4 people were armed and guarding the campsite at all times. Dinner had been char grilled dinosaur. Edible and somehow tasted like chicken. Snores emerged here and there as sleep caught up with the exhausted Sunfire crew and for just a moment, it was peaceful.



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