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Bridge Crew

Posted on Sun Jun 26th, 2022 @ 10:45pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Dean House & Lieutenant Ashlesha 4827/A & Ensign Kitiuas Thenis & Commodore S'thenosis Gorgox & Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun

Mission: New Harrington
Location: Bridge

It was times like this when Ashlesha was glad there were three of her. While Gray stayed on the bridge and answered directly to the captain Green made the rounds about the transporter rooms, using a tricorder to insure each and every part was functioning. Transporters weren't meant to be used this often without calibration and overhauling. She felt it was only a matter of time before one was going to give out. If that happened they would have to rely on the cargo transporters. And if they gave out...

She grimaced. People would drown, people would die.

Thenis was getting more frustrated as she tried to dig down to the answer of who was responsible for creating the weather system that was malfunctioning, she also discovered that all the technical and blue print data seemed to have disappeared. Hearing the captain wanted an update on the data from the probes she did a quick check. She got another surprise the cyclone was already at sustained winds of 305km/h (190 mph) and a sea-level pressure of 870 hPa (25.69 inHg) but seemed to be getting even stronger. She turned and reported her findings “Captain the probe shows that the cyclone is already at sustained winds of 305km/h (190 mph) and a sea-level pressure of 870 hPa (25.69 inHg) and seems to be getting stronger with every 25 rotation of the storm. Also I am unable to uncover who was responsible for designing the weather control system or for that matter the technical and blueprints of the weather control system in our ships library.” The scent of cinnamon, roses, vanilla, and now lilac wafting off her.

"Hem, sound like the weather systems are picking up intensity." The Captain replied from the centre chair, concern etched across her features. "How are the relocations going? Will we get everyone out in time?" There was a hopefully edge there.

"We are keeping up," Ashlesha replied without looking away from her screens, "Problem is people are, well, largely ignorant and have a talent for throwing themselves in harm's way."

She wished Thenis could do something about her pheromones as they were becoming steadily more distracting. Pausing, she turned to the Orion and asked, "Whom down there would have copies of those blueprints? And someone must know who designed it? I-"

Down in transporter room two a warning light glared. Cursing, Green tapped her comm badge, "Back up team, fire up the cargo transporter, we are sending you coordinates!" up on the bridge Gray reported, "Transporter room two is down temporarily, Captain. Handling it."

,"Good work, let's keep those evacuations going as long as we can before the storm catches up" the Captain continued, watching the storm start to bear down towards one of the larger cities. "How many people are in that city"

Remal had been in transporter room two before it went down, helping where he could. They were essentially mass transporting people from one location on the planet surface to another with a small pause in between. He was there to help with any disorientation people were experiencing. He almost felt his services would be better served planetside, but then there were so many people. He tapped his badge in response to Rhenora's question. "Approximately 150000 people were in that city. We have moved almost half. I'm heading to the cargo bay Captain." Then he closed the channel and left Ashlesha to work on the transporter.

Ashlesha Green was already unzipping her tunic as she gave Remal a nod. She undid the panel at the base of the transporter pad and grimaced when she smelled something unpleasant.

On the bridge Gray had been about to say something when the chief's voice came over the coms. She smiled wryly at the Captain and replied, "What they said. I will let everyone know when transporter two is online but something literally does not smell right so I'm not sure how long it will be. I will be quick about it."

As she got more comfortable being on the bridge Thenis’s pheromones began to lessen and the smell of cinnamon, roses, vanilla, and now lilac slowly started to diminish. She began looking at the data she was receiving, she now had this cyclone down to five ground base weather control systems and their respective satellites. She located each ones Latitude and longitude: Station one: Latitude 45.08903556, Longitude: 128.671875; Station two: Latitude 41.24477234, Longitude -124.23339844; Station three: Latitude 37.0200982, Longitude -117.29003906; Station four: Latitude 34.30714386, Longitude -113.15917969; and Station five: Latitude 27.68352808, Longitude -113.15917969. It was like they were acting as a magnet and drawing the storm towards there location, all the while adding to its strength. She turned and stated ”Captain, I have located the weather stations that seem to be responsible for this cyclone.” She then turned and superimposed them on the screen with their respective coordinates.

Gray paused to glance at the forward screen before reluctantly returning her attention to her own consoles. She asked aloud, "Could this be deliberate? Terrorism? Could someone remotely activate and control those stations?" She wished she knew more about the local political situation...

Rhenora listened to the theories as they were tossed around the bridge. As a whole they were keeping up with the storm, getting people out of the way just in time and relocating them. "Keep an eye on those transporters Ashlesha, we can't afford for them to go down" there was a twisting in her gut as the situation in transporter room two was highly fluid. If that transporter went down or began to malfunction, it would hamper their rescue efforts.

"As for if it was deliberate, we'll know more when the away team investigates the master weather station. There could be any number of reasons why it's malfunctioning so badly." Her words were cut off by a call from the Governer.

""Captain, we thank you for everything you have done, but our city is at breaking point. We can't handle any more people. The hospitals are at capacity, we have no more large spaces to accommodate anyone! I don't know what to do!" The words were bordering on panicking.

"Governor, we need to send these people somewhere, is there another city, another open space not affected by the current..issues?" It was a fair enough question. She could see through the window behind the other leader they were coping one heck of a storm. The rain almost looked horizontal.

The Govenor paused "send them to Anesh, in the southern hemisphere, I believe they are having a heatwave there but at least it won't be raining. I will let them know"

The screen returned to the overlay of New Harrington, different icons showing flooding, heat, wind and other discordant weather. Rhenora rotated the image to shown Anesh, the southern continent. It seemed parched, the land aching with its thirst, all flora withered and brown. Wildfires had begun in the eastern region of the continent. It seemed far from ideal.

Thenis began doing the necessary research on the ground weather stations and their respective satellites, she again was able to pinpoint the five stations responsible for the current weather conditions around Anesh. She designated these six through ten. Station six: Latitude -25.33409668, Longitude 493.70498657; Station seven Latitude -28.45903302, Longitude 498.40576172; Station eight: Latitude -25.8394494, Longitude 504.60205078; Station nine: Latitude -21.77990534, Longitude 505.39306641; and Station ten: Latitude -20.87934297, Longitude 497.83447266. She superimposed this on the screen and turned to the captain “Sir, I have found these five weather stations as being responsible for the abnormal weather in this sector of the planet.”

The doors parted and a tall-haired, figure entered the bridge. Her chest scales were puffed out as though she were on a mission, but as S'thenosis moved around behind the Captain, her pace slowed. The scene before her was a familiar one, the destruction of natural disasters immediately hit home. It was Coralee all over again. If she had ever held a moment of sadness upon her face, this was that moment.

" Those 5 weather stations, would be under the control of the master orbital station? Or do you think they could be functioning outside of the network?" Rhenora asked, different possibilities running through her mind. She needed to get more aid to Anesh, lots of people were going to be beamed there until that city too filled up, or melted, or caught fire. All of which was not only possible but probable. " Keep an eye on those fires, let me know when they get to within 50 kilometres of the city"

Casting an eye over she noticed S'Thenosis on the bridge, with a sad expression on her face. " Remind you of anything?" The Captain ask sagely. This wasn't the first time in the Sunfire's life they'd been tasked to natural disaster assistance. The Planet of Coralee was suffering horrible flooding when the Sunfire came to assist, and Rhenora's home province on Bajor suffered terrible wild fires several years ago, her crew on the ground including herself barely escaping with their lives.

Refocusing on the Captain "Indeed Captain. However if I recall Coralee was eventually determined to be a man made ecological disaster while this appears, at least on the surface, to be natural." Her poise and position did not move, ever rigid, ever stoic.

" That may be the case here, we don't know yet. The planet is in crisis" The words were filled with a heaviness the Captain had seen and felt several times before. " If we don't get this sorted, quickly, many will die. There's no way we can evacuate an entire planet."

"I am curious," Ashlesha inquired, "When you say the disaster was caused by people, was it intentional or the result of decades of short-sightedness and poor planning?"

" Deliberate actions by one group on the planet - to eradicate another" Rhenora replied sagely, looking to S'Thenosis for confirmation - it had been many years since they had discussed the planetary flooding of Coralee.

S'thenosis gave a simple nod, "The wealthy were attempting to eradicate the poor in order to live on man-made islands. Ultimately, their crass, oligarchic ways only served as their own downfall." She inhaled as if to remove a bad taste then refocused. "Captain, I came to question you about the hearing, and to serve a reminder it is but one week away. However, I can see the matter at hand is one of more importance and therefore will 'bow out' as they say. Unless you need my services as a diplomat, I shall return to my studies until we have a chance with which to chat once more." She nodded gracefully once more, showing a softer, more understanding figure than one Rhenora had ever seen.

"Thank you, Commodore, I shall seek you out once things are under control, or if your services are required" the Bajoran Captain replied with a bid of respect.

The Commodore bowed her head, turned with a whisp, and glided off the bridge without a look or sound to anyone else.

Ensign Thenis was again concentrating hard and working diligently at the science console trying to track whether the main master orbital weather station was sending the data stream or if the individual satellites were malfunctioning. She concentrated on the data stream and immediately shut down her station. The data stream from the master orbital weather station was corrupt and tried to ride a code to the Sunfire, she was positive it did not succeed but now knew the answer for the captain. She turned and addressed the captain “Captain, it appears the master orbital weather station is sending out corrupt data to the satellites. It even attempted to send the data to the Sunfire. I believe I cut the connection in time to prevent any damage to our systems.”

This raised the Captain's concern greatly. If the master orbital weather platform was sending the wrong data to the other stations, and then tried to infiltrate the Sunfire, it bode far worse than she had anticipated.

"Can you decipher the data, find out what it was trying to do?" She asked, heading over to the science console.

The communication chimed in, "I can assist with that Captain." Bonnie said as she took her seat at the Orbital platform computer. "Just give me two shakes." The away team had arrived and was beginning deployment in the station's operational center.

"Bonnie, our sensors show the shields have been raised around the platform, is that your doing?" The Captain asked through the comm. "Mr House, can you find a way around those shields?"

Bonnie made to respond but all she got was static. There was a sudden, reactionary feedback to the communications system that clearly wasn't present only moments before. The station's shields were not of her doing and neither was the communication blackout. With her resolve kicking in she set to work. She'd be a damn sore loser if she didn't get ahead of whatever this was.

Ashlesha glanced over at the Captain and said, "Sir, lieutenant...Val? Aurora. She said she is sensing something over there, a presence of some sort. We are working on getting the shields down over there."

Thenis shunted the small bit of code she had captured to an isolated section of the science station then cut off all access to that section from the systems of the ship, she did not want the code to jump and infect the ship. She then opened the code and began to analysis it. The code was strange, it was tri-helix with both artificial and natural encoding. It was a chloroplast tri-helix cell chain containing nanonite chlorophyllin. She continued her observations and trying to decipher it as she gave her report to the captain, "Captain, the code appears to be a synthetic living code. It is a chloroplast tri-helix cell chain containing nanonite chlorophyllin."

The Captain snapped around quizzically, "In Human speak for those of us less familiar with whatever it was you just said Ensign." She suggested with a friendly smile.

Thenis turned to the captain and tried to formulate her answer, "This code is similar in nature to the Borg nanoprobes. The difference being that the code is based off of a synthetic chloroplast, plant cells, the internal substance is a composition of synthetic nanonite chlorophyllin in a Tri-helix formation, compared to the Double-helix of human DNA. This combination makes for a very dangerous and difficult code to crack. I know it is above my abilities, we are going to need an expert on computers and computer coding. Does this explain it better Captain?"



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