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Lieutenant Ashlesha 4827/A

Name Ashlesha 4827/A

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 175cm
Weight 58kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green/Purple/Gray
Physical Description Ashlesha is an attractive woman of principally Indian descent, she has bronze skin and thick brown hair often worn in a bun or pony tail and possesses a moderately athletic build. She is seldom seen out of uniform and when seen in uniform it is virtually impeccable.

Aurora has a cyan tattoo on the back of each left hand denoting her name and designation.


Other Family Ashlesha possesses numerous biological clone "sisters" ranging in age from children to the elderly.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ashlesha is an insular person, one who does not make friends well or easily. Coming from a society of clones where one could always rely upon your "siblings", Aurora was denied that opportunity and it has affected her world view, making her unconsciously feel the only person she can really rely upon is herself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ashlesha is loyal to Starfleet but she does question some of it's core beliefs. She feels the Prime Directive is moral cowardice, that the Federation could be doing so much more. At the same time she also has a distrust of bureaucracy and faceless organizations, seeing as such groups were responsible for her creation.

Aurora likes order in her life; everything about her is in its proper place, from her uniform to her work space.
Ambitions Ashlesha would ultimately like to become a starship designer, to create the next generation of Starfleet vessels. She has already fielded ideas for new model shuttles and runabouts and has been in correspondence with other engineers.

However recently her last commanding officer has suggested perhaps command would be a potential career track for her...
Hobbies & Interests Ashlesha loves to read, especially historical texts. Because of this she is a font of obscure facts and knowledge regarding a wide variety of subjects. If she is not reading she is watching documentaries. She distrusts the holodeck and if asked with cite numerous case studies regarding it's many dangers, both physical and psychological.

Ashlesha is no expert at the astro sciences although she does have a bit more than a passing interest due in no small part to her background.

Aslesha likes to design model space craft on the computer, then hand carve and paint them from blocks of plastic. While some of her designs seem grounded in real world engineering principles other times she will let her imagination fly and create more fantastic designs.

Ashlesha is interested in all fields of engineering, both modern and ancient. A trip to Earth's Greenfield village was quite an experience when she fell in love with ancient mechanized farming equipment and trains.

Personal History The planet Lyonesse had been discovered centuries ago by a curious band of colonists who fled Earth and the new formed Federation. Believing in its own core values regarding societal engineering, they believed that cloning was the future regarding the ascendancy of Humanity as a whole. To them the various races that had been encountered by humans in many ways physically and/or mentally superior; it would take perfecting the species in new and unique ways to maintain an advantage beyond merely out-breeding them all.

The planet Lyonesse had been discovered by scouts just prior to the Romulan war, a system consisting of a small sun and a dozen unremarkable planets, hidden largely by large, dirty nebula, a sister sun that never formed but also granting the settlers a measure of privacy for many decades to come as colonization branched elsewhere. Soon the colony thrived, burrowing into the planet rather than up. Thousands of clones were soon raised, a society was formed, it thrived.

Then the Federation finally found the Lyonesseans. Neither side was entirely happy about it. The Lyonesseans found the Federation to be unwanted busy bodies, and the Federation found the Lyonesseans to be xenophobic and in some ways socially backwards. Despite this cooler and farther thinking heads on both sides prevailed and an embassy space station was set up overhead.

It was into this situation that Ashlesha was born. Ashleshas were space scientists, astronomers, astrophysicists. It was an occupation not in high demand on a world where the government was trying to insure its people remain hidden but the Ashleshas did have their uses. In the case of Ashlesha 4827/A she and other clones were made part of an experiment. Using science provided to them from a secret source, Ashlesha was born as one mind inhabiting three bodies.

Ashlesha was kept in various facilities where her nature was studied and tested, over time as she grew near adulthood she had noticed how other similar test subjects simply...disappeared. And then one day she discovered the existence of the Federation and Starfleet above. It took a year of careful planning but she executed an escape using equipment she had painstakingly cobbled together from various odds and ends over months of trial and error. Once free she used a jammer to disable the tracers in her bodies and employed a map to find her way to the most common beam down point for Starfleet personnel. She found a staff member, an Andorian captain named Th'ataahler who realized beaming the Ashleshas up would be a diplomatic nightmare.

Captain Ruq Th'ataahler, survivor of numerous engagements with Cardassians forces, who had sustained numerous wounds in battle and survived, whose idea of diplomacy was a charged phaser on her hip "just in case", did not hesitate for a second to grant asylum. A cursory examination of the young women revealed tracers as well as explosive devices. Furthermore the quantum relationship between the three bodies bore some disturbing similarities to a Borg hive.

So the question was, how did an insular society somehow develop the technology to mirror the Borg. The answer was, they could not have. It was a mystery that Starfleet Intelligence was eager to discover, especially since the experiments had to have begun decades before The Enterprise D encountered the Borg. But these were questions Ashlesha could not answer and a mystery she was too busy to pursue; she had a different destiny.

Captain Th'ataahler sponsored Ashlesha's application to Starfleet Academy. Despite her intelligence and studious nature it was rough going for much of her time; life on Lyonesse had been one surrounded by humans, and humans who shared a limited number of faces. The sheer diversity of races and cultures was overwhelming to her. After the first year she almost quit in frustration. Fortunately despite herself Ashlesha did make a few friends and over time they were able to aid her through the most difficult parts of Academy life. She even engaged in her first romantic encounters although they were largely confusing and frustrating.

Over the years on several ships Ashlesha impressed her superiors with her diligence and intelligence as well as her willingness to endure whatever trials she needed to overcome to achieve assignment in Engineering.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
Ensign, USS Resilient, assigned to numerous departments
lt. jg, USS Venture assigned to Operations
lieutenant, assigned to Utopia Planetia
lieutenant, USS Bellepheron, assigned to Engineering, later promoted to CEO
lieutenant, COO, USS Sunfire