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Making Up is Fun to Do

Posted on Sun Jun 26th, 2022 @ 1:21pm by Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: *CD*
Location: Savar's Office

OOC: Warning of adult behaviour in this post. NO explicit content included.


Savar was on his way to his office, that is the executive's officer's office. With Rhenora back onboard and resuming her rightful position as captain, he was back in his office. He needed to go over some routine housekeeping reports but his focus drifted as he thought of Aurora and the hurt feelings on both their parts over his actions in punishing her with a temporary reduction in rank. He desperately wished to arrive at solution to as the humans say mend fences and make everything right again with Aurora.

Aurora had arrived at Savar’s office ahead of him, she knew he’d be back soon so she’d let herself in, and was sat on the sofa awaiting his return. She had an apology to make.

Arriving at his office, he entered and stopped short seeing Aurora sitting on the couch. "Aurora." He greeted his wife. "Is something wrong?"

Aurora stood up offering a smile. “No, nothing is wrong Savar. I wanted to see you.” She walked across to him. “I owe you an apology my husband, I have been unfair. I am sorry!”

A confused look appeared on Savar's face, "An apology?" He questioned as he took Aurora's hand and together they sat on the sofa. "I am afraid I do not understand."

Alicia offered an understanding nod. “I was angry with you for my punishment. The reduction in rank kind of stung, and I took it out on you when I shouldn’t have!” She held onto his hands as she smiled. “I see now how unfair I was. You were just doing your job, as Officers our personal lives don’t come into it.”

Savar shook his head even as his hands continued to hold hers. "Aurora, you had every reason to be upset. Your rank is a source of pride to you as it should be and I took that pride away. Something I continue to regret, for hurting you is something I never want to do."

“Well you did say it was a temporary rank reduction, it’s not like it’s permanent!” Aurora offered a smile. “I don’t like feeling your sadness, and hurt Savar. I want us to be happy again, we’re having a baby! It’s a time to celebrate not be sad.”

"You are my wife and my world. I do not like seeing you upset at anytime but especially because of a decision I make." He continued on. "You are correct Aurora, we are having a child. It is indeed a time to celebrate."

Aurora smiled as she leant in closer giving Savar a loving kiss. One that soon became a whole lot more passionate.

Savar was about to reply but Aurora's kiss become even more passionate and he felt himself replying in kind to her advances.

Aurora could feel the effect she was having on Savar. She smiled as she pulled back long enough to teasingly start to undress, quickly discarding her clothes she took his hand leading him across to his desk. “Computer...lock doors.” She waited for the acknowledgement before sitting on the edge of his desk. “ I to get punished for this?” Her fingers quickly moved to help him undress.

Savar felt his passion and desire for Aurora mounting with each passing second. Before he was even aware she was nude before him and she was quickly helping him to remove his clothes. "I am not sure what the appropriate punishment would be Aurora, after all we are married."

“Indeed we are” Aurora smiled as she reached for the buckle of Savar’s trousers, it didn’t take long until he was as naked as she was. “Hmm now what?” She grinned a wry grin as she cleared a space on his desk behind her.

"Indeed Aurora, now what?" Savar threw the questioned back at her even though he knew what Aurora had in mind. One did not need to be able to read minds to know.

Aurora grinned as she wrapped her arms around Savar’s neck, and kissed him passionately. Gently pulling him closer, and down onto the desk atop of her.

Savar reacted in-kind as he kissed Aurora passionately on the lips, throat and neck, all while she pulled him down atop her. His desire and passion growing with each passing second.

Aurora encouraged Savar in every way, they didn’t have time for slow love making, it was more mad, and crazy passionate. If they were caught in this compromising position they would both be in deep trouble.

Savar responded in kind. Logic, order discipline were pushed aside and all that was left was raw emotion. The emotion of passionate and all-consuming love he felt for Aurora. He kissed her with a wild abandon as they rushed to finish this wild ride they had undertaken.

Savar’s desk had never had such a novel use before, but it was getting one now. Aurora was keeping her voice low, feeding what she was feeling through her bond with Savar as he pushed her rapidly towards a passionate climax.

Savar was passionate yet relentless. He was like a machine as Aurora spoke to him in seductive whispers that inflamed his desire for her and pushed them both towards an inevitable conclusion to their love making.

Aurora bit her lip to avoid crying out as Savar drove her over the edge, her fingers digging into his skin as she held onto him.

It was if Savar was in the grips of Pon'farr again. All that existed was Aurora. all he desired was Aurora. Nothing else mattered. His focus was completely on her. He was vaguely aware of Aurora's fingernails digging into his skin, but it was of no consequence as all that mattered was pleasing her.

Aurora held more gently onto Savar, whispering just what she knew would bring him to his point of climax. She knew just what turned him on, and she put it to good use.

He heard the words Aurora whispered, felt her love and desire for him and it spurred him on as he controlled the urge to scream in ecstasy.

Aurora smiled as her words had the desired effect, they didn’t normally rush their love making, but this was an encounter she was enjoying very much.

Through the bond they shared, Savar could feel Aurora's enjoyment at their love making despite the accelerated process of their current session.

Aurora smiled as she lay back on Savar’s desk breathing heavily. She’d never once made love on a desk before, it had turned out to be very stimulating. Maybe it was the thrill of being naughty, knowing there was a small risk of being caught. Whatever it was she was enjoying it immensely.

Savar felt Aurora's enjoyment through their shared bond and it greatly pleased him. He knew she found it stimulating and he had to admit it was quite different then what they were both accustomed to. For himself, he found it most satisfying.

“I think we’d best get dressed, don’t you?” Aurora grinned as she gave Savar another passionate kiss. “If I stay any longer I’ll be tempting you into a whole lot more.”

"A wise and prudent idea Aurora, I quite agree." Savar then arched an eyebrow at her statement of tempting him more. "Indeed? I am most curious to see what else you can tempt me with Aurora. Perhaps another time." He suggested.

“Just you wait until tonight!” Aurora grinned as she moved off the desk, and quickly started dressing. She needed to make sure there was no sign of what had occurred, which meant tidying Savar’s desk as well. “Do I look presentable? Is my hair tidy?”

"I am already anticipating the evening's activities." Savar quipped as he looked at Aurora even as he too got dressed. "You look quite presentable which is to say you look most satisfactory Aurora. Your uniform is properly on. your hair is as you say tidy." Even as he said it, Savar was running a hand through her hair, so no hairs were standing up or out of place which would bring attention to Aurora. "How do I look? Am I presentable?"

Aurora smiled as she gave her husband’s uniform a quick once over, before returning the favour with his hair. “You look perfect Imzadi. Now as far as anyone is concerned, we were having a private discussion.” She grinned. “Honestly call it pregnancy hormones, but I feel invigorated!”

"Thank you Aurora. I can always rely on you. It was a private discussion on a most personal and intimate level which is of no concern to anyone else." Savar answered evenly. "I am also pleased you feel so invigorated."

Aurora smiled. “I love you Imzadi.”

Aurora's words lifted him up, They filled his heart with happiness. Freeing it from the despair he had felt over their strained relationship. He smiled at her as he said the next words. "I love you Aurora. Now and for all time."



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