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Danger Will Robinson!

Posted on Mon Apr 22nd, 2024 @ 10:14am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Jenna Ramthorne & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Commander Dean House & Lieutenant Commander Thriss Kla'ren & Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & Lieutenant Commander Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell

Mission: Lost in Space
Location: Unknown
Timeline: Current

Well that was just peachie keen. The one day he's late for other means, some more stupid crap happens. But of course it did, this was the Sunfire! Shaking his head, Dean finally managed to get to the Bridge after the power went nuts and he had to climb four decks. Being presumptuous he blurted out, "Report!"

The lights were out as the ship had lost all main power, occasionally a console flickered, casting the bridge in an every glow for a moment before dying again. Several crew were struggling back to their stations, still unsure of what hit them of it it was coming back.

"Main computer is offline, ops, tactical, life support all functioning on emergency power. " The junior Ops officer announced as her console sputtered to life for a few moments.

Her hands danced over her console, even as she reported, "Navigation offline, helm control is at a minimum, thrusters only. Trying to get a fix on our location and surroundings." Jenna had fought the eddy or whatever it was that had moved the ship without her permission and now it was her goal to keep them from hitting a rock or planet. She could not allow her first mission back to end in a crash.

Bonnie's voice sounded over the comm, indicating communications were online, "Communications are working on emergency power. Computer CORE is on standby until main power is restored. Long range sensors are offline, but short range sensors should be online... now." She reported just as the sensor array came online and began reporting localized details.

Commander Jennifer Baldric emerged from the Ready Room onto the darkened bridge. A trickle of blood ran down her hairline where she'd been tossed against the desk but otherwise she seemed unharmed.
"Should have expected something like this" She grumbled, referring to the Sunfire's ability to seek out trouble and plow headlong into it. It was one of the reasons why she liked this ship so much though.
"All stop, if you can. Find out where we are" She barked, heading straight for the command chair.

Aurora had been sitting in her seat when all hell had broken loose, getting up from where she’d been tossed she held her uniform sleeve against her head stemming the minor blood loss from where she’d hit it. “What in the hell just happened?”

"Aye, all stop. Or, at least we should be. Sensors are showing a forward pull at the rate of 1000 kilometers per second, as if we are being pulled along a slow moving stream." Jenna attempted to compensate by reversing thrust, "Attempting to reverse thrust." The ship suddenly and violently shook.

Savar rose from the deck and made his way tohis chair. A goose egg on his forehead and a cut on his cheek from where green blood seeped.. "I believe we are moving faster than 1000 kilometers per second."

"We need sensors" Baldric replied as she looked towards the rear of the bridge. " Any luck?" She asked Bonnie who had promised that the short range sensors would be online soon.

Uninjured, Bonnie was feverously working on her console which periodically sparked. "Sensors, are, online." She reported. "However, without the computer core, the data being reported makes no sense. None of the stars are where they should be. It's distorted somehow, like looking at the universe through a fun house mirror." She applied a metaphor.

The dark emergency lighting flickered again before stabilizing in a dark red glow. Baldric looked around for Captain Kaylen, who had been in the chair when they'd been rolled. The older woman was sitting against the bulkhead on the side of the bridge with a young ensign hovering nearly with a tricorder and medkit.

"Bridge to Sickbay, I know you're probably snowed, but we have injured up here" Baldric called, hoping the internal communications were working.

"You and everyone else. We'll get someone there as soon as we can" Dr Wilson echoed, almost drowned out by the chaos in sickbay.

"Do what you can" Jennifer signed off and rose from the chair to approach Bonnie, knowing the Sunfire needed a Captain right now if they were going to get out of this mess. Kaylen was conscious, but still seated and waved off a concerned look.

Without indication the bridge lighting came back to full, the emergency power returning to a normal state. There was an audible noise as the power throughout the ship was restored, a clear indication of the efforts of the engineering department. Bonnie reported, "Main power buss resorted, computer CORE is online and responding. Sensors..." She turned and looked at the main view screen and was rewarded with their first look at the universe beyond. "... are online?"

"An accurate and correct statement Bonnie." Savar replied as he looked at the image on the main viewscreen.

Aurora frowned. “We’re not where we should be...are we?”

"We're not where we were" Baldric replied safely, looking at the stars on the viewscreen. "Where we actually are though?"

" I agree. The question then remains where are we? Are sensors able to determine as to where we are?" Savar asked Bonnie or anyone who cared to answer.

Down in Main Engineering everything was in a chaotic state. The warp core was down as was impulse. The only form of propulsion at the moment were the thrusters. The transwarp drive was it's own battle and unfortunately at the moment, the engineering staff's attention needed to start with the warp core and impulse drives, as well as the rest of the major systems of the Akira class starship.

Despite things being chaotic, everyone was working at their best. Thriss was current laying down under the core to examine the internal and physical damage. While in the compartment, he tapped his badge. "Kla'ren to bridge."

"Glad to hear you voice Chief" Baldric replied, turning her attention to the main viewscreen that was showing a distorted image from the short range sensors. "We'd appreciate some extra power up here when you have a minute" she quipped, knowing full well the Engineering team would be working full tilt to already rectify the situation. "What's your status?"

Thriss slid out of the compartment and got up off of the ground and starting towards the center console in the engineering hall. "Glad to hear yours too Commander" he arrived at the console and began running more diagnostics. "Warp core is offline. Status on the transwarp drive is unknown. Impulse is offline. Other major systems have been damaged or have lost power. Some are already coming back. I'm sending as much power that I can afford to the bridge now."

"We appreciate your efforts Chief, keep at it" Baldric replied and retook the centre seat. Hopefully soon they would have some answers.



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