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Commander Jenna Ramthorne

Name Jenna Lee Ramthorne

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Second Position Mission Advisor

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Alpha Centurion - Augment Mix
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 85lbs
Hair Color Red-Violet
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Jenna has always been slightly taller than her closest friends. She has an abnormal pigment to her hair color even for the native Alpha Centari population. You'll often see her hair pulled back in a ponytail, in order to keep it out of her face when flying. Her skin tone is slightly tan and well-toned, except for a small scattering of freckles just under her eyes. She is relatively skinny but deceptively strong.
A few years ago she lost her baby during a fight with a Cardassian named Fubar. The subsequent depression caused her to lose weight and darkened the area around her eyes slightly.


Spouse Vic Weller (Seperated)
Children None
Father Lt. Commander David Ramthorne (Deseased)
Mother Leeanne Rae Ramthorne (Incarcerated)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None left alive

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jenna, born 2358, is the only child and has lived a hard childhood. Raised by her Mother after her Father died in the Cardassian wars circa 2359, Jenna has grown up emotionally
hard and often secludes herself from others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Performance-wise she is a gifted pilot, capable of performing stunts most others bow away from. Personally, she is head-strong and stubborn often fading butting heads with her Captian whom she has the utmost respect for. Both smart and strong capable of lifting almost three times her own weight, she has split-second reflexes. Nine years of training at Starfleet allowed her to master several fields of study.
Ambitions She dislikes most men in general. She seeks only to show how good of a pilot she can be. Her resent troubles with Starfleet Command have left her wanting to prove herself once more. Placed in a state of probation and reduced in rank, she has a long road ahead.
Hobbies & Interests She dislikes Cardassians and most men in general. She seeks only to show how good of a pilot she can be. Secretly she seeks one Cardassian in particular, Gul Fubar.
Languages Terran, Klingon, Federation Standard

Personal History Everyone has a story. This is Jenna Ramthorne's.

** When Jenna was only two years old her father left her and her mother on Alpha Centauri Prime while he went off to fight in the first Federation­Cardassian Confict. It was a difficult separation for them, but a necessary one. When news reached home that Lt. Commander David Ramthorne had been lost during the mission, Jenna's mother Leeanne Ramthorne grieved briefly then vowed her revenge.
She spent the next sixteen years altering her daughter genetically, training her physically and preparing her mentally for revenge she could not personally exact. For Jenna, it was a rough fourteen years filled not only with training but also abuse and at least one attempted rape when she was eight, at the hands of the local boys. This would not be the last time men would attempt to take advantage of her. At sixteen Jenna rebelled against her mother who sought fit to give the young girl a set of custom made phase pistols and a suitcase of detonation devices for her sixteenth birthday. Jenna left home and joined Starfleet where she thought she would be safe from her mother's meddling.
Nine years passed during which her mother left Alpha Centauri, went undercover and discovered the man she believed was responsible for David's death, a man by the name of Gul Fubar. By this time the war was over and the internment camps had all been disbanded or so the Federation was led to believe. Leeanne supposedly found a camp, still in operation on Cardassia Prime, run by the same man she had fought so hard to kill. She managed to get close, but never close enough to finish the job. She even managed to sleep with one of the guards to get information before stabbing him to death.

Jenna meanwhile had graduated Starfleet Academy three times over and received her posting to the USS Sunfire. During the maiden voyage, Jenna proved herself as an accomplished pilot but also discovered she had an emotional flaw. When her body pumps more adrenaline or she gets overly emotional, her senses become more heightened to the point that she can out
strategize and out-think the ships' computer. If she is injected with a neural suppressant though it could have dire consequences.
After the Sunfire's maiden mission to Frienze IV, Leeanne found her daughter on Earth and delivered the news of the slave camp to her. Jenna also learned from her mother that some of the mental work to prepare her involved a series of memories, either covered up or implanted in her mind by a Vulcan mind master, only to be unlocked later by certain events or keywords. At this news Jenna rebelled again, vowing to never speak to her mother again. That night while in a Neural­Holosuite in Chicago, a man approached her in the park and shot her in the abdomen with what turned out to be a real bullet. This bullet was later discovered to contain three sets of ancient Cardassian glyphs that when read would unlock pieces of Jenna's mind.

Jenna worked with Lt. Amante, the former communications officer of the Sunfire, and Vic Weller to unlock the hidden meaning. Amante started with a single glyph and focused all of her attention on the words inscribed inside the glyph. "Duty over all things: duty to family, duty to friends and fellow citizens, and duty to the state." She said dryly. "Does that make much sense to you?" Jenna shook her head then closed her eyes. Something clicked. She instantly saw an image of her father. He had just come in from the dusty air in his uniform. He was picking her up. His face made her happy just to be held. Then Jenna heard her mothers' voice ask, "Why must you go David? Why now? Jenna's only two and what happens if you don't return?" "It's my duty Leeanne. I go to defend the Federation, you know that." "Duty! Is that all you care about? What about the duty to your family and your friends?" Leeanne Ramthorne was crying now as was Jenna both baby and adult.

Fast forward several missions and Jenna had learned to control her emotions, essentially giving her heightened reflexes so long as she pauses to clear her mind and focus. As they enter an area known as the Boneyards Jenna digs up information regarding the USS Gettysburg, her father's ship. The mission David Ramthorne was sent on was a dangerous one that would eventually lead to his torture and then supposed death at the hands of a Gul by the name of Fubar. Below is a classified transcript of the mission and logs from both the captain and the second officer, David Ramthorne.

USS Gettysburg ­ NCC­3890
Captain Mark Jameson
First Officer Destiny Red
Second Officer Lt. Commander David Ramthorne
Mission: Cardassian Infiltration to Torva in the Dorvan Sector
Brief: It is believed that a handful of Federation citizens are being held as bait on Torva by the Cardassian Union for the purposes of tricking the Federation into violating the Demilitarized zone. This mission will involve a two-part distraction and extraction.
The Gettysburg will rendezvous with a Cardassian battle cruiser Near Dorvan. Commander Ramthorne and a team of commandos will take a shuttle and infiltrate Torva for the purpose of extracting our citizens.
Captain Log: It has now been three days since the scheduled pickup of the shuttle carrying Commander Ramthorne and his crew. There has been no word. I now face a choice of whether to force my hand and enter Cardassian space or count them as a loss. This is one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make as a captain. Commander Ramthorne Personal Log: We are about to land on Torva. The route had to be adjusted do to unforeseen patrols in the area. We have located the structure supposedly
holding our fellow citizens; however the force holding them is more than we had figured before. If anyone receives this voice transmission, please tell my wife and loving daughter that I love them. End Log.

After reading this log and the following message from a Cardassian captain Jenna slipped once again into a memory that did not belong to her. There was one final record given. It was a message from the captain of the Cardassian battleship one week after the shuttle was lost. A soul that seeks death will most surely find it. Jenna read those words and her eyes closed as she pictured her fathers face again. Something clicked inside her head and she found herself inside a dream once again. This time the edges
of the vision were cloudy, almost hazy as though they were not her memories. She looked up from a position o her knees. Bright lights shone down on her naked body. But it wasn't her, it was a man's body. She looked right and caught a reflection in the shine of the floor. The reflection looking back was that of her father. A hand struck her across the face and she spat blood out onto the shiny floor. "Tell me what I want to hear." Upon looking up she discovered the face of a Cardassian looking down at her. Without control she spat blood into that face staring back.
He smugly wiped his face, chuckled a small bit, pulled out a dagger of Cardassian design and cut her throat. It wasn't her throat though, but suddenly she couldn't breath. Jennas eyes shot open as she choked back the bile and blood that was really filling her mouth. The memory or vision or whatever that was had seemed so real that her body had really convulsed blood.

After they left the Boneyards the Sunfire enjoyed a small break before being lured away again by a rogue Klingon cruiser. Unbeknownst to Jenna and the crew, the Klingons were sent by Leeanne Ramthorne as a ruse to keep her daughter on track. The planet they were lead to was Canis III, a civilization comprised of Canine Humanoids. The planet itself was protected by an orbital satellite system designed to destroy incoming asteroids, instead, it brought down the Sunfire.
As the mystery dissolved Jenna discovered a small cell of Cardassians on Canis, including one man that was on her hit list of five men. Glinn Fritas was second in Command on Canis III.and served as lead researcher of the Canid Rabids. He previously served as a former Glinn under Gul Fubar. ­ Number 5 on the hit list and now deceased.
This was the first indication that Jenna's life was not her own, but controlled by her mother.

Confirmation of this came after the Sunfire expertly put out a massive firestorm on Bajor and stopped would-be assassin Xeno from killing Rhenora and Laria on DS9. Jenna's mother along with two other men kidnapped her using a dream induction machine. The dream machine implanted the final battle of the Gettysburg and put Jenna in the ship where her father would have been. The whole experience had been a setup. The fires, the assassin, all of it designed to lure Jenna to the station so her mother could push her back on track. A track she so desperately wanted to get off of. Her mother reminded Jenna that the Gettysburg held secrets and that she would have to return to the Boneyards in order to discover those secrets.
At this point the unexpected happened, Jenna got pregnant. Knowing her mothers' intentions Jenna attempted to hide this fact and at the same time suspected a mole might be present on board the Sunfire. Before she could explore further the ship and crew were thrust into an incarceration with the Traleck.
As of this point there were still two glyphs on a bullet fragment that need to be read and four names on a list that need brought to justice. Then there is the mystery of why Vic's father is helping Jenna's mother.

The Hit List

Gul Terral ­ Leader of the Canid Slave holders on Canis III ­ Deceased
Glinn Fritas ­ Second in Command on Canis III. Lead researcher of the Canid Rabids and
former Glinn under Gul Fubar. ­ Number 5 on the hit list. ­ Deceased
Glinn Covat ­ Third in Command on Canis III. ­ Deceased
Garresh Salivan ­ Security officer for Gul Terral. ­ Deceased
Former Glinn Purkal ­ Pusher for Camp Dartrak on Bajor. Served Gul Fubar and Dalin Carr.
Killed Adella Kaylen after a brief romantic encounter. ­ Incarcerated as a war criminal.
Gul Fubar ­ Aledged runner of Bajoran slave labor camp on Cardassian prime. ­ Number 1 on
the hit list. Confirmed murderer of Lt. Commander David Ramthorne. ­ On Cardassia Prime
Glinn Sonesh ­ Served under Gul Fubar during the Federation­Cardassian War. Possible
witness to the murder of David Ramthorne. Number 3 on the hit list. ­ Location unknown at
this time.
Dalin Carr ­ Number two on the hit list. Dalin Carr helped to support Gul Fubar in the
creation and running of his camp operations. Was allegedly there for the murder of David
Ramthorne. ­ Information found on him at Darktur. Location unknown.
Garresh Duval ­ Number 4 on the list, he served as Glinn Sonesh's underling and personal
torture artist. This man loves the art of torture. ­ Location Unknown at this time.
Service Record 1 Month as Shuttle Pilot - USS Sunfire

1.5 Years as XO - USS Sunfire

2 Months as CO - USS Sunfire

Stripped of rank - 5.2 years

Currently Lt. Commander - ???