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Posted on Tue Apr 16th, 2024 @ 10:20am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: Lost in Space
Location: Beta Quadrant.

A week passed with little but the daily mundane as the Sunfire moved towards her latest mission, a routine survey of an L class system deep in the Beta Quadrant. It had been smooth sailing since they left DS9, running systems diagnostics and training simulations to ease the crew back in to what most ships would consider a normal routine. In all her years in space, Captain Kaylen Rhenora had never been a fan of routine. Yes it served its purpose but she truly felt alive when they came across something completely different and unique, exploring. Better yet, solving some deep seated problem to save a bucket load of people. That's where the magic happened.

She sipped the coffee that Ronson had brought her, wondering if he had secretly changed the blende to decaf as it tasted slightly different. No, it was best not to ask and therefore not to know. They were only looking after her best interest and she was trying to make every minute she had left in the chair count. To her left side Commander Savar sat impassively, essentially handing the crew management side of things, and to her right, Commander Baldric sat, watching, learning, eager for her own time in the chair.

‘A little too eager’ Rhenora thought to herself as she recalled the way in which Baldric had essentially taken over her command. The younger woman would learn her place in the uniform, and if Rhenora knew one thing, it was that the universe had no time for rushing, nor for fools pushing their luck.

“All systems normal, eta to the Cupit system 3 hours, slowing to warp 2” Commander Jenna Ramthorne announced as if she could read Rhenora's mind. The two had work closely many years ago but it had been some time since the red head had graced the bridge of a ship called Sunfire.

“Thank you Jenna” Kaylen replied with a smile and relaxed just that little bit more. Three weeks. She had three weeks in the chair before Dr Wilson had told her she needed to take leave. ‘Fair call’ she mused as her back ached and she shifted again to try and ease the tired muscles.

The stars slowed as they streamed by, indicating the Sunfire had indeed slowed her pace. The Cupit system was centre of the viewscreen, a visual reminder of their destination and this routine survey mission.

“Captain, ah I’m picking up something hinky on the long range sensors” the junior Ops officer announced nervously, looking around as though she could find something to hide behind.

“Define ‘hinky’?” Rhenora asked ruefully, remembering those days of fear and unknown only too well.

“It's like some kinda gravimetric distortion or even a wormhole eddy, but it's there one minute and gone the next” the young officer stammered as she checked and rechecked her panel.

Rhenora levered herself up out of her chair and headed over to the red faced lass, hoping to offer encouragement, clarity or both. She looked over the young woman's shoulder and saw echoes of significant spacial distortions. But only echoes and in multiple random locations.

“Helm, slow to impulse then all stop” Kaylen ordered, not wanting to end up goodness knows where or when due to some weird space occurrence. It would take a few moments for the Sunfire to drop from warp and then throw down the anchors and arrest her forward momentum. In those few moments she hoped they wouldn't run headfirst into something bad.

“Captain…I'm picking up something…” the junior officer started to say before her words were cut short as the Sunfire nosedived as though something bopped it on the nose and pushed it underwater. The deck pitched sharply, main power failing as the inertial dampeners went offline. The ship bucked as a spacial anomaly consumed it and spat it out the other side.


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