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But where is here?

Posted on Thu Apr 25th, 2024 @ 11:21am by Commander Jennifer Baldric & Commander Jenna Ramthorne & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Commander Dean House & Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali

Mission: Lost in Space
Location: Who knows?
Timeline: Current-ish

The initial chaos began to subside and the well trained Sunfire crew began to make sense of their current situation. The turbolifts were back online, as we're essential systems. The engines were still offline but they had thrusters which was something. Presently they were holding at all stop, trying to gain more information as to what brought them here and most importantly where here actually was.

"Overlay the current starchart with our last known location." Baldric requested as the medical team finally arrived and removed those that needed treatment to sickbay. Several officers and crew left with the medical staff, Captain Kaylen amongst them although apparently that was only precautionary.

"So where exactly are we? Based on these starcharts?" Baldric tried to get her bearings, refusing to believe they may be in another situation like Voyagers.

Dean gave a little huff, looking up from his Tactical station. "We're in la-la-land apparently."

Aurora had been down to Sickbay but for as brief a period of time as she could get, her senses were still fuzzy from where she’d hit her head but she wanted to be doing whatever she could to help. She’d diverted long enough to check in on Sidak at the ship’s nursery, making sure he was alright, before returning to the bridge.

Outside the ship bright lights, and colors whizzed past the ship. Gasses and refractions of light looked like waves of water as it shimmered in the distance. Jenna was working hard to keep the ship stationary as it kept wanting to pull forward like some great tidal waves were pushing against it.

Behind the tactical console sat Bonnie with Baldric over her shoulder. Bonnie was attempting to match the stars against anything familiar. On her screen she was flipping and rotating the star chart as the data streamed looking for a match until finally she concluded, "Commander, I don't think we are in the Milky Way galaxy anymore."

There was an intake of breath that confirmed she had received the information and was now trying to process it before the instinctive panic response kicked in. "That could be problematic" Baldric finally said as she released the breath after what seemed like an eternity. "Keep working on pinpointing our location" she offered as she headed back to the centre chair.

"Looks like she is trying to buck you off there Commander Ramthorne" Jennifer tried to lighten the mood a little as the tension on the bridge became palpable. "Hold her steady as long as you can until we can find a safe refuge to regroup"

Jenna nodded as if to say, 'duh'. "Doing the best the ship will allow without tearing us apart." She would have added that Jenna would do fine, but then she realized this wasn't the time. "As soon as the main engines are online we'll be able to pull free." She didn't stop to think Jennifer might have been trying to lighten the mood.

Dean glanced over his shoulder a moment and then back to his console. Tapping along a bit almost methodically before looking back up. "I have an idea. Instead of waiting to be asked, eliminate all of the astrometric readings right now except for the celestial bodies. Overlay them with any known star charts we have from now to the last 500 years. Do keep in mind spacial drift. Any little system that shows up at an edge, we could maybe use. The less information and visual could be the best way to see."

Turning to Aurora she asked how sickbay was faring, knowing Dr Wilson would be too busy to provide an update anytime soon.

Savar glanced at House before replying. "It is a logical means to narrow down where we are." He replied his gaze now on Baldric.

Everybody was working hard to either bring the ships power systems back online, find out what had brought them here, or find out where 'here' actually was.

Bonnie caught Dean's suggestion and was stunned for a moment at how, if for a brief second, he sounded intelligent. She then caught herself up and replied, "The computer is still running it's analysis as fast as it can. There are only 2.5 trillion known galaxies that we have been able to see, not to mention the ones we haven't. I also have it running a search for our own using the long range sensor array. If we can find our Milky Way, we might at least have a target." As with anything Bonnie said, the more details she included the faster she would talk until she realized she was over informing and then clam up. This was one of those times.

"Yes. Thank you Bonnie. let us know what the computer comes up with." Savar answered, leaving *If anything* unsaid.

Baldric settled back in the command chair, digesting the information and trying to come up with a few ideas as to what they did next.

Aurora offered the best update she could on Sickbay, knowing it would be about as busy as Sickbay could get right at the moment. “I’ll check in with Sickbay again soon Commander.”



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