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Reel Her In

Posted on Sat Mar 30th, 2024 @ 10:28am by Commander Jennifer Baldric & Lieutenant Sarah Wilson & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Commander Dean House & Lieutenant Commander Thriss Kla'ren & Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & 1st Lieutenant Kate Score & Ensign Kitiuas Thenis & Lieutenant Commander Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell

Mission: Character Development
Location: DS9

[Upper Pylon C, Cargo Area]

The turbolift stopped at the cargo area of Pylon C. Ensign Thenis cautiously stepped out of the turbolift into the gloom of the cargo bay. Damn Cardassians and their lighting, thought Starfleet and the Bajoran’s had fixed the lighting on DS9. Kit quickly looked about to find a place where she could properly assess her wounds. The left side of her chest was aching with pain and her skin along her back felt taut.

She found a spot next to some crates that formed a U pattern and allowed her to see the cargo bay and turbolift, without herself being immediately seen. As she sat back she heard an unfamiliar humming coming from one of the airlocks. She didn’t have time to investigate as she gingerly sat down and put her back against a crate. The cool metal of the crate felt good on her back, she then slowly pulled her shirt up, exposing a bleeding wound where her commbadge would normally rest. Well gisjacheh she thought, going to need one of the Sunfire docs to come and bandage me up.

Meanwhile Dr Wilson and her small medical team flanked by two security guards made their way to Upper Pylon C, a combination of weapons and tricorders at the ready.

"Kit?" Sarah called as they entered the cargo hold.

Kit was assessing her wound when she heard Doctor Wilson call her name “Kit?’ Kitiuas dropped down the shirt and peeked around the corner of the crate, she did a quick calculation in her head upon seeing Doctor Wilson, the medical team, as well as two security guards. She sat back as her skin was killing her being so taut. “Over here,” Kit responded, “but I will only see you doc? Anyone else comes close and I’ll show them some Tatharoc moves guaranteed to make them have a bad day.” Her voice barely heard over the humming coming from one of the airlocks.

Sarah glanced at the medics and security officers that had accompanied her this far. "Wait here, you'll either see me flying backwards or we'll all walk out of here together" she quipped as she double checked her medkit.

"Alright Kit, we'll play it your way. Promise not to deck me okay?" She called into the darkened cargo hold.

Kit had to chuckle at that, even though the pain was getting unbearable "Sure thing doc. No decking you." She then sat back against the cool metal crates.

"We have an accord then" Sarah moved closer with her tricorder, following it until she found Kit. "Now let me have a look at you." She ran the scanner over Kit's torso and frowned. "What have a told you about trying to blow yourself up?" The remark was light and almost flippant. "Good thing I had your previous readings from the infirmary and came prepared." She readied a hypo before powering up the dermal regenerator. "Tingles, then let me fix this properly...yeah?"

Kit nodded, “Just so long as I do not have to return to the medical bay. Doesn’t anybody read a persons medical records?” she inquired. “If you try and force me back doc, I guarantee it will not be pleasant.” Kit said good naturally. “As for getting myself ‘blown up’ I wasn’t the one who decided to blow up the bar.” Kit winced some as she felt the tingling sensation of the dermal regenerator. Most of the pain though was centered on her left upper chest. "Oh and please don't tell my mother I was injured again. She'll kill me."

"You can choose to inform or not inform your mother as you see fit." Sarah murmured as she worked, swapping instruments as she needed to. "This would of course go quicker in the infirmary but since that's not an option, you'll just have to put up with my charming company until I finish"

Aurora had received a call telling her where Kit had been found, making her way there she cautiously entered and approached not wanting to alarm Kit. “There you are Kit...” Aurora smiled warmly. “I was worried where you’d gone to.” She offered Sarah a smile. “What can I do to help?”

"Just keep her calm until I finish this." Sarah replied as she worked through the necessary tools to repair the worst of the damage.

Aurora nodded. “That I can do.” She offered Kit a calming smile.

Kit grimaced and looked Lieutenant Wilson dead in the eye; “Trust me doc, if you had as much horror with medical facilities as I have, you would stay the hell away from them. No offense intended.” The smell of a combination of cinnamon, roses, vanilla and lilac emanating strongly from Kitiuas.

Aurora offered a calming smile. “You know Sarah and her team well enough by now Kit, she’s not going to let anything happen to you, and neither am I.”

"Yeah, but then there is my medical facility where nothing bad happens." Sarah gently reminded as she worked. "You will need some follow up work but this should keep your internal organs in their proper place for a while."

“You’re going to have to go Sickbay Kit” Aurora offered a comforting smile. “Our Sickbay, With Sarah. It’ll be okay I promise!”

Ensign Thenis winced and growled in a low tone “You know how much I hate ‘sickbay’s and hospitals’; plus I thought the ”Sunny” was going through overhaul at the moment. So exactly how are we going to be able to use the sickbay?” Kit was exhausted and her body ached all over, but the overwhelming fear she had of hospitals was overriding any of her sense, illogical as it was. She meant no offense to either of these esteemed people.

Aurora grinned. “You’re right, I was totally forgetting that! Blame it on me having a baby brain! I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached!” She smiled warmly. “You’ll be fine Kit, we’ll take good care of you.”

"I was informed only this morning that sickbay had been finished from its major repairs and would be operational again. There's only the engineers on board so it'll be nice and quiet for you. Come on, let's get you fixed up away from all these prying eyes. I promise it will just be you, me and Aurora"

Kit sighed "If you insist, though I could just say I'll be a good little ensign and stay in my guest quarters aboard the station wouldn't cut it. Just dread the bill you two are going to give me." She said with a slight smile.

"I only bill those I don't like so I guess you're good in that regard" Sam quipped as she helped Kit to her feet. Thankfully the guards took the cue and beat a hasty retreat, letting the trio walk back to the Sunfire in peace.


Meanwhile back in Ops, the EMP charged and sent a burst of energy from one of the station's many multi-use arrays, directly towards the energy readings they had detected earlier. Either it was Bustani's vessel, sitting cloaked and biding her time, or there was something bigger at stake.

"Lock on with a tractor beam the instant her cloak drops" Baldric ordered under the watchful eye of Captain Kira.

Captain Kira was in turn keeping her own watchful eye on the situation and everyone involved.

The EMP burst spread outward until it came into contact with 'something' and impacted. There was a moment where nothing changed, then a series of residual charges lurched out and around the shape of a small ship. The cloak dropped as did the rest of the power within the small ship. "Tractor beam lock, engaging now." The tractor beam lurched outward and attached itself to the small ship like a great tentacle reaching for food. "We have her."

"Bring her in to docking bay 3 and have a security escort meet me there" Baldric ordered. "Commander Savar, Lt Score, you're with me"

Savar nodded crisply. "As you wish Commander. Lead the way." He stoically replied.

Score nodded. "Understood" and Followed

"Aye, maneuvering into bay 3."

"One moment there Commander, this is my station. We'll handle this by the book if you don't mind." Kira said, stopping Baldric's team in their tracks. "Hunter, you and I will tag along and make sure we have the right person." She added before stepping into stride and casually reminding Baldric of her place.

"Ma'am." Hunter Davidson chimed as he stood, phaser at his hip, and joined her in tow. "Security team B will meet us outside Bay 3."

"Of course Captain" Baldric replied automatically as she paused and waited for Kira to take the lead. She had been so close to proving herself but once again ego had gotten in the way. Inwardly she hoped she had been right.

Docking Bay 3

Inside the Bay 3 the small craft was transferred from the tractor beam to the deck and the force field enabled, the bay pressurizing within a few moments afterwards.

Hunter, rifle drawn and locked in front of him, lead the way to Bay 3 where team B was standing by, waiting for orders. He immediately signaled for them to take point on either side of the large cargo bay door. One never breeches without support and cover even with dealing with only one suspect.

Behind him, Kira, Baldric and Savar also took position. "Life signs show 1 inside the ship." Reported a team B member with their tricorder out. "Transport dampener active, just in case."

Hunter touched his nose, reached out and activated the door. "On me." The doors split and his rifle was drawn and aimed at the main access port of the ship within. He moved forward, team B flanking his position, spreading out to the left and right as they moved in. He took cover, while maintaining a bead, approximately 10 meters beyond the entrance. Once he had confirmation team B was secure and in position he called forward, "We know you're in there, come out quietly and no one else will have to get hurt today."

Bustani sauntered out of the small craft, her red dress without even a wrinkle, and a wicked smile that twinkled across her eyes.

"I do hope you have a good reason to be dragging me here like a common criminal" she purred, eyeing off some of the men in the group and licking her lips seductively.

Score stood ready, Rifle at the ready position. She didn't know this person, But who ever it was, seemed like the person to not mess with.

"We have reason to believe you were in Quarks Bar when it exploded" Baldric started, eyeballing Bustani. "We would like to ask you some questions but you know, sitting in a cloaked ship kinda made that difficult"

Bustani pouted and said nothing.


This was a bit of a pickle and definitely embarrassing, though he was going to be Dean and wear it with pride. He has slain the creature after all, it was quite the accomplishment. Not only had he been trapped in a supply closet this entire time, there was this ferocious little ball of fur that stood in his way of getting out. That of which was now perched on his shoulder.

Stepping off of the lift, Dean stepped out into Ops, giving a look around to who was there. That thing on his shoulder leaned up sitting straight, head going back and forth looking at the new surroundings. About a 7 month old grey-brown tabby kitten. Before saying anything going to a locker to get a new comm badge. Syncing it to his person, turning around with little claw marks along his face, neck and hands. "I stuck and was attacked by a beast and had to slay it, took a little while."

The crew at ops looked at him strangely. "Ahhhh the Captain and the Sunfire team are up at the docking bay 3 of you're looking for them"



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