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Deanwich and Company

Posted on Tue Mar 26th, 2024 @ 12:50am by Lieutenant Commander Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Commander Dean House

Mission: Character Development
Location: USS Sunfire
Timeline: Current-ish

It was about an hour later, Bonnie had not only tidied up the work area, but had showered and changed her uniform. Walking into the workroom, she looked like a completely different person than when she had left. She was motivated and they were on a time crunch. Between testing and the actual travel time, she still had to stop at her Father's house before finally attending the funeral service. So much to do and they had only achieved step A. Her stomach growled as the smell of Deanwich permeated the air.

It still wasn't the exact ones or smell as if he'd gone and cooked them by hand, but it should work well enough. Though if he'd known that it was going to be a while before they were ready to test it, Dean would have gone ahead and done it the proper way. "I didn't even think about changing out of my uniform."

Bonnie took the Deanwich on the plate in front of her, mouth watering, and took a large bite. Not even waiting to swallow before attempting to respond, she was soooo hungry. "Do'n 'orry oull e ine." She spat out without actually spitting any food out. "Oh mmy 'thi i ooo goo." Her eyes closed as she savored the flavor knowing it wasn't fresh, but replicated, it was still more food than she had ingested all night.

"You are aware you're suppose to chew before you swallow right?" Dean raised an eyebrow. "And maybe swallow before you speak?"

She rolled her eyes as she continued to chew on the first bite until she finally swallowed it. "Sorry, I said, don't worry, you'll be fine." She sat the sandwich down, grabbed the spare and sat it upon the transport pad, then stepped over to the controls. "This will still take some time, though with the improvements it should take less, like a lot less, than the last time."

She punched in the coordinates. "I've set the coordinates the same as last time, a small table on the front porch of my Papa's house. You know, accounting for time dilation, the curvature of the Earth, movement of the planet itself etcetera..." She trailed off as she realized all of the calculations that were going into moving one object halfway across the quadrant just to end up perfect on the other side.

She pressed the controls, then slid the sliders up slowly and then back down. The transport pad illuminated in a pattern of blue and white with flecks of silver as the Deanwich disappeared. "And... we're away. The timer will set it to return 5 minutes after it arrives planet side. And..." she studied the controls, "The computer says round trip should only take about an hour." She moved back over to where Dean sat, eating, and took another bite of her own. A glob of mayo landed upon her cheek, but the mouthful she took was ever so delightful to care.

Dean reached and wiped the bit of mayo away from Bonnie's cheek. Narrowing his eyes a little bit. "Hmm. Right, but remember, the planet isn't the thing moving, space is. Got to compensate for that. That was one of the issues you pointed out last night."

"Yes, but also, yes, I guess." She clammed up and took another bite not wanting to get into an argument about numbers. True space folding and its movement had to be calculated but so did the speeds at which the Earth turned, not only around its own axis but also around Sol, Earth's sun. In fact there was so much movement even where DS9 was concerned, that to calculate the trip back required a whole new set of dimensional calculations.

She understood and that was what mattered. Dean could often be stubborn, defiant even. Bonnie saw that when he felt he was right, he would refuse to let it go. He was a lot like her papa in that regard. In fact there were a number of times when her Papa would be so adamant about one of the pieces at the museum that he would get belligerent about it until he either got his way or simply shut down and refuse to budge.

There were times Bonnie would find it best to be there for him, to comfort him, just in case he wanted to talk. These were also the times she wished she could be anywhere else. When she was little, before her mother passed, that was her Mother's job to be the support and comfort. This duty fell upon Bonnie at a very young age. She shouldered that weight all through her school days in well into the Academy before she finally re-joined the stars leaving her Father behind to tend his relics.


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