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Reflections in My Pooncheen

Posted on Thu Mar 21st, 2024 @ 12:25pm by Commander Jenna Ramthorne & Remal Kajun & Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: The Beginning of the End
Location: Bajor
Timeline: Current-ish

Evening was passing slowly into night, the food had settled nicely. All was as it should be. Remal had spent some more time in the kitchen cleaning and preparing the Pooncheen he had picked up in the village upon arrival. After a half an hour he came out to find the ladies reminiscing about previous days. In his hands he held a magic elixir of fruit that was in and of itself, alcohol.

Like Tequila, an Earth based drink, Pooncheen could be very strong if not ingested in moderation. Some had even proclaimed, that in the right amounts, Pooncheen could cause one to hallucinate beyond a safe measure of reason. Remal, bless his heart, was just hopeful it would go down easy and ease any remaining tensions that lingered.

He overheard Jenna make a joke, something about '...when Fubar saw me standing over his bed that night, I swear he nearly pissed himself right then and there' as he handed her a tall glass. He then turned, handed another to Rhenora, before sitting down next to her on the couch.

Rhenora's soft laugh filled the room as they caught up on old times, the easy banter having not missed missed a beat over the years. She sipped the liquor and let the warm feeling pervade her mind and body. She relaxed against the couch, comfortable and forgetting for a moment the ever present ticking of time passing. If the prophecy that had been looming over them for the past few months came to pass this would be one of the last times she would enjoy time in their cabin. In the dead of winter their child would be born whilst a terrible battle raged. The birth would herald the new age of peace in Bajor, banishing the Pah Wraiths once and for all. There was a toll though that only a few were aware of, and one she chose not to share casually.

The flickering of the fire within created space within the conversation, allowing a pause that those withing could relax within.

"How much do you know about Bajoran mythology and prophecy?" Kaylen asked, sipping the liquor and regarding Jenna with a loaded gaze.

Jenna had been lost in thoughts about what it would be like to live the quiet life, having a cabin by a lake, and raising a child. Her mind processed a lot in the course of a moment until she was brought back by Rhenora's question. The Pooncheen liquor was causing her skin to tingle. "Most of what I know about Bajorans I've learned from the two of you."

"Prophets be kind." Remal joked before getting a light elbow to the ribs.

"I did read the reports that came out during the Dominion war about Pah' Wraiths and Ben Sisko as the Emissary. And I know you've had premonitions before, something about those Orbs. Otherwise I'm afraid I don't know the details." Jenna added with a sad face.

"Oh, you're up to date with the highlights then" Rhenora laughed, trying to diffuse the air of tension that was beginning to pervade the room.
She paused, trying to come up with a way to continue with the discussion without it turning morbid.

"There's been a few more recent developments though" she finally came up with. "The cult of the Pah Wraiths never truly died, and they've decided they're going to take out the next Emissary." She patted the noticeable rounding in her belly. "There will be a great battle where the future of Bajor will be decided, and it goes down here" she looked around the cabin. "Hopefully this one doesn't need to be rebuilt though," she glanced at Remal who had a somber expression on his face. "We have foreseen a probable future, but there have been glimpses into some alternatives. More... positive outcomes."

Jenna listened intently taking in the idea that Rhenora's child would be considered the new Emissary. It twisted her stomach to think that someone would want to kill a child before it was born simply because some beings playing Gods said so. "How much stock do you put into the word of the Prophets?" She questioned. "From what I understand about the visions they have shown, they are not always... accurate."

Remal downed his Pooncheen in one gulp, allowing it to burn on the way down before responding, "That feels like an understatement. Anytime I've ever been shown a vision, the details are distorted and vague at best. They tend to use familiar faces to deliver information non-sequentially, leaving you to put the pieces together." He sighed, "But when you do it's like a dawning of understanding." He sat forward and offered another round to the ladies.

"They seem to be intent on this moment more than the random interference and visions they have shown in the past." Rhenora mused, before looking at both Jenna and Remal. "I'm choosing to enjoy the time we have, and whatever is to happen in the future, written or not, is in the future. That being said. I wouldn't mind if you stayed the night on the winters solstice. Just in case" Those that knew of the prophecy had offered to be close at hand, Jenna would be invaluable if the Pah Wraith cult did decide to want a show down.

She accepted the top up from Remal and regarded the liquor within the glass, swirling it around the glass a few times to release the aroma. "I don't definitively know what will happen. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst." She shrugged.

Jenna almost chuckled, the smile on her face was familiar. "Feels like old times. I'm sure if we can handle a brood of space born spiders and their queen, we can handle a collection of cultists hell bent on killing an innocent child. I'd be more than happy to be here for you." Her eyes reflected pure honesty and loyalty with her words. She held her reservations about the flicker in her brain telling her this was an internal Bajoran conflict and she could complicate her parole if she helped despite being a Starfleet officer.

Remal looked at each of them in turn, "Now, if you're all done being sappy and sentimental, this is supposed to be a celebration. We have our friend and companion back. We have several weeks until our child is born and I for one am not going to live in fear of what lies ahead." He paused and raised his glass of Pooncheen, "Cheers." He did have his fears, but he refused to let them show.

"Bottoms up" Rhenora clinked her glass with the others present and drank the liquor, thankful to have her friend back to share the next chapter of their lives.

Jenna clinked her glass, then downed her drink, yawned and attempted to stand. The alcohol immediately took hold and she swayed for a moment before sitting back down with a giggle, an honest to goodness giggle. "I think I'll sleep on the couch if that's okay?"

Remal chortled, "I'll get you a pillow and blanket." 4 glasses in, he stood like it didn't even affect him, crossed the room to a linen closet and pulled out a pillow and blanket. By the time he returned, Jenna had laid back into the couch, her eyes closed.

He covered her body, slipped her boots off her feet and swung her feet into a more comfortable position. Once she was tended to, he turned to find Rhenora in a similar state. Acknowledging his duties, he sat her drink upon the table, then in one sweeping motion, lifted his woman into his arms. "Off to bed with you too." He proclaimed before kissing her ridges and carrying her off to their bedroom. The hangover would be fun to deal with.



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