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The bar went boom

Posted on Fri Feb 9th, 2024 @ 11:16am by Lieutenant Sarah Wilson & Senior Chief Petty Officer Ronson Mitchell & Commander Jenna Ramthorne & Lieutenant Commander Thriss Kla'ren & Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & 1st Lieutenant Kate Score & Ensign Aubrie Fox & Ensign Kitiuas Thenis

Mission: Character Development
Location: Quarks
Timeline: Just after the explosion

"All Hands, red alert. Medical and security teams to Quarks. All Starfleet personnel please report to the relevant department head on the station for assignment" the voice of Captain Lora echoed through the mayhem that had become the promenade. Starfleet personnel assigned to the station itself were thin on the ground after the war, and this meant all officers assigned to any ship docked were about to be put to work.

Aurora had headed straight for Quarks, as part of the medical department she would be needed to help triage the wounded, and her Counselling skills would be sorely needed as well.

As Fox arrived at the location, she quickly assessed the situation and sprang into action. With a calm and authoritative voice, she directed anyone who wasn't injured to move away from the area to ensure their safety. She then turned to those who had medical experience and requested their assistance in providing aid to those in need. Her quick thinking and decisive actions helped to maintain order and ensure that everyone received the necessary care and attention. "Anyone Whos Not Hurt is to Get back and out of this section! Anyone with Medical experience stay here and help!"

As Kate pushed open the door, a rush of heat and smoke greeted her senses. Aubrie's voice could be heard above the chaos, barking out orders to a team of firefighters. Kate's eyes scanned the room, taking in the extent of the damage. The ceiling had collapsed in places, exposing wires that hung down perilously. Flames licked hungrily at the far corner, casting flickering shadows across the room. It was going to be a long day.

[Guest Quarters of Ensign Kitiuas Thenis]

Kit had just finished her subspace call with her mother and sister. Her sister had just completed her Starfleet Civilian Affairs training to be a chef either on a Federation starship or station. Her mother was both happy for her daughter, but also concerned for her youngest child. Kit and Kasso spent the majority of the call reassuring their mother. The rest was Kasso speculating where she would be assigned and asking Kit what it was like to serve in Starfleet.

Therefore, when the red alert klaxon sounded and the call for all personnel to report to their respective departments, Kit was relieved. Her mother would have freaked. Not wasting time to change from her civilian attire of hip hugging denim jeans and a late 20th century Earth rock band AC/DC concert T-shirt and tennis shoes; Kit made her way to the Science department.

[Promenade, DS9]

Before the incident at Quarks, Commander Kla'ren had started the repairs to the Sunfire, and had been coordinating with the station repair teams to make sure that they knew everything that needed to be done. He too had just changed into his own civilian attire prior to leaving, but he had his combadge on him as he usually did when off duty.

The Andorian was in the process of exiting into the promenade when the explosion could be heard and the vibrations from the explosion felt. Thriss pulled the badge out of his jacket pocket as soon as he heard the red alert klaxons and the announcement on the station's comm system, and tapped it.

=/\=Lieutenant Commander Kla'ren of the Sunfire to Lieutenant Nog. I'm on the promenade en-route to Quarks. I can provide damage control as well as an assessment of the damage=/\= The Sunfire's CHENG offered as he sprinted towards Quark's bar.

Aurora arrived at Quarks to find the walking wounded slowly making their way away from the bar. "Let me help you.." she smiled a caring smile as she helped people to where they could sit down whilst being triaged by the medical staff who were on site.

Ronson was trapped underneath the spiral staircase, now a mangled twisted metal mess after the explosion. He knew that help would be coming, he just needed to hold on. The air was filled with smoke and the tang of flesh and blood.

Fox saw an Officer, Who looked familiar. The only problem was he was trapped.

Ronson tried to remain calm, focusing his breathing and trying to hear what was happening outside the bar. Somewhere behind him a fire crackled, consuming some of the timber chairs and whatever else was combustible. Soon they would find him, and whoever else was in here at that fateful moment.

Dr Sarah Wilson jogged down the promenade with the first medical team, a borrowed medkit in her hand and a half dozen nurses on her tail with anti-grav stretchers filled with secondary supplies. She had seen explosions before and knew what to expect.

Aurora was glad to see Sarah arrive, she offered a relieved smile as she greeted her. “I’ve started triaging as best as I can, worst off patients are to your right, walking wounded to your left, and superficial wounds are being treated by volunteers and sent home as we speak.

"Got it, do we know how many are still trapped in there?" Sarah asked as she glanced towards the mangled mess that was all the remained of Quarks Bar.

Aurora shook her head. “No, not yet. I would have gone in but I daren’t for obvious reasons.” She offered a brief smile. “It’s difficult to sense with all the heightened emotions.”

"Has anyone gone in?" Sarah asked with hesitation. Every minute that passed could lesson the chance of survival for anyone left in there.

“I think I saw...Lieutenant Score, and there’s others helping as well.” Aurora gave Sarah a worried look. “What in the hell did this?”

"I heard it was a bomb. The destruction kinda agrees with that theory sadly. The details who and where will have to wait though" Sarah commented as she began treating the injured.

[Main Science department]

Kit made it to the main science department, realizing she had forgotten her commbadge. She ran into a lieutenant who looked at her. "How can I help you?' asked the lieutenant. "Ensign Kitiuas Thenis, Science USS Sunfire reporting in."

The lieutenant nodded, "What is your emergency position when Red Alert conditions are sounded?"

Kit smiled "Fire control and damage control"

The lieutenant paused making a note on their PADD, most science were assigned to medical. "Okay then ensign, report to the Promenade, Quark's. Assist the fire control teams there."

Kit shook her head "Aye. aye sir." with that she turned to leave, but before doing so made sure to grab a spare commbadge, looking at the lieutenant "Forgot mine in my guest quarters." with that she was gone.


It wasn't long before Captain Kira arrived on scene, taking control and issuing a string of orders to get things progressing more efficiently. She was pleased to see the crews of the docked ships pitching in and doing what they could to help.

"You and you, report" her eyes searching for answers. Her own people were thin on the ground and were working on the big picture of ensuring structural integrity and locking down the station.

Aurora looked towards Kira. “Commander Vali, Captain...we have the wounded being triaged as we speak, some of the Sunfire crew are helping to try and free any that are trapped inside.

The security chief had arrived and was starting to co-ordinate the search and rescue effort. He saw Kit and Thriss and summoned them to get ready to go in.

Kit immediately went over to the security chief only stopping at one of the emergency closets to grab the ubiquitous silver fire suits from it. Here we go again. she thought to herself. Upon reaching the security chief she reported in “Ensign Kitiuas Thenis, USS Sunfire, reporting as fire support.” She then began sliding into the fire protective suit.

"Lieutenant Commander Thriss Kla'ren, Chief Engineer of the Sunfire, reporting as damage control and damage assessment" he said as he approached the security chief alongside Kit.

The DS9 pointed towards the first attack and damage assessment teams. "You're cleared to enter the hot zone. We have five people unaccounted for."

Kit nodded as she pulled the hood over her face, checked the emergency oxygen regulator and voice comms. Finally one last look over of the suit to ensure all enclosers were properly sealed. She made her way over to a fire team. =/\=Who is the team leader for this group?=/\=

One raised his hand =/\=I guess me, Chief Petty Officer Serrano.=/\=

Kit sighed =/\=No officer’s?=/\= There was a resounding no from he five in the group. =/\=Okay then looks like I am the team captain. I am Ensign Kitiuas Thenis. I have lead firefighting teams before. Follow me and listen to my commands and we should make it out unharmed. Let’s go.=/\= With that she lead the way forward towards one of the emergency fire hatches and opened it up.

=/\=You two…=/\= she said pointing to two individuals =/\=have hose duty. Keep the flames off us and try to extinguish it from the base of the flame. The rest gather Hooligan bars or axes. I lead. Cut off all valves leading in to the area. We will open them later. All vent panels are to be opened as we go and extinguish the flames.=/\= She then took a deep breath and entered into the right hand Jefferies tube next to the bar. Smoke and flames all about. Pink foam began spraying over her.


Thriss nodded to the Security Chief. "Aye" he said before assessing the damage from the outside. Quarks received the brunt of explosion, but surrounding areas in the promenade were hit by the edge of the explosion as well as the debris from it. He most definitely would head into the hot zone for a better idea of the extent of the damage, but more importantly, to find those still missing and to perform damage control.

But before that, the Sunfire's Chief Engineer had a muse. Before going in, he turned to the Security Chief. "Sir if I may, who is still uncounted for?"

"We have 5 unaccounted for. Quark, one of his dabo girls Meela, a waitress Jamot, a patron Morn, and Sunfire CPO Mitchell." The chief explained as he conferred with his padd. "I don't like the chances of finding them alive though."

Aurora overheard the conversation as she moved between the wounded. “There are still people in there, and they’re alive, I can sense them.” Her attention was drawn away by the timely arrival of Savar along with more crew who’d come to help. “I have no clue what, or who, did this but there are people still in there!”

Savar nodded. “Worry not Aurora, they will be rescued. Just stay back where you are safe.” He gave her a gentle smile, not that others would notice it the way Aurora did.



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