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Posted on Sun Jan 21st, 2024 @ 9:34pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Senior Chief Petty Officer Ronson Mitchell & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Commander Dean House & Lieutenant Commander Thriss Kla'ren & Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & Ensign Kitiuas Thenis & Lieutenant Commander Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell

Mission: Halloween
Location: USS Sunfire
Timeline: Current

Dean obviously had not been up or privy to things going on, or at least not completely. Pushing off of the deck, after wiping his face which was planted on said deck, to look around. Listening back in his head to pieces that might be there.

"I...uh..." Leaning against the Tactical console a moment. "Bonnie, get your ass in gear unless you're dying and finish those calculations you were working on. We need to get those damn things back here and contained. There is no way they are being let loose to absorb that much raw energy." Looking up, "Get us away from here even if it's just thrusters. Use the shuttles as tugs if you have to. Also...I'm preparing the deflector dish to emit the same pulse we used before in a wide scale, if." Looking to where he figured one of the Spectres might be, "You don't hold to the original agreement."

One of the spectre's returned from its journey into the sun and floated beside Dean quizzically. "we do not understand"

Dean pointed towards the viewscreen where it was showing the forming star, "You see that? You know, you've already said you can feel all the energy you can absorb from it. Right?" Giving a pause, like he would a child being taught something.

"It lacks the flavour that comes from living beings, but the sheer volume of energy is intoxicating." The creature replied honestly.

"Exactly. Which is why you have to keep yourself calm and tell the rest. Because if you try to absorb all of that, one of three things will happen." Dean was still leaning on the tactical console, little wavy. "You all will take to much and explode, you'll take just enough to try and go back on your word. Taking us hostage to show you more stars forming. Third one, the second one happens and I push this button."

'Rude." Bonnie kept that little thought tucked in the back of her head. Instead she turned back towards her broken console and began working through her calculations like a good little girl. They could easily use the shuttles to tow the Sunfire as long as there was someone in the bay capable of flying, which there should be. What Bonnie couldn't do is control the energy beings if they decided of their own free will to absorb the suns energy so that the ship wasn't destroyed. Imposing restrictions on free will was not her call.

"We gave our word to your Captain that this ship would not be harmed by us." The spectre said evenly " if the star satisfies our hunger we will return to our world and bring the others hear to feed before returning home once more. The energy here is ample to sustain us." As if to prove a point it moved towards the fallen Captain who was just beginning to regain consciousness. "As a gesture of our good will, I will return the energy I received from your Captain. She will be much improved."

Aurora was standing near Rhenora, from what she was sensing the entity was telling the truth. She nodded to Dean to let him know that she was sensing the truth.

The Spectre enveloped the Captain, it's aura permeating her body and then it's hue dimming slightly. As it withdrew after a few moments the Captain began to move. The medical staff swarmed before also withdrawing, satisfied no harm had been done.

Savar listened to the conversation around him even as his attention was on Rhenora. "Proceed slowly Captain. No need to rush. The ship is in no immediate danger."

"That's a change" the Captain replied softly, taking her time to get back to her feet. "What's our status?"

"Guess we won't be needing the Klingons help." Dean raised an eyebrow, still not completely trusting the Spectres. Also, mouthing 'sorry' to Bonnie.

"It appears not" Rhenora agreed as the spectres headed towards the star.

"Your Captain was not harmed, and now we must repay the kindness she showed us" the Spectre disappeared once more through the forward bulkhead, this time forming an energy layer between the Sunfire and the incoming plasma wave. As the wave surged forward the creatures absorbed the energy, their hues flowing a brilliant white before deflecting the remaining energy around the crippled ship. Carefully with the last dying wave of plasma, they rerouted the energy back through the ships shields, recharging the ships energy systems.

"Power returning to nominal status. Warp core online. Shields online. Life Support back at 100% capacity. Whatever it is they did, the ship seems to be healing." Bonnie reported as fast as the systems check reported.

As the bridge lighting began to return to normal and the life support systems came back online one of the specters returned.

"Thank you" The Captain said simply.

"This star will sustain my kind for some time, and then we can find a new one. We will no longer need other living beings to feed" the specter replied simply before heading back to the star with the others.

Looking around the wrecked bridge Rhenora shrugged as her chair hung limply from it's housing, the brackets ripped from the floor. Content to stand for the time being she addressed the bridge crew. "Looks like this crisis is over. Status report please everyone"

"Counselling department is ready to assist where needed Captain" Aurora smiled warmly as she looked towards Rhenora.

"Sensors show all energy beings have left the ship and have moved beyond transporter range Captain." Bonnie concluded. "Seems like there is nothing left to do except explain to the bosses what happened." She added.

"I believe you may have your work cut out for you Aurora." Savar stated. "It appears you are right Bonnie. Orders Captain?"

Kit acted instantly, slapping her commbadge =/\=Bridge, stop all turbolifts. There are personnel in the turbolifts.=/\=

"Do it" Rhenora snapped as her head turned towards the turbolifts. The safety system should have detected of there were people in the shafts however with the highly unusual way the ship was returned to its operational state it wasn't surprising things had gone a little hinky.

"As for orders, run a shipwide diagnostic so we make sure incidents like this done happen again, then we'll return to Deep Space Nine" she commented, wishing for her chair.

Down in engineering Thriss had just started on another EPS conduit when it suddenly came online. "What the-" he scanned it. It wasn't in perfect condition but it appeared to have been healed. He slid out and saw the warp core glowing with it's beautiful blue hue. The Chief slapped his badge. "Kla'ren to bridge."

Rhenora stole Savar's chair and sat down, the exhaustion from the last few days starting to cause her energy to wane. "Go ahead Chief"

"It seems that the core just came back online as well as many of our other systems. I expected we'd be working for much longer" Thriss paused before speaking again. "What happened up there ma'am?"

"The creatures decided to repay a favour" the Captain said simply. "Once the diagnostics are complete and you give the ok, we'll head back to DS9"

"Aye Captain" Thriss responded simply. He was glad that the creatures repayed the favor. They wouldn't be sitting ducks and the Sunfire would be in a solid state once again. The Andorian moved to help his engineers with the diagnostics that needed to be done.



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