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Posted on Sun Jan 21st, 2024 @ 7:35am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant Sarah Wilson & Lieutenant Commander Thriss Kla'ren

Mission: Halloween
Location: Engineering

After the second wave, Dr Sarah Wilson had enacted the disaster medical protocol, sending medical teams to key areas of the ship without waiting for requests for assistance. It was based on the principle of comms being down and this medical care would arrive as swiftly after the initial incident as possible wether the ship had comms or not, this giving everyone a better chance or survival. Hence a medical team of 3 people were already on their way to Engineering with the lights went out again, but this time they didn't come back on.

"Hand beacons" the team leader, a Doctor Rifkin said swiftly, and a moment later three lights illuminated the corridor in front of them. Thankfully they had made it to the Engineering deck already and would be spared any JTubes. Praising open the doors to Engineering they clambered inside and surveyed the carnage.

In Engineering the only illumination was from any remaining flames that hadn't been extinguished yet, or any light packs that weren't connected directly to the ship's power. The warp core was completely offline and appeared to be dark. There was rubble and debris everywhere. Very few had gotten away with getting unscathed. The engineers with the most intense injuries had been brought into the main room of engineering for easy access by the medical teams under the Chief's order. Commander Kla'ren had set priorities for damage control and immediate first aide, and then to repair the most essential systems. With the current mission, they couldn't be sitting ducks forever.

The Chief Engineer was laying on his back, with the top half of his body in the bulkhead making an aggressive attempt to repair an essential conduit of the EPS grid. What made it more difficult was doing it with one arm injured. However that wasn't important. He could get it checked out after the fact. It wasn't as severe as some of his other engineer's injuries. In fact he felt that he got off easy.

He continued his attempt at repairing before a flash of pain hit is arm again. After wincing, he cursed under his breath before sliding out of the bulkhead to grab another tool from one of the drawers in the center console in the engineering hall.

Dr Rifkin surveyed the carnage in the Engine room and tasked his two medics to start working with those with critical injuries whilst he located the Chief. Thankfully the Andorian was easy to spot.

"How are you doing Chief?" Rifkin asked, tricorders already out and scanning. His other hand was loading a hypo.

Thriss moved around the console to grab a few more tools while talking to the doctor. "Besides being thrown against a console resulting in a broken arm and a head bleed, I think I'm alright" he paused in actualization before finally looking at Doctor Rifkin. "Sounds worse than it probably is. Many of my engineers fared a lot worse doc."

"Possibly, but they look to you for leadership and direction. If you give me 5 minutes I can treat the worst of it and you can go back to work" Rifkin replied, thankful that Thriss was honest about his physical condition.

Thriss nodded to let the doctor treat his injuries. He'd rather be working but realistically he could spare five minutes, especially since it was likely going to take more than two hours to conduct repairs now that there had been additional damage to the entire ship.

A hypo to numb the pain and the arm was quickly set, a few passes of a bone knitter to keep it intact until further treatment could be applied. He ran a dermal regenerator over the head injury and moped up the majority of the blood. "Take it easy on that arm for a while, and you may have a headache for a few hours until the swelling reduces. Drop by sickbay when you get a few moments and we can finish knitting that bone in your arm to finish the job."

The Chief nodded. "Aye Doc. Am I clear to get back to work?"

"Indeed you are, just drop into sickbay when all this is over" Rifkin replied with a smile before moving back to the main group of injured, letting Thriss get back to the job of saving the ship.

After the Doctor returned to the main group of injured, Thriss returned back to the bulkhead where he was working. He was grateful for the Doctor and the aid he was bringing his department. The Chief ducked back down into the bulkhead to continue working.

Meanwhile as the engineering team were treated they returned to their stations. "Sir, where do you need me?" One of the senior engineers asked the set of Andorian legs that were emerging from under the bulkhead.

"If we have enough people on damage control, I'd like you to get a team to help with getting the EPS grid back online so we can attempt to regain main power. Once we get main power we'll have a better chance at getting the core back online" Thriss called out as he continued working on the conduit in the bulkhead.

"Yes sir, we'll get right on it" the engineer replied as he wrangled some extra sets of hands and made their way towards the nearest EPS regulator. As expected it was black and burnt out. It would be quite the task to check and reset/replace the entire grid but it needed to be done. "Jeffries and t'ka, head to the next few in the relay and check them."

The two engineers did as they were ordered and rushed to the next regulators to check them. Meanwhile, Thriss slid out of the bulkhead. All of the physical work for the conduit he was working on was done. His scans indicated that it was in a working state. Unfortunately there was more to be done to be able to test the conduit and that would have to come after more were repaired. Thriss moved to the next ruptured EPS conduit and began to take a crack at it.

For the next hour the team worked their way through the primary EPS grid, resetting and repairing as they went. "That should be the primaries done" one of the engineers wiped the sweat from his brow due to the heat.

It was some time later the ship seemed to have a great deal of energy infused into it, the previously dark EPS grid and power circuits almost glowing as the energy from the star flowed through them.

"What the actual?!?" the Engineer murmured as the warp core began to swirl to life.

A few moments later Commander Kla'ren came out of the bulkhead to join his fellow engineers. He to was in awe at the sight of the warp core online unexpectedly.

"Message from the bridge sir, they want a shipwide diagnostic" One of the other engineers reported as everywhere seemed to have power again. Taking a breather, the team moved to the diagnostic panels and began to take stock before sending their report through to the Captain. There would be some systems that required tuning, recalibrating or resetting, but overall the ship wasn't in too bad a shape considering everything that she had been through. Some cosmetic repairs and bulkhead repairs also needed to be done, and the bridge needed some TLC to be restored to a fully operational state. Nothing that was mindbendingly urgent though.

It seemed this crisis was indeed over as quickly as it had begun.


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