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Bridge in Shambles

Posted on Wed Jan 17th, 2024 @ 2:03pm by Lieutenant Commander Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Commander Dean House & Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & Ensign Kitiuas Thenis & Senior Chief Petty Officer Ronson Mitchell

Mission: Halloween
Location: USS Sunfire Bridge
Timeline: Current

Dr Sarah Wilson had enacted the ships disaster medical protocol after the second plasma wave, sending teams to all key areas of the ship without waiting for any comms. It was designed to ensure maximum survival rates in the instance of a ship wide disaster where comms were down. Thankfully the three person team had traversed from sickbay to the bridge before the tachyon eddy took out the power.

Prizing open the doors of the bridge the team leader, a Doctor Savem, had just begun taking stock of the situation when the lights went out, plunging the bridge into darkness.

"Palm beacons!" She snapped, and her two nurses fumbled in the complete blackness to switch on their flashlights.

"Anyone alive up here?" She called, casting the narrow beam around the wrecked bridge.

"We're alive" Aurora responded as she stood up from where she'd been sitting on the deck from the last eddy. "Someone needs to check the Captain!" she saw Savar in the light from the medical team's palm lights. "Savar..." she moved across to him, noting that he was bleeding. "You're bleeding!" she turned to the medics. "I need a medic over here!"

The doctor headed over to where Savar and Aurora were whilst the nurses fanned out across the bridge, treating minor injuries and reassuring where they could.

"Commander, hold still for a second" the Doctor used a dermal regenerator to seal Savar's head wound and injected him with a mild analgesic.
"You'll have a headache for a while but it won't be anything you can't handle" the doctor smiled before aiming a tricorder at Aurora.

Aurora offered herself up for a scan willingly, she had been through as rough a ride as everyone else. “We’re fine, I think, just cuts and bruises” she offered a smile letting the doctor run the needed scans.

Savar nodded at the doctor, "Thank you for your assistance, Doctor. I will be fine." As his concern shifted Aurora. "How is Aurora? The others?"

"Aurora is fine, the others are battered and bruised but will be able to remain at their posts until we can regroup" the Doctor reported, before moving off to tend to another group of wounded.

Meanwhile in the dim lighting on the bridge, Bonnie had pulled herself into a sitting position at one of the flickering consoles near Ronson and had whipped out a tricorder. She was actively scanning, not the people, but the ship and the situation it was in.

As she did, she was reporting out loud her findings. "Structural integrity holding. Sensors at 25%, life support holding at 72%, shields offline, computer CORE has switched to backup power, warp core is offline. "

She then started scanning beyond the ship despite the limited range of the tricorder. Her findings were somewhat confusing as she continued to report. "Captain, Commander, it appears our position has changed."

"Can you be more specific Commander?" Savar replied as he got to his feet and stood braced by the XO's station.

Still not used to being called a Commander, Bonnie paused before marching forward with what she was saying.

"If I'm reading this correctly..." She said realizing she was indeed, "Our position relative to our last known position has shifted by 1.5 light hours or the equivalent of 1.079e+9 kilometers." She looked over to where the Command team were standing. "The tachyon eddy has pushed us 1.5 light hours further from the star. We are once again in the path of the stars ejected plasma waves." She said emphasizing the plural in waves.

If she were to put it in layman's terms, "The good news is the waves are diminishing but if we can't find a way to move out of the way or, or, I don't know, absorb the impact somehow, we're going to be hit again, twice." She said as she began looking around for the entity.

The entity stood transfixed at where the now darkened viewscreen was.

"Wild idea, but could we get them to absorb the energy of the plasma waves in front of the ship?" Ronson asked as the energy on the bridge seemed to calm a little.

"Let us find out," Savar spoke out and addressed the entity. "Can you absorb the energy of the plasma waves or would it cause you harm?"

"It would be such a feast" it replied simply, before losing its corporeal form and disappearing through the forward bulkhead along with its comrades.

Aurora watched the beings go. "I hope this doesn't harm them, I know we offered to find them a new food source, but not at the cost of theirs or our lives."

Bonnie agreed though she was not sure they could stop the entity if they tried. "We still need a plan B if they fail." She stated the obvious. "There is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes until the first wave hits."

"Quite right Bonnie. We must endeavor to find a workable solution before the wave reaches us. However even more importantly, has anyone locate the Captain and her condition?"

Everyone shook their heads, and a deep sense of dread began to build. Ronson looked around the bridge, spying several fallen bulkheads and debris that would be large enough to conceal or partially conceal their petite Captain.

There was a bulkhead with some lightweight ceiling debris scattered over the top. Tricorder in hand he approached it cautiously, not knowing what he may or may not find.

"I have a life sign, Bajoran." He called as he analyzed how to move the bulkhead. Carefully he pulled the debris back to reveal the Captain's boot and lower leg.

"Savar, need your help" he called, throwing protocol to the wind. The medics looked towards them, aware of what was going on but continued to work where they were.

Bonnie stood back and covered her mouth subconsciously. She was worried for the Captain, for everyone really. She held an idea in her mind and hoped she would have an opportunity to expel it before she lost it, or worse, before something else went horribly wrong.

Aurora watched in shock and horror, she had been so busy worrying about Savar she had completely forgotten Rhenora had arrived on the bridge.

Savar moved quickly to Ronson's position and between the two of them they had removed the pile of debris.

Within short order they had shifted the bulkhead enough relieve the pressure on the Captain's rib cage, and they heard a sharp intake of breath. The doctor made a beeline and called for a pause whilst she made her diagnosis. "She's hypoxic from the beam compressing her lungs, mild concussion, and some deep bruising, we should be able to move her safely."

"Tell us when Doctor." Savar replied. Wanting to get Rhenora to medical as quickly as possible.

Once freed from the confines of the beam, the Captain was treated by the medical team. It was decided to let her regain consciousness on her own as her body re-oxygenated itself. Soon that fresh oxygen would reach her brain and she would awaken, most likely with the headache from hell.



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