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Bridge crew pt 6

Posted on Mon Aug 1st, 2022 @ 4:13pm by Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun & Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant Commander Dean House & Lieutenant Ashlesha 4827/A & Lieutenant JG T’Neela & Ensign Kitiuas Thenis

Mission: New Harrington
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

Kit began looking at how the "cells" were communicating at a quantum level. She was no expert in the field and definitely not a communication specialist. An idea occurred to her, she turned to Ashlesha and asked, "I know this is a personal question so please feel free not to answer, but you said you are able to 'communicate' with your sister over on the weather satellite station, how do you do it?" Just then two of the monitors she had monitoring the surface went off.

"Well," Gray replied with a wry smile, "If I don't answer I'll just come across as petulant."

Green added, "Violet's not my sister; she is...another appendage. My three brains are connected via quantum string."

"Excuse me for a moment Lieutenant" with that Kit turned and brought up the data that the science console was demanding her attention. "Jmūs fut hoejim Mauʒ" she cursed in low Kolari (Orion). "Captain, not to add to our already exhaustive list of problems and troubles, but the main northern city is about to suffer a Richter scale nine or ten earthquake. The major southern city is within a Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) of either a seven or eight from an extinct volcano approximately 18.64 miles or 30 Kilometers northeast of the city. Making the city, which is already suffering from a Haboob, well within the pyroclastic flow of the eruption." After informing the captain of the details on the ground she turned to Ashlesha, "I am no expert on quantum physics, so do you think you might be able to determine how the 'virus' communicates at the quantum level?"

"There are a group of scientists on Jupiter Station still trying to figure that out," Green replied with a frown, "So I-"

Green and Gray's expression turned into an identical pair of surprised expressions, then Green turned to her control panel.

"There was a monograph," Gray noted, "About the quantum connection. If I could find it-"

Green did and sent the paper over to Thenis' station. Gray said, "There we are. Something about 'quantum frequencies'. Each of us, the people involved in the experiments, were on a unique wavelength. It's how we did not hear one another's thoughts but only our own."

Meanwhile the Captain thought she may have had a breakthrough on repairing some of the damage the virus thing had caused. Hypothetical only at this stage but she surmised using transphasic sutures to close the holes. It was only only one of a plethora of problems they had at the present though.

Dean put emphasis on the last button push, "And ready. For both ways with the quantum torpedoes."

" Thank you Dean" The Captain replied, then mused over the current situation. Could they use the weather platform's own communication network to shut everything down? Or better still find some way of rebooting the system?

" What if - we took over control of the weather network? Controlled the system, shut it down, anything to stop things getting worse? Can you isolate the way they communicate?" She addressed the bridge crew.

"I thought finding a way was the current task at the moment." Dean's head turning to look to Rhenora. "Shutting down the platforms may do bubcuss if they aren't using it as a way, or part of a way. Wouldn't they been using an alternate way to communicate long before the stations were built. As for the volcano, we can just use the phasers to make streams so none of the magma hit the cities."

" Make some streams Mr House" Rhenora ordered as they continued to work on the weather station and virus problems. The Earthquakes they couldn't do much about until they could control the weather stations. An announcement from the back of the bridge made her heart skip a beat.

"Captain, we have the communication and control frequency of the weather station network!"

" Send a jamming signal to disrupt that frequency, keep scanning for any secondary or tertiary signals. If we can stop the weather stations causing problems, we get one step ahead" Rhenora dared to breathe, was this the breakthrough they desperately needed?

Gray hesitated, she thought about her own experiences and what she and Bonnie were discussing on the station. If this was seen as a hostile act...

But there were people on the planet in danger below.

But if this made things worse...

The thoughts flashed through her mind in a second. In the end they had to go with what they knew, and the Captain had given an order.

"Aye, sir," she murmured, and sent the signal...

Dean could get cute with it and draw, like real art with the streams he was about to make. Had this been an exercise or the like, perhaps he would have. Not this time though.

Making sure to cut them head long off before the magma got near any populated areas. There might be a slight bit of collateral damage to the land, perhaps some live stock. That should be all however. Leading them in multiple cascades to large bodies of water. The whole process having been up on the main viewer.

Ensign Kitiuas had been working furiously at trying to find out how the “virus” was communicating between the cells at a quantum level. She was no expert on quantum physics and it was taking her some time, even with the information on quantum frequencies. It was extremely difficult to even find a quantum frequency.

She paused as she reread the paper Ashlesha, she turned a very pale green as she reread the one line sentence, ‘quantum frequencies could be disrupted by a quantum explosion, such a one produced by a quantum torpedo, however such a disruption would most likely severe and even kill a living organism that was entangled at the quantum level for such communication.’

She looked up and over first at Ashlesha then the captain, she was not sure if Ashlesha knew this fact or not “Captain, I would recommend against the use of the quantum torpedo to disrupt the virus for the safety and welfare of Lieutenant Ashlesha. The article she forwarded to me makes mention that ‘quantum frequencies could be disrupted by a quantum explosion, such a one produced by a quantum torpedo, however such a disruption would most likely severe and even kill a living organism that was entangled at the quantum level for such communication.’ It does not go into further details, and I am not an expert on quantum physics to speculate further on it.”

Green and Gray visibly winced. She was aware of that part of the paper and the thought of being on board a ship struck by a quantum torpedo always gave her chills. Gray said aloud, "Captain, I am willing to risk it. I feel my bond between my selves is strong enough to weather any potential disruption. And the fate of a planet is literally at stake here."

Ashlesha paused, then continued, "Also, Bonnie...I mean, lieutenant Durnell...has a theory that there might be two viruses; one controlling the station, the other trying to break in. It's just a hypothosis at this point, however."

" We need to regain control of the situation"The Captain started as she considered the turmoil on the planet plus what was happening around them.

"Fire the Quantum torpedo".

Dean didn't hesitate, they had to do something didn't they. Pressing a couple of buttons, "And it's away."

The torpedo surged from the Sunfire's torpedo tube, detonating at a predetermined point in space that would cause maximum disruption to the weather networks communication but little actual physical damage. With her shields up the Sunfire only rocked gently as the shockwave passed, she hoped the master weather station fares equally as well.

Kit watched as the quantum torpedo exploded and she felt the gentle shockwave passed over the ship. She watched to see how the green cloud like mist of the virus reacted. It seemed to pause and there were a million little emerald sparkles between the Sunfire, the main weather station and the planet. As she watched the sparkles grew even brighter and suddenly, she realized what was happening, "Captain we need to get away from that cloud now!" Ensign Thenis shouted, but it was too late, there was an immense explosion. The Sunfire tilted up at a forty-five-degree angle as the shock wave hit it.

Kit hit her head against the science console. She crawled his way back up onto her feet and wiped the blood from her face, her right jaw hurt, she couldn't see out of her right eye, and green blood continued to roll down her face.

The science station was giving readouts, Over the middle of New Harrington's largest ocean the atmosphere was ablaze in fire, clouds were boiling all over the planet. Minor satellites around the area were either falling into the planet or spinning away. The main weather satellites orbital stability was no longer there, and it was in an orbital decay. The only good news, the green cloud of the virus was gone.



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