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Team Huddle 2

Posted on Fri Dec 8th, 2023 @ 12:53am by Patin & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Commander Dean House & Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & 1st Lieutenant Kate Score & Ensign Kitiuas Thenis & Lieutenant Sarah Wilson & Senior Chief Petty Officer Ronson Mitchell

Mission: Halloween
Location: Castle
Timeline: Current

"Orders Sir?" Sarah looked at Commander Savar and waited for instruction as the now red creature got really really mad.

"Your Captain defies us, you ship is heading for the sun, you all will die and feed us" the entity screeched. "You will pay for her insolence"

Savar glanced at the others as he spoke. "Evacuate the lab. Kill the creature, end their evil and see if we can contact the Sunfire." he looked at Aurora. "Do you need my assistance in leaving?"

Kitiuas thought a moment before reaching up and removing her other earring, she carefully pushed it and a small glowing pearl popped out. Another highly illegal item in the Federation, but Orion law had no issue with it. "Commander, I happen to have processed and inert form of Kynnabryl. Replace it within a phaser chamber and you have created a Massive Blast Ordinance, the equivalent of eleven tons of TNT." She hoped to all the Thousand Gods he would not ask how she acquired it.

"That will level this whole structure. What if they use that energy to feed?" Sarah asked as they hightailed out of there. Ronson meanwhile could no longer be seen.

Dean just listened back and forth at this point until he saw an opening to say something, "Or... we could just push this button that says reset to maintenance mode. You know, instead of exploding and killing things we have no idea what will happen after. Patin and I can take care of shit here. Ya'll head back the way we came, not from where the rest of you came from." Dean meant the way his team came, "And contact the ship if you can. That or just hang out of the tower window and try that."

Patin nodded, "Oh but I would have liked to witnessed that explosion." She smiled at Kit. "You know, from one explosive personality to another." Outside in the halls the screeching grew louder as whatever was angry grew ever closer.

Aurora slowly got to her feet looking at Savar. “I think I can manage now that thing is no longer in my head. I can show you which way we came.”

Ronson meanwhile was up the corridor, somehow drawn to the angry creature like a moth to the flame. The call was alluring and he could not resist. He ascended to the high tower and pushed the door open, heading towards the large chamber and multidirectional energy device.. it could instantly harvest large amounts of energy, but also was capable of delivering the creatures into orbit.

Kit raised her left eyebrow a bit, "You surprise me Commander House, very few non-Orion's can read Imperial Kolari." She was suspicious of whether he was possessed or not.

Dean looked over to Kit, "I dated one. Also, my ex-wife knew it also, she knew a hell of a lot more languages than I do."

Score just looked at her Commander. Well, there's always something new to learn.

Savar spoke to Aurora, "Show us the way you came in Aurora. So we may use it to leave this place."

Patin, for the most part, was ignoring the back and forth of Kit, Dean, and Score and the coming together of Savar and Aurora. She was more focused on the creature in the tank and how to dispose of it properly when she stood and looked around.

"Oy, anyone see the little guy," She snapped her fingers as if remembering his name. "Ronald, Ronnie, Ronson, whatever?"

"His name is Ronson. He went out into the corridor Patin." Savar answered.

Sarah looked up and down the corridor. "Ahhhh I can't see him." She raised her tricorders and began to scan amongst the high-pitched angry screaming coming from everywhere at once.
"Appears he's in the high tower, very close to a large energy emitting device"

Patin smacked Dean in the chest, "We'll go get the little guy while the rest of you make for the exit. The spooks don't like me and I don't like him, so we should be safe." She said pointing at Dean. She turned and dropped her firebrick into the solution then made for the door. "You comin' pretty boy?" She smirked then darted out the door on the hunt for Ronson.

"Well considering we were going to head for the tower anyway..." Dean shook his head a little and turned on heel to follow Patin. Checking the charge on his phaser.

Sarah nodded at the conversation and followed the rest of the team back towards the exit, hoping that Ronson was still alive and in one piece, with his brain intact. "I'll try and contact the ship once we're outside" she advised.

Aurora lead the way, she might have been under the spell of the entities before but not anymore. It took a little memory recall but she kept them on the right track as they slowly made their way out.

Savar followed behind Aurora and the others as Aurora led them outside the castle. Once outside he spoke to Sarh. "Sarah see if you can contact the ship. Find out their situation."

Kit followed everyone outside the “castle” and immediately performed a scan. The energy from the upper level was fluxing strangle and to her surprise the Sunfire was not in orbit. “Commander, the Sunfire does not appear to be in orbit. In fact the relay I installed to access the ship’s computer indicates autodestruct command has been authorized by the captain.”

"Are you positive Ensign?" Savar asked even as he asked it, he knew Kit would never have mentioned it unless she was. " Not in orbit?" Then he remembered what the creatures had said. That Captain Kaylen was fighting them, and they were aboard the Sunfire and there was no way of telling how many of the crew they possessed.

Ensign Thenis replied "I am positive commander. I specifically wrote the program to allow my tricorder to link with the ship computer to allow me full accesses to our ship library. I even confirmed my tricorder is working correctly and the link was still good."

"Well thats not exactly how this was supposed to pan out" Sarah admitted as she looked between the rest of the group. "What do we do?"

Aurora stood looking up at the stars, a single word escaped her lips. “Sidak...” if the ship was truly on self destruct then hers & Savar’s son was going to be lost along with it.

"Can you sense if he is still alive? The Captain would only use the self destruct as a last resort to stop the ship or crew falling into enemy hands. That energy surge we saw earlier, it could have been the creatures attacking them" Sarah explained, putting a reassuring hand on Aurora's shoulder.

Aurora closed her eyes focussing on trying to find her son. “He’s alive! I...can feel Sidak. That means the ship is still there.” Her eyes twinkled with tears.

"They'll fight till their last breath" Sarah said firmly. "If there's hope, the Captain will disable the self destruct."

" I agree Sarah. The captain would only set the self-destruct as a last resort. Hopefully she and the others can overcome the creatures and abort the self-destruct." Savar answered as he looked at the others. "Kit, you continue to monitor the ship functions, Aurora you focus on Sidak.



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