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The call of the Prophets

Posted on Wed Dec 6th, 2023 @ 10:35am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: Halloween
Location: Celestial Temple

The heat and scarce air of the Sunfire's Engineering was replaced by nothing thinly veiled in a white background. It was completely nondescript and a place Rhenora knew all too well.

“Why have you brought me here?” She asked the void, expecting a convoluted ethereal reply.

“It is not your time” a mirror version of herself was revealed by the white mist.

“Interesting choice of words considering I'm either dead or very close to it. Sorry it didn't align with your expectations” the Captain snapped, frustration building within.

“It is not your time, this will not come to pass” the mirror version of herself echoed.

“ It is coming to pass, we're either gonna die when the warp core self destruct or failing that, we fly into a sun, failing that we become dinner to whoever the hell those creatures are that want to eat us” there was an exasperated tone in the Bajorans voice.

“It will not come to pass. The new Age of Bajor will begin at the solstice of winter. The new Emissary will be born and bring with it a new age of peace and enlightenment” the Prophets intoned, swapping the white background for the newly rebuilt cottage Rhenora and Remal called home whilst on Bajor.

The scene took her breath away. A storm raged overhead and a fierce battle raged. Energy weapons mixed with old style resistance weapons and the occasional explosion.

“You've shown me this before, I know this is where my story ends” her words were quiet as she told in the slow moving scene before her. “But I'm dying in the ship, along with everyone else”

“It will not come to pass, your chapter is already written” the Prophets completely emotionless reply only added to her frustration.

“Then do something to help us!” Rhenora squared off against the mirror version of herself. She regarded this version of herself with a critical eye. A little too gaunt, exhaustion evident every cell of her being. The swell of her stomach concealed beneath the regulation Starfleet maternity uniform. She looked like hell.

“You will continue and return to Bajor on a noble quest. This will come to pass” the mirror self echoed her stance, hands on hips and a critical eye.

“What noble quest?” That was a new one, she hadn't been made aware of anything about a quest.

“You will return to Bajor and complete your story as it has been written.” The Prophet self started to back away, becoming more transparent with each step.

Rhenora stood mutely, trying to clean as much as she could before the Prophets returned her to the near death state she was currently in back on the Sunfire. As always she left with more questions than answers.


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