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Team Huddle

Posted on Tue Dec 5th, 2023 @ 1:35pm by Patin & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Commander Dean House & Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & 1st Lieutenant Kate Score & Lieutenant JG Blake Leone & Ensign Kitiuas Thenis & Lieutenant Sarah Wilson & Senior Chief Petty Officer Ronson Mitchell

Mission: Halloween
Location: Castle
Timeline: Current

OOC: The Team Comes together.

Patin froze near the door, "Shhh, nobody move. I hear footsteps." She pulled her sidearm and took a defensive position.

Kit followed suit kneeling behind the control machine she had been inspecting. She brought her modified phaser, hoping that the burst of antithoron rays would be enough to stop the creatures should it come to that.

Savar crouched behind a lab table as the footsteps drew closer to their location. All they could do was wait and see who came through the door

Ronson brought his weapon up again, huddling behind Patin and waiting for whatever was going to happen. Was it the other team?.

Testing the handles, Dean found them unlocked. Taking a half step back and putting his hands on each, giving a hard shove. Continuing to do so until they were open enough to give one last shove so they opened nearly all of the way. (Two Towers Aragorn entrance at Rohan heehee)

The door opened with a fast shove and as Dean stepped across the threshold, Patin, weapon in hand, used the butt end to strike him in the face. He had sensed movement, but it was too late as her hand struck his cheek and right on through to his nose.

Or it had looked like Patin had landed it. She's going to have to remember, in that 'mode' that Dean's can get in at times, he's fast, really fast. Patin's hand was stopped with a vertical ridge hand, stopping it from getting past his cheek. She did land the cheek but not the follow through.

"Patin!" Ronson shouted a moment too late after the Bajoran smacked the ships 2Xo in the face. "ouch"

"It's fine, Ronson. She'll have to be faster next time," Dean gave Patin a grin. "How could you not know it was us with all of their yapping. Or, yeah, you know.. ghosts don't make footsteps."

"Yeah, I knew, the spooks don't make footfalls when they walk," Patin said in a snarky tone. "Wasn't about to risk it though. Count your stars I didn't shoot'cha." She added as she turned towards Sarah. "Rest of you alright?"

Aurora stepped into the room, the entity in her mind still in control. “We are now...” she smiled sweetly, drawn immediately to Savar both as her love, and following her passions as stirred up by the entity.

Savar rose from his position. Relief in his eyes at seeing Aurora and that she was alright. "You are well Aurora?" He asked noticing her sweet smile.

“Ohh I’m just fine...” She walked across to him her fingers trailing across his uniform. “It is good to see you Imzadi.”

Savar looked at his wife, Aurora seemed more open in her manner towards him in front of others. He nodded at her comment, not sure of the validity of it but moved on "It is good to see you as well Aurora. Very good."

Aurora smiled, but deep inside her mind her own consciousness was trying to fight it’s way back through. She could only hope Savar would sense the battle within.

Aurora's actions gave him reason to pause. This was not typical behavior for Aurora which led him to believe there was an inner conflict going on within her mind. He looked at her. Her eyes weren't tinged green, but he nonetheless felt that Aurora was if not possessed she was still suffering some lingering effects. He didn't dare to a meld until he was sure, but he could do the next best thing he spoke to her via their mental bond. Aurora, my love. I sense a conflict how may I help you? The message was brief as Aurora’s attention was drawn elsewhere.

Kit stood up by the control machine, quickly scanned for the correct dial and swung it to the proper setting, if this was correct any entity in the room would be captured into one of the holding tanks. Her hand moved to the lever to activate the machine…..

Aurora rushed at Kit, “Stop that! Don’t touch that!”

Savar heard Aurora's mental plea for help and his doubts about her were confirmed as she rushed at Kit. He moved swiftly to block her. "Aurora. It is alright Everything will be alright. You will soon be alright." He glanced at Kit, "Proceed Kit."

With all do haste Ensign Thenis threw the switch and turned towards Lieutenant Commander Vali “Sorry commander, did you say something?” The machine began to hum and one of the storage tanks began to gurgle and bubble.

Aurora tried once more, attempting to force her way past Savar before she suddenly screamed and clutched at her head. She wasn’t in pain for long as the entity lost control of her mind.

"Counsellor!" Sarah rushed forward, tricorder and medkit in hand. She bore no respect for her own safety, merely that of others.

The chains in the storage tank began to rattle and thrash, the bubbles increased and swirled about.

Dean had finished checking on a different part of the chamber, before realizing what Kit was doing. "No, wait! Don't!" little late now though. Running over to the controls.

"She asked me to help her Sarah," Savar said as Sarah reached Aurora's side. I sensed her mind in turmoil and conflict. Will she recover?"

"Is she 'herself?'" Sarah asked directly, needing to know if Aurora was comprised or not.

Savar looked at Aurora and then to Sarah. "I believe she is herself Sarah. I sensed no other entity. However, I feel she has been under mental strain and that has led her to collapse."

Ronson watched as one of the creatures was drawn into the machine and spat out in the holding tank, it apparently had the ability to hold non-corporeal life forms as well. The creature screeched inhumanly as the support hoses attempted to connect with its body and the energy siphon began. Ronson's poor stomach was done for.

She tapped the tank as one does with fish. "Well, you don't see that everyday." Patin stood and half-joked, "Anyone know where I can get one of these, the creature or the setup, either works."

Kit looked at Patin and said quietly, "Sure, go back in time to around stardate -10/0303.21, become an Orion and presto there you have it. Must warn you though definitely want to be Orion, otherwise you end up a slave."

"Ugh....umm what are we gonna do" Ronson said between gags. "I think the rest of them might be a bit pissed." He commented. Noone knew what was also going on in the skies above them on board the ship where the battle raged anew.

Ensign Thenis looked over at the tank. "If this is what is left of an Imperial Orion, it will seek revenge. If it is a slave or victim of Imperial Orion's nothing much other than finding a way to relieve it of this state."

"That may or may not have once been an Orion, who knows." Dean gave a shrug, "However, I believe what Kit meant was, comparing how the creature is currently trapped, and from gathering it seems to be all the creatures or spirits, demons, are being used as slaves for a power source. Patin could..go back in time and be Orion, cause they are slavers, be queen of the green people. So she'd get her 'creatures' and 'slave machine' at the same time." Giving this 'you need help' glance to Patin and then back to the machine.

"I'm going to go out on a limb here and say if these truly are what we would call ghosts. That machine is using their 'ectoplasm' or plasma to power all of this. So perhaps leading us here is because whatever has hold of this place is distracted."

Aurora looked up. “They’re...attacking the ship.” She looked at Savar. “The one that had...access to my mind, it couldn’t hide it from me.”

Savar looked at Aurora as she spoke of the 'ghosts' attacking the Sunfire. "You are certain of this Aurora?" His hand going for his combadge to contact the ship. As he did, he informed the others, "The ghosts are attacking the ship."

Aurora nodded. “As it shared my mind I saw what it knew, they want to get away from here to escape.” She massaged her temples to relieve the headache she’d been left with.

"Not much we can do about that is there?" Patin offered while staring at the creature in the tank. She then pulled out a flat 'something' from her breast pocket. "I say we kill it. It'll be quick. This char burns at over 1000 degrees." There was fire in her own eyes but she caught Kit looking.

"Or, I could let you do it. I've noticed the Non-Fed standard knife your concealin' and I bet you're just itching to use it." Patin said with a know it all smirk on her face to Kit. "Maybe if we piss them off enough... they'll leave us be." No sooner had she said it that the green aura shifted red and a screech echoed through the castle walls.

“That’s not good” Aurora looked at the others. “We need to get out of here!”

Ronson bolted for the door, heading out in the corridor and looking both ways. Should they put in one last ditch effort to get to the tower and destroy what was summoning the energy and sending the pulses to the ship?



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