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Hunting pt 3

Posted on Sun Jan 22nd, 2023 @ 12:07pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Dean House & Patin

Mission: Planet of the Dinosaurs

Gerty shouldered the phaser rifle and looked around them. "Which way boss?" She asked House.

“Given the scans that we continuously took on the Runabout during our flight trips, about 2 kilometers west of the main river that’s nearby.” Dean pointed in that direction. Again, looking around for Patin.

Red left his phaser rifle in the ready position and turned in the direction Dean has indicated. "Any last words Cap'n?" He drawled, flashing a dazzling smile that made Rhenora's skin crawl. "Just stay safe, all of you." She replied.

Oh, there she was, getting her pack ready. So Dean just left her to finish that up. Looking to Red and Rhenora a moment. “That wasn’t creepy at all,” shaking his head.

Rhenora shrugged as Redshirt turned away and started off in the discussed direction without waiting for anyone else. The man was going to end up Dino food if he wasn't careful.

"You may have your hands full with that one" she quipped as Gerty looked torn between following Redshirt or waiting for Dean and Patin.

Okay. This should be funny, possibly. Leaning his head a little bit in Red’s direction. Taking in a breath before yelling in an alarmed voice, “Giant spider on your back Red!!!” Dean grinning the whole time as he did it, giving Rhenora a wink.

Red at first didn't react, as if contemplating if Dean would tell a furphy or not. The internal debate in his mind was reflected as he drew to a stop, then looked as though he'd walked through a giant spider web and squealed like a girl.

Rhenora couldn't help but grin before changing her tone just a tad. "He'll probably get you back for that. But watch him, he's too gung ho for his own good."

The grin was still there. Dean had done it on purpose, one was for amusement to see the reaction, the second was to make a point. “I don’t mind a little harmless pranking. As for to gung ho, look who you’re talking to.” Giving a little wave to Red, “Still think running off by yourself ahead of us is a good idea there, Crewman?”

"I'm hungry and I'd rather be hunting than yammering" Red retorted with a hefty dose of attitude. Gerty looked as though she wanted the ground to swallow her whole. Rhenora raised an eyebrow and waited for Dean to respond.

Dean wasn’t going to curb Red to much, considering the previous discussions about how everyone has been acting as of late. Particularly the longer that they have been there. That didn’t mean he was going to take shit from insubordination either. “Do you really want to test me with that attitude? You’ve already heard the stories. I’m fully aware of the gossip mill running around the lower decks. You’ll do as ordered and we’re not leaving just yet. If you are that hungry then you should have portioned out your MRE for the day. They’re called 24-hour for a reason.”

"MREs taste like shit" Red declared, almost daring Dean to challenge him. The Captain remained quiet, allowing House to handle the crewman. "I need some real food and I'm gonna get it" Red retorted and stalked off away from the group.

There was a glance given to Nora a moment, before Dean looked back towards Red. “This isn’t going to go well.” Holding his hand out in Gerty’s direction, palm up. “Knife.”

Gerty took the knife and shoved it in her belt, adding it to the tricorder and phaser that were already there. The phaser rifle hung from the strap on her shoulder, resting comfortably in front of her. “He’s gonna get himself killed, so long as he doesn’t take the rest of us with him” She said cautiously as she watched Red vanish into the distance. “Should we go after him?”

This took concentration, so Dean filtered everything else out around him. Just focusing on the shot. Flipping the knife over to hold by the blade before throwing it. Letting it sing and catch Red by the shoulder of his shirt and pin him against a tree. “He shouldn’t be going any where for the moment now. Though we should get moving before it gets any later. We’ll be hard pressed to get back by dark depending on how long this takes.”

Rhenora nodded, seeing that Dean had Red well in hand. "Be careful, well as careful as you can be hunting large game" she added as the team headed off.

“We will.” Motioning for the rest of them to follow him. Dean stopping long enough to pull the knife out of the tree and release Red. Giving it back to Gerty. “Keep an eye on the ground for tracks, also the brush having been disturbed. You can tell if it’s recent or not.”

Patin walked up, full tilt, stopped only briefly to throw in a jab before walking off. "If you children are done standing around with your wee wackers in your hands, we've got dinos to hunt." Bomb pack on her hip, phaser rifle in her hands, she had packed light and was ready for whatever came her way. Before anyone could even comment she was already 20 yards gone.

“And of course she’s gone. Here we’re worried about Red going off to get killed.” Though at least Dean knew enough about Patin to know she would be able to handle herself better. Or at least in this situation. Turning to take off after her so the four of them could group up.

Gerty looked between Red, Patin and Dean and wondered just what she'd volunteered for. Neither a great marksman with the rifle nor well versed in survival skills she suddenly felt very ill prepared for this little jaunt.



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