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Morning Day 3

Posted on Sat Jan 21st, 2023 @ 10:43pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant Sarah Wilson & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant JG Blake Leone & Lieutenant JG Aurora Vali

Mission: Planet of the Dinosaurs
Location: Camp

Aurora was awake early as she normally was to feed Sidak, when she’d awoken she had a pounding headache, but now she had fed Sidak and been cuddling him She was feeling a whole lot better.

“Did you do that?” She looked lovingly into her baby son’s eyes. “Are you somehow making me feel better? I wish I knew more about your people Sidak, maybe one day we will, whatever happens you’ll always be my son.” She grinned as Sidak stared up into her eyes as though he understood every single word she’d said.

Savar had taken a quick break in overseeing the various work details in progress in getting the camp back in order. He made his way over to Aurora and Sidak. he hid the fact his headache was back. "Aurora, how are you feeling and how is Sidak doing?"

Aurora smiled as she looked at Savar. “I was feeling a little rough, but I think Sidak has somehow helped me.” She looked into Sidak’s tiny eyes then back at Savar. “He hasn’t appeared unwell at all, I think he may be immune to the effects of this place.

Savar looked at their son as Aurora spoke. "That is intriguing Aurora. You may have something there. Have you spoken to Dr. Wilson about Sidak possibly being immune? If he is and Dr. Wilson can locate the reason for his immunity. it could pave the way for the entire crew to become immune."

Aurora nodded. “Yes I did, she said she’d look into it.” She smiled. “Are you feeling alright? Something tells me you’re holding back on me.”

Savar nodded, gritting his teeth together to prevent him snapping at Aurora. His control was slipping, and it was harder to keep from lashing out. "I am functional Aurora. Your concern for me is always comforting."

Meanwhile over in the medical tent, Sarah was working on a theory. Both Dean and Patin had reported feeling better once away from the camp, and those on the Sunfire hadn't reported any headaches yet just about everyone in the camp was suffering. She was running air samples, soils samples and water samples through the rudimentary tricorder analysis system and was trying to figure a common denominator. So far there were only half a dozen patients under her watch, the Commodore and Remal still had her stumped as to the cause of their illness, and the Captain would be released with a strict 'rake it easy' directive this morning. The others were still recovering from the cave in and would need further care.

The Captain roused and was antsy to get out of observation, Sarah couldn't tell whether it was the headache, the lack of coffee or the concussion that reined the Bajorans ire down on anyone in range. Sarah ran a quick tricorders scam before releasing the grumpy Captain on strict 'take it easy' orders. The CMO had an gut feel that something in the water may be responsible for their headaches. They'd all been drinking the same water which had initially scanned as safe, but perhaps the tricorders had missed something.

She used the samples she'd taken from Dean, Patin, Aurora and Sidak as trials, adding her own into the mix as well as that of the Captain's in an attempt to find a natural immunity or some form of defense they could use.

Blake woke early, as she always did. With a sigh, and a slight headache, she left her tent. She saw Aurora, Savar and Sidak nearby. She approached the family. "Hello", she greeted them. "Is there anything I can do to help?". She felt a bit like an intruder in their family time. At the same time, she was worried about Aurora, who seemed to be hit hard by constant headaches.

"Hello Lieutenant. Your help is welcomed. Just what do you propose to help with?" Savar questioned.

“Might I suggest a little babysitting?” Aurora smiled. “I’d like to try and help out around camp ..” she looked towards Blake. “if you don’t mind looking after Sidak for a little while?”

Far in the distance there was a rumbling, something had stirred up a herd of Dino's and they began to stampede, a blind panic run that would destroy anything and everything within their path.

Later that morning Rhenora was helping gather some local root vegetables for food, using the shovels and hoes used to cut the water channel to dig where they thought the potato and onion style vegetables were growing. It was hot work, but rewarding as they unearthed several dozen tubers that could be cooked up and used to keep the crew alive. Sweat beaded from her forehead and trickled down her spine as the sun rose to it's peak, blazing down from above and adding heat stress to the long list of ailments that plagued the crew.

Taking the proverbial fruits of their endeavors back down to camp the Captain ordered the team to rest for an hour, seeking the shake of the shelters or under the rocky overhang before they would head out again. Hopefully Dean's team would bring back some protein, otherwise it was going to be a very bland meal of potatoes.


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