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Laugh it up

Posted on Tue Jan 24th, 2023 @ 3:05am by Ensign Syrik
Edited on on Wed Jan 25th, 2023 @ 12:28am

Mission: Planet of the Dinosaurs
Location: Transport Tazrenn and USS Botany Bay

“Hey kid, get up here; we’re approaching the rendezvous point.” Azikio called out.

“Coming sir.” Syrik responded as he made is way up to the second seat in the ‘Bridge' of the transport ship. Once he took the seat, he activated the sensors to see how far away the Sunfire was. “That’s odd.” He mutters to himself after not finding any sign of the ship. “The Sunfire isn’t showing up on sensors. I’m increase the range of the search.” Syrik said quietly.

“Your ship better show up soon, I ain’t waiting’ here all day “ Azikio grumbled. “Bad enough I had to fly you all the way out here.”

“I’m sure they be coming within an hour.” Syrik answered. “I’m going to get my trunk up here to the transporter. Syrik said a few minutes later. As he left the bridge he heard more of his muttered tirade.

35 minutes later Syrik was back at the sensor station. “Sensors are picking up a ship entering sensor range.* Syrik sad, “Still to far away for accurate readings. “ Five minutes goes by seemingly lasting forever. “Not the Sunfire. Rigel class scout ship; USS Botany Bay.” Syrik said as the information came in. “I'm going to hail them, maybe with their sensors they can detect the Sunfire.”

“Trade ship Tazrenn to USS Botany Bay.”

On the Botany Bay the Ops Officer spoke up “Captain I’m receiving a hail from a trade ship Tazrenn. Maybe they’ve seen the Sunfire.”

“On screen, let’s not get our hopes up.”

The screen changed views showing a young looking Orion with pointed ears and in the background an older Orion sat in a command chair. “I’m Ens. Syrik; I was supposed to be rendezvousing with the USS Sunfire. Our sensors can’t detect it within range; I was hoping yours could.”

“Is this a joke, surely you’re not Starfleet Ensign, you can’t be more than 16 years old.”

“Sorry Captain … ; transmitting my credentials now” in the background the larger Orion broke out in loud laughter.

Captain Rhi Morselles glanced back to her Tactical/Security Officer. After a few seconds he nodded “Credentials check out Capt.”

“My apologies Ens. I’m Capt. Rhi Morselles, we’ve been out here six months without Shore leave. We’re currently on a mission to find the Sunfire.”

“No problem, Capt. Morselles, its not the first time I’ve had someone mistake my age and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Perhaps I could beam aboard and help with the search; I’m qualified for Flight Control, I could at least give your flight crew a few shifts off.”

“By all means Ens. Transport when ready; I’ll meat you in our transporter room.

Syrik appeared on the transporter pad of the Botany Bay. The first thing that was noticeable was the stench of being trapped in a small Orion transport vessel. Noticing the Captain’s and the transporter chief's reaction, Syrik lowered his eyes as you could see his cheeks and ears become brighter green. “My deepest apologies Captain. I have not had a proper shower in two weeks and I know that Orions naturally have an odor that can take a few hours to get used to. As I said on the comm; I am Ens. Syrik, at your service.

“Welcome aboard Ens. I am Capt. Rhi Morselles. The chief will transport you to quarters. Come find me when you’re presentable. “

“Yes Capt.”


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