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Repair Crew Day 3

Posted on Wed Jan 25th, 2023 @ 5:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Lieutenant Commander Thriss Kla'ren & Ensign Kitiuas Thenis & Lieutenant Thomas Haldeman & Senior Chief Petty Officer Ronson Mitchell

Mission: Planet of the Dinosaurs
Location: Sunfire
Timeline: Beginning Day 3

The next morning found the repair crew feeling warm. The sun was rising and without life support functioning at full capacity the heat from the now running warp core was permeating the ship. Combine that with the hot ambient temperate outside it was going to get uncomfortably hot.

" Maybe we should focus on life support, in essential areas?" Ronson comment as the small team gathered for their morning meal. He had raided some of the Captain's private coffee stash to treat the team to an early morning brew.

"That's not a bad idea Chief. It would certainly bring the temperature back to a more comfortable level." Tom replied as he sipped the coffee. Ronson had prepared for them all. "Say, that is a good cup of coffee. What's this called Ronson?"

Entering the room a few minutes later, stack of PADDs in her hands, Bonnie smiled at each of the recipients. "Good morning. I have carefully outlined a detailed organization chart prioritizing what needs fixed in order, who should fix it based on knowledge and experience and how long it should take. Please take a moment to peruse your assignments."

She was strutting around like an accomplished cat who had just woken from a long nap. Her hair was pulled up and back and there was an odd aire about her. Her papa would have said this was Bonnie on one of her good days. "You'll note fire suppression and life support are a priority as well as communication so we can contact the camp without issues."

She picked up a plate of food, possibly from the night before, and took a bite without thinking. The stale flavor and cold texture caused her to pause her chewing and her stomach to churn, before quickly turning and spitting it out. There were several uncomfortable set of eyes now on her.

Ronson looked up at Bonnie, who appeared to have organised the complete repair schedule off her own back during the evening. "Holy smokes Bon, you've been busy" He commented as he sipped his coffee. Turning to Tom he added "Oh, and this is called 'Keep the Captain Happy' blende, it tends to be my go-to when she needs to focus early in the morning."

Tom nodded, "I can see why you call it that. It is really good." His eyes went to the PaDD and the assignments Bonnie had delegated to him. He was silent as he waited for any further explanations.

Ronson perused the padd in front of him, looking at the organised and logical flaw of work and assignments. Each person had an allocated task and an allocated timeframe in which they should be able to accomplish it in.

"So we're looking at 3-4 months if everything stays on track?" He did the maths in his head, hoping to heck they weren't gonna be stuck on this rock for that long. "I hope they find us before the ..surely they'll find us before then." His eternal hope waned for a few moments.

"Ronson." Tom spoke quietly. "Don't think on that. Think on today and getting the ship repaired. You do that and you will be much better off. Don't give in to despair. Just take it one day at a time."

"Um, 2-3 weeks, actually. Technically we could move the ship within 2-3 days, but that's only if certain conditions are met." There were stunned looks upon their faces. "Um, look," she pointed at her diagrams. "I factored in shift and crew rotations and minimized what the ship would need in order to fly in space. If we focus on a select core of things and assuming the pylons are still attached, and we get help from the camp, I mean it... Could... Happen.". She had been caught rambling again.

"Okay. let's not get ahead of ourselves. We need to focus on the tasks before us and when we get those done, we can start to entertain thoughts of getting off this planet." Tom spoke calmly, not giving in to flights of fancy.

Bonnie was slightly taken aback as she lowered her head. The numbers did not lie and she had cross checked everything multiple times. There were several factors to consider like the angle the ship had crashed, etcetera. She knew it in her heart the Sunfire would soar once again. Unfortunately she was trying to convince a tired repair crew who were already over worked and over burdened. She needed relief.

Tom saw Bonnie's head drop. "Bonnie, this is a good plan. Count me in. I hope you didn't think i was against your plan. I'm not I only meant that we do the assignments and see where we are when we finish. Where do you want me to start first?" He asked, hopefully mending fences between them as well.

Ronson kept quiet and sipped his coffee watching the two reconcile with a small smile. He looked at his assignment on the padd and made a mental note to ask any questions before he started to streamline the process.

She rose her head and looked at Tom, grateful for the understanding. "Um, I think I have you down for fire suppression with Kit. She seems to know what's left to do and, well, we still need those fires under control before we can even think about the life support system. Meanwhile, Thriss and myself are going to be working in engineering to get communications and computer operations. Ronson, I wasn't 100% sure where you would be best served so you have a choice plus if you check your list I'm sure the Captain will be happy I prioritized her coffee machine."

"Fire suppression. You got it." Tom answered and them looked over to Kit. "Well Kit, once again we go into the breech. Let's get this done so we can get these fires out for good and be done worrying about them. What do you say?"

Kit smiled mischievously “You sure you’re ready for the heat?” She then looked at the PaDD and did a quick analysis “Best put out the spot fires on Deck Thirteen, wouldn’t want one of them to spread into the Deuterium Storage and Injector Assembly, otherwise the Captain and crew will be treated to a spectacular fireworks display as we explode. After that a small trip up to Deck Twelve and work o the Primary System Support Compartments, see if we can convince the ship’s automatic fire suppression systems to kick on.” Kit smiled again, she was sore and tired, having been going on little sleep. It was playing hell on her sleep cycles, but she was managing.

Ronson nodded and came up with an idea "how about I start with cleaning up the bridge as much as I can, and the Ready Room, make them functional spaces as much as possible. Then I'll come down and help you guys"

"Ronson, I think that is a great idea." Tom replied. Having the bridge and Ready Room made functional would also be a big boost for our morale. Get the coffee machine working again as well." He joked.

Tom smiled back at Kit, "I can handle and stand the heat Kit. Sounds good with starting on deck thirteen and them moving to deck twelve. We don't need to explode the ship and entertain the crew with awesome fireworks display."

As the group shuffled through breakfast and then prepped to disperse, Bonnie walked up to Kit and Tom. "Hey, uh, I wanted to apologize about last night. I was preoccupied with something we, er, I, uh found when we were shunting power." She shifted onto one heel. "There was this bio signature and an indication of an explosion that happened, like, before we crashed. And, well, just be safe down there okay?" She half smiled.

Tom looked at Kit and then back to Bonnie. "Bonnie, I apologize as well. I'd like to put it behind us, like it never happened." He paused as he considered the rest of her statement. "A bio signature? You think our crash was meant to happen? Darn straight we'll be safe down there."

Bonnie nodded in return. "Something feels off. I can't put my finger on it, but the sooner we can get communications stabilized the sooner we can let the Captain know. I'm sure she'll want more proof though... anyway." She had mentally trailed off again. So much to do and the longer they were on this planet it seem the less chance they would have at survival.

Tom slapped his hands together. "Right, come on Kit let's get to those fires and then see if we can get the fire suppression to cooperate with us." Tom said with a smile. He pointed to Bonnie, "You keep digging, if you need our help let us know and you keep safe as well."

"Let's do it" Ronson said as he rose, stretching his tired and aching muscles before heading for the bridge. The heart of the Sunfire was strewn with debris and all kinds of flotsam. Some he could do nothing about but some he could. With a determined stride he was going to make the best effort he could.



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