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Building a Bigger Better Picture pt.4

Posted on Tue Nov 2nd, 2021 @ 3:14am by Commodore S'thenosis Gorgox & Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Aurora Vali

Mission: *CD*
Location: USS Sunfire Holodeck
Timeline: Current-ish

When someone had built their whole life on revenge it was hard to change it within a few minutes.

Holo-Savar moved with the grace of a panther. His eyes locked on Maccet. No one was watching him.

Holo-Rhenora rose from the floor, determined to meet her fate on her feet.

" This will accomplish nothing other than an interstellar incident and the banishment of your command from the Cardassian Union" She said to his face, moving forward to stand within centimeters of his breastplate. Damn being short.

"An interstellar incident? I think not Captain. Your ship and crew will meet with an unfortunate accident and that will be the end of Captain Rhenora Kaylen." He pushed her back. causing her to stumble back. "On your knees!" He ordered.

"You don't think that Starfleet will come looking for answers if the Liberty fails to report in? Do you think this will all be swept under the carpet with no consequences? You'll end up back in prison where you'll rot in the fire caves" Rhenora shot back, wincing as the impact with the ground ricocheted from her knees through her body. There was definitely going to be some bruises tomorrow - if there was a tomorrow.

"Oh, I'm sure your Starfleet will come looking but they will find nothing but the dust of the former starship Liberty." He gloated.

" With Cardassian weapons signatures, and a Cardassian planet being their last known location. On what deranged level of logic are you operating on? You're ass will be hung out to dry and you'll rot in a Federation prison if your beloved Cardassian Union doesn't hot fry your ass for causing such an interstellar incident. You can't win Maccet." She was goading him, trying to get him to make a mistake either herself or Savar could take advantage of.

He obliged by slapping her again. "I will win! You will be a memory and I will rise to even greater glory in the Cardassian Union."

The Captain reeled from the blow, stumbling and hitting the wall of the cave unable to use her hands to protect herself. She slumped against it, bleeding from a fresh head wound. The cave span in lazy circles from her viewpoint and she could already hear the lectures from both Doc Wilson and Remal coming when they got back. If they got back.

Watching with extreme trepidation, S'tenosis commented on what she was witnessing, "Goading him on, interesting choice. You seem to welcome death Captain." Just as she finished, the Holo version of Savar lept from the cave at Maccet.

He lept out of the cave in a flash and atop Maccet, throwing him like a twig away from Rhen. Then he pounced again, not giving the Cardassian leader a chance to recover as he picked him up off the ground, shaking him like a rag doll before wrapping both hands tightly around Maccet's neck and slowly squeezing the life out of him.

"You...will...hurt...the Captain no more." Holo-Savar growled savagely as Maccet tried to pry the Vulcan's fingers from his neck but they were like two steel vises. Macett's hand went to his face and scratched and clawed deep wounds in it but Savar was undeterred and his hands remained clamped around the Gul's throat.

"Savar...don't kill him" Rhenora said from her position against the wall, concentrating was difficult but she understood that Savar's blood fever was kicking in and that Maccet was most likely not going to survive the experience.

Savar heard a voice from far away. It was the Captain, she didn't want him to kill the treacherous Cardassian. "He... is evil...evil must be destroyed." He gasped, trying to keep his mental awareness in place.

" Not like this" The Captain replied, struggling to get to her feet. " Let him answer for his actions in a court of law, this is not the way"

"Computer, pause," S'thenosis spoke firmly before moving around the holographic versions of Savar and Maccet. She studied them for a long silent moment before looking at Savar. "I see a hate-filled bloodlust in your eyes Mr. Savar. Most unfortunate. I'm sure you can understand how this will look to the courts?"

"I do Commodore and I am equally sure you hear me answering Captain Kaylen rationally," Savar commented coolly looking directly at the Commodore.

"Hmm, I do. Though I should not have to remind you that it is not I which you have to convince. In this moment," She pointed at the look in holo-Savar's eyes. "This becomes a character attack against you. If for any reason they have proof that you attacked him in cold blood, and they do," She took a moment and pointed at the guards who were standing around, watching the attack as it happened. "They will not hesitate to drive your character through the muck."

"With all respect Commodore, I prevented Maccet from killing a defenseless Starship Captain in cold blood or has that escaped your gaze?" Savar answered. "My actions were logical. I could not allow him to kill Captain Kaylen."

She met him with a steely gaze. "Be careful with your words Commander for I see more than you realize." She looked to the hired men who were watching the 'show' as Kaylen had put it. "For instance, these men were paid to trap you and your beloved Counselor and hold you as bargaining chips," She gestured, "yet they failed in that task in spectacular fashion. This mistake on their part may play into our favor for your defense."

She turned back towards Savar, "And yes Commander, I clearly see your selfless act to defend your defenseless Captain. But I fear the procouncil and the prosecution will see a completely different picture. After all, logic falters when the picture changes in favor of our opponent, wouldn't you agree?"

"I would not presume to debate you, Commodore. I will only say that defies logic. It was and is obvious that Gul Maccet was going to kill Captain Kaylen. You have heard his words and seen his actions. I could not allow him to carry out his agenda." Savar replied unruffled.

"Truth lies in perspective, as does the fallacy of logical minds Commander." She turned facing Holo-Rhenora and Maccet. The pair in front of her and the unfinished story, the snapping of the neck, and the end results all disappeared with her next words.

"Computer, run program Gorgox Beta two-three, rewind to time index 13:57 I believe." The computer responded with a bee-beep and then everything changed. The atmosphere in the holodeck appeared darker, the storms around them more violent, the wind blew harder spreading dust and debris in its wake. In front of them, the scene changed.

The guards were in their places, yet seemed more attentive and better dressed than they were before. It was as if slight details were the same while others differed. In the front center, Captain Rhenora stood defiantly in cuffs while a regal-looking Maccet stood before her. He was walking around her, and speaking in a tone completely different than what they had witnessed prior.

"You stand accused, Rhenora Kaylen, of crimes against the Cardassian people. You invited us onto your ship and proceed to spread infection, which had I not been inoculated as a child, may have killed me. You are so hell-bent on your lifelong crusade to hunt down and destroy the Cardassian people, you failed to take in the susceptibility of your own crew to the virus. Your own counselor now rots because of your actions." He gestured towards the cave where a cage held the infected counselor and a red-eyed Savar.

Never once during his monologue did he hit Rhenora, or hurt her in any way. Then as he continued his speech, there was a loud crash from within the cave and then a savage-looking, red-eyed holo version of Savar emerged from the cave, tackling Maccet to the ground. There was a quick glimpse that indicated holo-Savar was perhaps foaming at the mouth. The pair wrestled around for a moment before standing to face one another. Maccet was bleeding from the head, holo-Savar from the mouth.

Maccet pulled out a knife and waved it in an effort to defend himself. "Back off. Do it or my men will kill you and your Captain." A moment passed. A bolt of lightning struck nearby, distracting everyone except Holo-Savar, who took the opportunity to rush in again, grabbing Maccet by the neck and snapping it clean.

Just as the dead body fell to the floor, S'thenosis paused the program once more before turning to Savar. "We received this footage from a member of the prosecution team. It would seem someone else's perspective differs from the picture we are attempting to paint. This is where the logic you so dutifully cling to, must not falter. And this is why, we have our work cut out for us."

"Obviously the tape has been edited, doctored Commodore." Savar replied. "However knowing it had been doctored it not the same as proving it. My logic remains steadfast and I realize we have considerable work ahead of us." Savar replied.

“How can they do that!?” Up until now Aurora had kept quiet, but seeing the lies in front of her eyes had made her upset, and angry. “That’s total lies!!”

" They don't care, we made a martyr out of Gul Maccet and they are determined to see his legacy shine. The truth doesn't matter" Rhenora replied sagely " However what we do have is the sensor logs from the Liberty as it orbited the planet showing the location of all parties, plus we have the internal recordings from the their party was on board, as well as the medical data relating to the virus that proved to be Cardassian in origin." She sighed, knowing their battle was going to be a tough one.

"Captain Kaylen is correct. There is no 'tape', no recorded footage. All that we have is our own perspective and they have theirs. It boils down to evidence on hand. We have logs that show the spread of the infection which will be admissible." She sighed slightly, showing her frustration.

"Computer end program." The computer responded and everything disappeared leaving only a familiar grid behind. "We must remain vigilant and true to our story. In the end our opponent will break and the real story will emerge. Until then, hope for a neutral judicator." She raised her eyebrow and looked at the trio. "I have faith in the system. I know the laws. We will be victorious, do not worry." She glanced at Aurora as she finished.

"Indeed." Savar replied. "One must have and place faith in what knows. You are correct Commodore when you say we must remain vigilant . We must be an owl an owl is traditionally a symbol of wisdom, so we are neither doves nor hawks but owls, and we are vigilant when others seek to destroy or undermine us." He turned to Aurora, "My wife do not worry...too much we will prevail for right must always prevail."

Aurora nodded. “I hope so Imzadi, life without you doesn’t bare thinking about.”

"I understand your concern Aurora however we must be strong as well as vigilant the Commodore suggests. To do otherwise is admitting defeat and wrong doing." Savar replied with quiet resolve.

The Captain stood quietly, shaken by the reply of events and the possibility that Savar may be found guilty. He was irreplaceable as an XO, and more importantly he was one of her closest friends. She composed herself before turning back to the woman who had once been her adversary.

"Commodore, I cannot thank you enough for your assistance and guidance in this matter. I am confident we will be successful with you leading the defense."

"I too am confident of our chances." Savar joined in. "I know you will do your best and I have the upmost respect in your ability Commodore."

"Well," she flicked her tongue. "Since we are all in a collaborative agreement, you may be dismissed until I have further questions about this investigation. I am afraid now is but a waiting game we must play to bide our time "



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