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Dinner PT 2

Posted on Wed Nov 3rd, 2021 @ 5:31am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun

Mission: *CD*
Location: Captain's Quarters

“ But they aren't aware we’re onto whatever it is that's going on.” She started, “ Besides at the very least we need to attend the service…”

"Don't even think about it, I know what you're planning. Why is it you always resort to using yourself as bait for our enemies? Every single opportunity you have where someone is seeking to do you harm, you place yourself out there on a pedestal just waiting, headstrong and stubborn. No, not this time." He was adamant, defiant. When had they risen so high and acquired so many enemies? He braced himself for an argument even as he pulled the pasta from the pot and began prepping the sauce.

“ And when has the needs of the one overridden the needs of the many? If someone is indeed picking off our friends it’s our duty to protect them and work out why. I can’t sit idle and allow this continue” She challenged, not raising her voice but there was a determination that would be a force to be reckoned with. “Could you? When your gut told you there’s something going on?”

"Of course I would not stand by. I would do something, same as you, but why you, huh? Why is it always you who's the shiny center of attention? Especially now that it's not just you who will suffer should something go wrong." His normally careful hands almost slipped, spilling a few pieces of pasta out of the colander onto the cook surface. She had him shaken from the thought of losing her rather than their cell mates.

“ I can’t ask the crew to follow a hunch, it’s not a Federation matter, it’s a Bajoran one and the law enforcement on our world is so stretched that I fear they’ve missed something. OR I could be completely over reacting and it is nothing other than a mere coincidence, you know what they say about pregnant women and overreacting.” She shrugged her shoulders, trying to lighten the mood a little. “At the very least we can take some time to visit our old friends”

The stress he held in his shoulders and neck relaxed a wee bit, maybe had over reacted too. After all it wasn't necessarily her fault she was the target on everyone's hot list. "It would be enjoyable to visit old friends," he rolled his eyes, "at least some of them. I seem to remember a certain Balin Turn who irritated the senses with just his breathing." He finished combining the pasta and sauce and began serving up plates.

"With just his breathing? A remarkable talent indeed even for a Bajoran" she retorted with the hint of a smile "pray tell how does one irritate by mere breath? Perhaps we could use it on our foes"

Remal’s mood lightened further allowing a chuckle to escape his lips. “He was a man who had never heard of a toothbrush. On top of that, he loved to talk, up close, like this.” Remal leaned in and got uncomfortably close to Rhenora. He then mimicked Balin, “Hello, how are you on this lovely day? Have I ever told you about the time I took out a squad of Carddy’s before breakfast? No? Well, sit right on down and let me tell you all about it.”

He then backed off, “And then he would practically compel you to sit down and listen to his stories, which had little in the way of a plot mind you, for hours on end.” He moved off to set the pasta on the table along with his own plate. “I can’t remember the number of times I’ve fallen asleep listening to him drone on. And if I never hear his story about strangling a guard with just a piece of string and a button, I’ll die happy.”

Rhenora raised her eyebrows at the terms string and button but knew better than to delve any further at the moment. That would be a great conversation in a shuttle ride back down to Bajor when they had nowhere else to be. “Perhaps when we visit him, we could acquaint him with a toothbrush?” She chuckled as they settled down at the dinner table.

He sat down and prepped to start eating, then stared at her with a stone face, “We don’t actually have to visit him do we?”

“ If we determine that it’s not just me overreacting and there is something going on - we should visit those that are left, if nothing else to warn them of what we know.” She ladelled some pasta onto her plate “ However I do very much hope that it’s just over reacting”

“As do I. So,” He spiraled a fork and made sure to add a piece of meat to complete the bite. “When do we leave?”

“ Tomorrow morning, I have a meeting with Commander Savar to temporarily turn over command in case things get a little protracted, I’m hoping it will only take a day or so, but if we find further intel, I want the option to pursue it without compromising the Sunfire’s integrity and mission plans. ” She poured a glass of wine for herself and her husband.

He placed a bite in his mouth and chewed slowly, not really taking his gaze off of her. When he finally swallowed he felt it prudent to comment one last thing, “You really feel it’s going to be bad don’t you? I can’t remember the last time you gave up command of your ship, for anything.” There was a combination of surprise and worry in his voice.

“I’m really hoping it’s not, however considering the lack of resources meant the investigations into all of these deaths were substandard if they happened at all. There’s some digging to do, but we may uncover nothing other than an unfortunate series of events outside of anyone’s control” She explained, meeting his eyes and letting her passion for life do the talking. “If we can make a difference, I feel we need to”

“No, I get that. It’s just rare to see you give up the thing you love the most to go off on your own, chasing ghosts.” He took another bite, his appetite quickly being fulfilled.

“I understand, I have my reasons, one of those being a chance for Savar to step up in the short term before he needs to step up for a longer term when the baby decides to make its appearance” She mused as she tucked into the meal, her ever presence hunger refusing to be satisfied.

“So a trial run, before his run at a trial.” He chuckled as he cracked a joke at Savar’s expense. “I think I understand. What happens if the feces hits the turbine?”

“ With the Cardassian trial? Or if we find something hinky on Bajor?” She raised an eyebrow at him.

He lapped up the last bite of food on his plate, already craving something fruity to drink. “Both, either, you’re supposed to be at the trial right? With three weeks to go, and the Sunfire heading back into the Gamma to take on the Cardassian mystery, you’re sure everything is just going to somehow be alright? No wonder you’ve been extra stress tight when I massage your shoulders.” He smiled because he was being sly in his suggestive wording and he knew it, and maybe so did she.

“ I know, and I’m hoping the Sunfire doesn’t come up with anything bizarre while they’re back in the Gamma Quadrant. I doubt our investigation on Bajor will take three weeks, although I won’t complain about spending an extended period on our homeworld” She shrugged her shoulders as she rolled them to release the tension. “ You know me too well though”

He downed half a glass of Springwine, “It’s what I do after all, call it a hobby. After dinner, I will make sure to postpone my appointments. They’ve been light lately and I believe Aurora has been feeling better since Sidak’s birth. So there shouldn’t be any issue there. Then I’ll make sure to pack for an extended stay, maybe make a few contacts for lodging and such.” He eyed her, “You can take care of the transportation and food.”

“It’s a deal...I’ve booked a shuttle for 1000 hours in the morning, I’ll add an additional seat. We can book the return trip once we’ve sorted everything else out. As for food… ummmmmm…..” Her voice trailed off in the way it does when she admits she hadn’t thought of that particular detail.



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