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Kick the Tires and Light the Fires (Extension Part 2)

Posted on Sun Sep 5th, 2021 @ 10:57pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Finchley Kerr & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Lieutenant Dean House & Lieutenant Thriss Kla'ren & Lieutenant Aurora Vali & Commodore S'thenosis Gorgox

Mission: Gamma Quadrant
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


" Is there something you would like to add Commodore?" Rhenora regarded the Dragon with a look. She kept her tone civil, or tried to.

"A moment of your time if you please, Captain." S'thenosis requested. "Alone." She added, making it an order and somewhat final.

" Of course, Dismissed everyone, we ship out in 2 hours" The Captain nodded to the assembled officers, rising as everyone else did so. She remained behind though.

Finchley rose from his seat and looking at Rhenora said "I'll try to find out if there's been anymore Intelligence on the area we'll be going to Sir, and if there's anything else on the possible whereabouts of the Bajoran carriers."

" Thank you Commander, I appreciate any intel you can gather before we get there" Rhenora smiled at the new officer.

With that he nodded to his CO and left the Conference room.

Everyone in the room had their orders, which some may need to work with other departments as they had just the two hours to get ready to move out. Filing out that left all of them spreading out. It also left them time to notify the one that were not in the briefing what was going on. As well as pass that down to those in their department they were in charge of.

There was probably a curious look or thought what Rhenora was wanting to be talked to about in private. Senior staff may be so, or they just weren't worried about it, as if it was that important, she'd tell them. There was obvious tension a bit because of the outburst from Aurora and finding out that her husband may or may not be on trial for murder.

Dean gave a look a moment as he stepped out onto the Bridge and over to his station, starting to direct orders, mostly just through the console and not verbally. Those of which were to be prepared again for for the ship heading back into the dragon's lair.

Captain Kaylen Rhenora strode back onto the bridge after her conversation with Commodore S'Thenosis - several things rolling around in her mind regarding timing, importance and the utmost need to not get anyone killed. No pressure. There was the undercurrent of political motivation regarding Savar's impending trial, which would strain the Cardassian/Federation alliance. Nothing like a little motivation to make sure everyone made it in tact and on time to the hearing.

" All departments, report readiness" She requested as she slipped into her command chair, the contoured seat fitting her form like an old glove.

Savar sat in the XO's chair. His face impassive as if chiseled out of stone. he gave no indication of any stress or pressure. It was another day at the office if you looked at him. Calm and serene not a trouble in the world. He nodded as Rhenora sat down. "Captain." he acknowledged.

"Engineering reports as ready, and our engines and warp core are online Captain" Thriss said from the engineering station.

"Um..." Bonnie start, unsure if it was her turn or not. "All computer systems are operating at peak communications efficiency. Long range communications on the other side of the wormhole may still pose a problem until we can get a relay in place." She reported knowing her and Avarak were no closer to figuring out their subspace communications issue.

Aurora was sitting in her seat, “Counseling department stands ready Captain.” She offered a smile even though she didn’t feel very settled knowing what Savar was facing.

"Strategic Operations ready Sir" Finchley replied "we've two reports coming through from the USS Patterson that require verification, once we have those verifications I'll submit the findings to you,"

"Please do" Rhenora replied calmly, breathing in the heady scent of adventure as the Sunfire prepared to launch. All departments were reporting ready, it was time for them to leave the safety of DS9 and be on their way again.

"Ops, clear us to leave, Helm bring us around, bearing 270 mark 15" the Captain ordered, her heart beating just a little faster. She recalled her conversation with the Commodore from earlier. No pressure....

He glanced up a moment, "Sorry, Captain. Was coordinating with my department and getting them ready. Tactical and combat readiness optimal." Dean gave a nod.

" All right everyone, let's go do this" Rhenora said with a smile as the Sunfire moved from DS9 and slowly repositioned on the trajectory of the wormhole. Kick the tyres - hopefully not light too many fires along the way.


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