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Team House pt 2

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2023 @ 12:45pm by Commander Jenna Ramthorne & Commander Dean House & Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & 1st Lieutenant Kate Score & Lieutenant Sarah Wilson

Mission: Halloween
Location: Castle - Servants Entrance
Timeline: Current

"Commander Savars team is in the foyer, do we want to hook up with them or continue on our own?" She asked.

"Wait, Commander, I'm reading an energy buildup in the northern tower!"

Aurora looked concerned. “An energy build-up? What kind of energy build up?”

"Whatever it was, it just left in a bolt towards the Sunfire." Sarah mused as she tracked the bolt. The energy within the castle shifted as the other team defended themselves, irritating the creatures. "Whoa, anyone else feel that?"

Aurora nodded. “Yes...the emotions have changed now, they’re angry, very angry!”

"Well that's not a good thing." Sarah echoed as the temperature seemed to drop. She shivered and heard an evil cackling overhead. With their only exit now sealed behind them they had nowhere to go but forward. "I'm trying to determine some kind of floor plan. It's tricky with the tricorder signal going in an out but I think the other team are here. If we take these two corridors and go through that ballroom, we should get there"

"Yeah..I felt that for sure." Dean looked back ahead of them. "I was more thinking that we head for Dracula's tower up there. However, I'm open to a vote. We're going to end up both places at some point I'm sure."

Sarah mused over the options. If they got to the tower and stopped the creatures there then the other team would be safe, the ship would also be safe. It did however mean more risk for the immediate team. "Let's go to the tower" she finally replied.

Aurora nodded, the strangest feeling of excitement and that of passion starting to creep throughout her body. Though she hadn’t been physically touched by the entities, the mental ‘touch’ was enough to begin to affect her sensibilities. She bit her lip as she thought about Savar, knowing he was nearby she yearned for him.

The team moved along the long corridor towards a narrow winding set of stairs. "Up there, two floors" Sarah advised, indicating a point high above them. The creatures seemed to be leaving them alone, for the moment

Aurora followed on behind, the entity in her mind keeping track of every move and every word said as they made their way to the tower.

It was slow going, pausing intermittently to scan for further creatures as they rose, but they made it to the third floor, now high up in the tower. The large room was further up this corridor and up another set of stairs but the hair on Sarah's arms prickled with the built up energy.

"This just feels weird" She mused as they moved forward.

Sarah didn’t see the sly smile on Aurora’s face as she spoke, it was fast replaced by an innocent one. “No doubt it’ll be worth it once we get there.”

"Are you ok Aurora?" Sarah asked as they ascended the final stairs, a large observatory style room lay just ahead, doors large and ornate closed before them. "I can't get a reading of what's inside"

Dean wasn't really focused on to much else other than watching the team, and what was around them. Ignoring or trying to ignore the sensations around them. Particularly the aire around them. It obviously wasn't right, and didn't feel right. That darkness pushing. "I don't think it's going to matter if we could or not," said as he moved up directly in front of the doors. Looking up slowing a bit, then back down.

Testing the handles, Dean found them unlocked. Taking a half step back and putting his hands on each, giving a hard shove. Continuing to do so until they were open enough to give one last shove so they opened nearly all of the way. (Two Towers Aragorn entrance at Rohan heehee)



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