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Mission debrief

Posted on Mon Mar 29th, 2021 @ 8:26am by Commander Jodon Arlidd & Lieutenant Commander Sandy "Ghost" Shannon & Lieutenant Kedzi Direx
Edited on on Mon Mar 29th, 2021 @ 8:27am

Mission: Status of the Tribes
Location: Deck 1 - Observation Lounge

Jodon sat at the head of the table in the Observation Lounge the starship was under his acting command and it was already en route to its mission he had to inform the Department Heads and Acting Department Heads about the mission. Nothing he hadn't done before.

Sandy grabbed her coffee and egg sandwich and took off for the observation lounge and the mission brief. Finally, something to wrap her hands around she hoped.

Stepping off the lift, she walked into the observation lounge and saw the Commander. "Morning Cmdr. Arlidd. A fine morning for a gathering sir," she said, taking her seat and sipping her coffee.

Jodon looked out of the window then back at the Ghost," Yes it's sunnier than yesterday," He said jokily.

Kedzi had her morning Klingon coffee, Raktajino with her as she walked into the observation lounge to take a seat."Hello everyone."

Once the Heads of departments had assembled Jodon got up from his seat and walked towards the display controls standing beside it, "USS Phoenix Curry Class under command of Captain Sakkar lost during 2373 It restocked at the City of Aldar on Eta Serpentis VI then joined up with a small taskforce... It never reached the taskforce... Starfleet has received its distress signal and we are ordered to bring any crewmember back if we can I'll take questions at the end," Jodon said then began to tap at the controls.

A Vulcan Male with black hair sitting in the middle of a small size bridge, "This is Captain Sakkar of the Phoenix requesting assists we're under attack by Dominion ships, warp core breach in progress this message will repeat," Then the message faded back to the display overlay.

"Any questions?" Jodon asked standing beside his seat.

"Dominion ships?" said Alie.
Dumbfounded as she was, this was the first time she heard Dominion ships in weeks.

Kedzi looked at the picture and looking at Alie, "I feel the same way as you, about Dominion ships Alie, I like to know how myself." Kedzi said to alie and everyone sitting down.

"The ship was attacked during the first year of the Dominion War and I'm interested in finding out why and how they were so deep into Federation space but it's likely they will no longer be in the system when we arrive," Jodon said

"Okay then," Jodon said "Back to your stations we'll be there in 3 hours at our current speed,"



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