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Commander Jodon Arlidd

Name Jodon Arlidd

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species ½ Bolian & ½ Trill
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 180 lb
Hair Color Light blue
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Light blue hair that's short and a little bit wavy. Blue skin with trill spots from his forehead down to his feet. Bright blue eyes showing he has a deep passion for something. Bolian ridge that's only on his forehead. Rough face meaning he needs to shave sometime this week. Average height and weight for a Trill or Bolian male.


Spouse Tajii Didyjm (Joint Trill Female)
Children Jajabs Didyjm-Arlidd
⅓ Bolian & ⅖ Trill Male
1 year old
Father Karlin Arlidd (Bolian) *DECEASED*
Mother Derix Nuvin (Trill) *DECEASED*

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jodon Arlidd is a kind person but has a passion for Engineering meaning in his spare time he likes to repair or create his own items. He cares for everyone including junior officers to task force command something rare in officers after the war.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

Ambitions Have command of a starship. He's the Captain of a Starbase but to him, that's a desk job day in day out signing paperwork and having to pass it up to task force command and sector command. Jodon would like a ship simply to explore the galaxy see the wonders that are hidden but for now, he's stuck commanding Starbase 247-B.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies
Jodon likes a game of football from Earth and sometimes a match of cricket tho he hasn't played cricket in awhile. Jodon also likes to construct anything from model houses to changing the fuse in a plug.

Over his years he's had something that's interested him like the Jewish religion and history. He loves politics but doesn't plan on running for anything for the time being.

Personal History Jodon Arlidd was born on the Mars colony in the sol sector but his parents died when he was at the age of 2 and there weren't many family members left or that could be contacted. He was placed into foster care meaning that was just an acting home till they found somewhere. But when he started schooling he made friends and during the second year of secondary school, his friend family adopted him his friend Tajii Didyjm would later become his wife.

After completing his GED at the age of 16 he went to college to study Carpentry graduating with an A*. Then joined Starfleet as an Engineer. He enjoyed his time at the Academy tho he was a trouble maker and threatened to be kicked out at times but he made plenty of friends and few rivals.

His first posting was on the Federation Starship Sitting Bull a Sovereign Class. He was a junior officer but he had ideas despite being fresh out from training. His ideas were always taken seriously but his work was heavy spending times crawling in jerrfy tubes.
In the year 2374, the Dominion War was in its second year and the ship was nearly destroyed along with 99% of this crew was killed Jodon was field promoted to Lieuteant full grade and was granted the role of Chief engineering officer he spent most of the time re-building the ship. But he managed to fix the ship and reminded at the rank and position for a year.
When the war was at an end the position of Second Officer was opened up and he applied and tried his dang best to get it he was young but through his skill and devotion, he was granted it. Tho it was hard to adjust to at first but later on, he adjusted and make a good second officer he had seen the Captain always used to say.

The war had ended he was a second officer but Command sent him to the Federation Starship Hawi as it's her first officer. The war costed the lives of many good officers and the Hawi wasn't on the frontline it was just an Oberth class but he served on the ship for only a month he worked night and day. Earning himself the captaincy of Starbase 247-B. He wasn't asked it was the year of recovery from the war, being a good little soldier he followed the order to take command of Starbase 247-B.

Here is where he got married and started to be slowly eaten by paperwork. His wife and himself made a life here she owned a chain of bars across starbases and lead this bar herself she fell pregnant on the year 2377 to their firstborn. But Jodn grew tired of paperwork it was eating him up and he started to gain weight like he was an admiral at sector command that was drowning in paperwork. He knew he had to wait for the time and wait he did a whole year till the Starship Sunfire was due to dock for major repairs and crew transfers. The crew had a new Captain but not a new command team. Jodn talked to the ships task force command it was hard plus he thought that he wouldn't get to see the light at the end of the tunnel but he did and was placed on detached duty to the Sunfire while Starbase 247-B was to have someone at the rank of Captain who'd be detached to the base.

Happily no longer dealing with paperwork and a future of weight gain. all the work he had to do was sign stuff on PADD's. His wife didn't like the fact that their relationship would return to the old ways of talking over subspace but she wasn't happy at all and still doesn't accept his action of joining the Sunfire. His marriage may be possibly deemed to fail. None the less he has solved an issue with paperwork and a future of being overweight.
Service Record 2378 - Present
Detached Duty
USS Sunfire
Acting Captain
Commander - Present

2378 - 2378
Detached Duty
Colony Haven Point
Acting Commanding Officer
Commander - Present

2378 - 2378
Detached Duty
USS Sunfire
Acting Second Officer & Chief Diplomatic Officer
Commander - Commander

2378 - 2378
Detached Duty
USS Sunfire
Acting Executive Officer
Commander - Commander

2375 - 2378
Starbase 247 - B
Commanding Officer
Commander - Commander

2375 - 2375
USS Hawi
Executive Officer & Chief Diplomatic Officer
Commander - Commander

2375 - 2375
USS Sitting Bull
Second Officer & Chief Engineering Officer
Lieuteant Commander - Commander

2374 - 2375
USS Sitting Bull
Chief Engineering Officer
Lieuteant - Lieuteant Commander

Filed promotion to Lieuteant full grade

2370 - 2374
USS Sitting Bull
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Ensign - Lieuteant

2366 - 2370
Starfleet Academy
Major Engineering
Minor Diplomacy
Cadet Freshmen - Ensign

2365 - 2366
Major Carpentry
Age 17