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Lieutenant Kedzi Direx

Name Kedzi Direx

Position Guest Player

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 150
Hair Color lite Brown with blonde high lites
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Kedzi Is a spirited Trill, she was born and raised On Trill. She has a lot of outstanding qualitys that gave her way through Starfleet.

Favorite saying: I am what I am and Thats all that I am." - Robin Williams - "Popeye"


Spouse None
Children N/A
Father Kiran Direx
Mother Meeri Direx
Brother(s) Kaibim Direx
Bariad Direx
Sister(s) Gena Direx
Kazre Direx
Other Family Other Family - Dad's-parents Deceased Father -Tedraar Direx/ Mother-besia Direx
Moms Parents ,Alive -janha memahl - Father- Tedraar memahl

Personality & Traits

General Overview - Kedzi Direx - is a spirited woman who likes to meet others,and have fun, on the Starship on the holodeck. Jedre being a trill she gets to understand herself , she wasn't excepted yet for Trill hosting on her planet Trill.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kedzi - is an ambitious person she's a real go-getter, she knows how to get it done
Things done right away, or on different happenings, or Starfleet
info, and other Starfleet doings.
She don't have alot when it comes to Weaknesses,She was a bit klumsy when she was a child.
Now she concentrates on being herfelf, not be like anyone else.
Ambitions To be the best she can at anything,and hoping soon she'd get word to her own Simboint, she's very ambitious and finding out information, and gets along with others, and likes hanging with others to anyplace they like to go and join the party.
Hobbies & Interests Interests Kedzi - was born on trill and was hoping she would be next Trill
To be mated with a symbiont soon. Her hobbies are walks in the park, bike riding,
meeting the right guy whoever comes along

Personal History - Kedzi -was Born on Trill, and was an excellent student in School,
she started School on Trill, later on, did schooling on earth, before joining
Starfleet Academy.
She was a strong studier so she could get good grades in
The academy to fulfill her dreams in Starfleet
Service Record Starfleet Academy four 5 yrs
USS-Thunderchild - 4yrs
USS-Griffin - 6 yrs
Transferred to USS-Sunfire