Old battlefeild's

Posted on Thu Apr 8th, 2021 @ 9:22am by Commander Jodon Arlidd

Mission: Status of the Tribes
Location: Deck 1 - Bridge


"Now approaching Serpentis star system sir," The Helm called out from the Helm.

Jodon sat in the Captain's chair and was just signing off some PADD's with the Yeomen, "Drop us out of wrap Tactical begin a system-wide scan," Jodon commanded then waved the Yeomen away

"Aye, sir," The Officer sir tapping at the controls then replying "There's debris from many starships Federation and Dominion... I'm getting a faint distress signal from the 3rd planet in the system,"

"Helm set course and enter a high orbit full impulse," Jodon commanded.

"Aye sir," The Helm Officer said now tapping at her console.

"Ensign anything unusual? Gases? Anomalies?" Jodon asked

"No sir," Called out the Ensign tapping at her console.

"Sir we have a transmission from the 3rd planet," The officer at Tactical called out.

"On screen, please," Arlidd commanded at least first contact was made.

On the main viewscreen was a Female with blonde hair, "I'm Ensign Rita Valentine... Glad you're finally here. Sitrep. Captain Sakkar died along with the 2XO and Helm only 10 crew remain the First Officer Commander Hatheway he suffered a catatonic depression so I took over... We also discovered 7 stowaway kids upon crash landing," She said "We don't know the planet but it's the coldest temperatures down to -30 c,"

"Okay Ensign prepare for extraction I'll beam myself down to your location USS Sunfire Commanded by Arlidd out," Jodon said. Well, that was easy enough now moving an entire village out of there was going to be hard.