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Change of power

Posted on Mon Mar 1st, 2021 @ 4:36pm by Captain Margaret Reese & Commander Jodon Arlidd

Mission: Status of the Tribes
Location: Starbase 247 - CO office

Jodon had just finished talking with Lieutenant Commander Sandy "Ghost" Shannon and now he had orders to report to Captain Reese who was the acting Captain of the Sunfire until she found someone to take the reins until the Captain returned. He was stood outside his old office the Station Commander's Office.

Reese heard the chime and called enter after seeing it was Jodon she pointed to a chair across from her desk while she stood looking out of the window.

"As you aware Commander Arlidd Captain Sheridan is... Busy and the Sunfire is without a suitable Captain... Starfleet has got received a distress signal from the USS Phoenix Curry Class under the Captaincy of Captain Sakkar Vulcan Male," Reese said stopping for a pause

"Sir what is so important of this ship?" Arlidd asked something secret must of been on this ship if he was dragged into an office and told by a senior Captain.

"The starship was lost in 2373 the first year of the Dominion War... It restoked at the City of Aldar on Eta Serpentis VI before joining up with a small taskforce... It never reached the Taskforce," Reese said now turning around to face the Commander that sat before herm, "We have found it's distress signal near the Toni star system... Your orders are to take Acting Command of the Sunfire, locate the Phoenix and if possible retrieve her crew members,"

Jodon stood up from the seat he always wanted to command a starship it was better than commanding Starbase 600 that was slowly killing him on the inside, "Orders understood ma'am we'll depart immediately," Jodon said standing to attention

"Dismissed," Thompson said turning back around to look out of the window
Captain Margaret Reese
Commanding Officer
Starbase Hummingbird

Commander Jodon Arlidd
Acting Captain
USS Sunfire


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